How to remove spam/virus or redirection virus

In this article I’m going to explain you about SPAM/virus. How it works, and how to remove SPAM/virus form your WordPress website.

Symptoms of this SPAM in WordPress:

  1. You are redirecting to URL either you are open your website or admin panel.
  2. There are no suspicious codes written on wp-config.php or index.php file.

The below-mentioned spam removal method will work  if you have any one of the below-mentioned cases:

  1.  If you are you using Astra Themes then check your plugins folder have astra-sites plugin installed.
  2. Check your database options table are you getting site_url option as “” or “” or both.

If yes then below solution can work perfectly for you:

Category of this WordPress SPAM: SPAM comes under  WordPress redirect spams or WordPress redirect hacks and it mainly uses to redirect traffic to other websites. Advertisers are the main source of income for these hackers. Because advertisers need to show traffic on their websites but it’s quite difficult to generate organic traffic. So, they hire hackers/spammers to generate traffic using this kind of methods.

But, here is a positive thing for you: In 99% cases your website content is safe because their primary target is to drive your website traffic to their website.

This means these hackers just do it to earn money and not to steal your website data or ruining your online reputation. That’s the basic difference between hackers and spammers.

It’s quite hard to figure out if you don’t have WordPress security experts in your development team. I have done two quick fixes and the site started running again. But to find these fixes, I did a complete audit of WordPress website for around 2 hours.

How to remove WordPress SPAM SPAM in wordPress SPAM in WordPress

Step 1. Login to your database, in options tables, change these two options to your original domain. to to

Step 2. Remove astra-sites plugin from the wp-content/plugins folder. This plugin is the targeted folder for hackers.

Step 3. Rename your cache plugin if you are using any. By doing so your cache plugin will be disabled and your changes will reflect instantly.

Now hit your website URL.

And you are done!

It’s quite recommended by the WordPress security team of NexGen Innovators to remove it because it exposes the server configuration while importing your theme.

It may be possible that the spammer has been selected some other weak plugin of your website. So this option will not work for you. In that case you can contact to our WordPress Security Experts to audit your complete website.


How to teach online for free using zoom

Today I’m going to explain the basic 4 steps you to teach online for free using zoom. After completing these 4 steps you will be able to take a first online class.

Before the start, I would like to explain to you about Zoom!

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online conferencing cloud-based service. And I’m going to explain you about the free plan where you can reach up to 100 students with max 40 min session at a time.

So Let’s start!

Let’s see 4 the steps, Those we are going to follow to teach online for free using zoom:

Step 1.  Create account on zoom
Step 2. Generate an online classroom link
Step 3. Invite your students?
Step 4. Join & Control the class to teach online for free

Step 1.  Create an account on zoom

To use this conferencing software you need to create an online account on their website to teach online.

  1. Click on this link –
    signup form to teach online for free
  2. You will get three option to signup
    1. Through email (Email Verification required – more time consuming)
    2. Through Gmail (No email verification required – recommended option)
    3. Through Facebook (No email verification required – recommended option)
  3. Once you done with signup process – Just login

Step 2. Generate an online classroom link

  1. Go to  (You can skip you are logged in)
  2. Enter your email ID and password or do social login (You can skip you are logged in)
  3. Go to meetings – and click on schedule a new meeting to generate an online classroom link.
    zoom schedule a new meeting how to teach online for free
  4. You will be asked for the following data
    1. Topic – name of the meeting. It will be visible to your user. You can enter your topic name that you are going to teach.
    2. Meeting Description (Optional) – You can leave it blank or Enter points that will be explained or some important points.
    3. When – Date & Time – you can add when you are going to take the class.
    4. Duration – keep untouched as you are using free plan.
    5. Timezone will be GMT+5:30 India or whatever timezone you follow (If outside of India)
    6. Recurring meeting – Check if the class is going to be regular at the same time. So same meeting ID or invite URL will work for a lifetime.
    7. Meeting Password – Setup meeting password – So if someone else gets the meeting URL then wouldn’t be able to join.
    8. Video – Who can on their video –
      1. Keep Host (you) on
      2. and for the participant (off) because the student shouldn’t use their video otherwise if everyone will share the video – class will not work properly.
    9. Audio – Keep both on for video – because it maybe you need to play some video
    10. Meeting Options
      1. Enable join before host – If you disable this option first you need to join otherwise no one can join. so keep unchecked this option. Because sometimes you may be late.
      2. Mute participants upon entry – keep it checked – If you enable this means when someone will join the call it will be auto muted. Which is good. Otherwise, it will be so noisy at the starting of the class.
      3. Enable waiting room (must be checked)– If you enable this – means student can join and wait.
      4. Record the meeting automatically on the local computer – If you enable this – every student will get recorded lecture when class will be stopped.
    11. After this click on Save
  5. That’s it! copy your classroom link from here

Step 3. Invite your students?

Now you have invite link but don’t know how easily you can broadcast. So you have three easy options:

  • SMS them (but costly)
  • Broadcast through Whatsapp (Free & Easy)
  • Telegram Channel (Free & Easy and you can track how many students has seen it). But using channel you can also share notes and other details continuously without sharing your details.

Step 4. Join & Control to teach online for free

This is a very important factor – if you shared your link in between students. Suppose 30 students joined the online classroom then what tools zoom. What tools you get to help you.

How online classroom looks like:

online meeting room - how to teach online for free using zoom screenshot

So Here are the controls:

  1. Mute – You can mute yourself  – means your audio will not go to your students. It needs because sometimes urgent discussion your need to do but you don’t want to share with your students.
  2. Video – Same as mute (but mute is for audio) and it’s for video.
  3. Invite – you can copy the link from here – like while running call you can invite someone else.
  4. Manage Participants – You can see how many people have joined – you can fire (if you are host) or mute them
  5. Share – you an share your screen using that.
  6. Chat – That’s chat room – anyone can ask through text.
  7. Pause/Stop Recording – If you enabled recording then it will come here.

Hope you got everything to start – just go on zoom and start your first online class.

Benefits to teach online for free

  1. You don’t need to invest because you are new and don’t know how to use technology. So you can practice.
  2. No Geographics restrictions – Offline you can teach in a particular radius – but online you can teach anyone. from other state or another country.
  3. It Make you future-ready – Online classes are the feature of Education. You must upgrade yourself to do the same.
  4. Save your travelling cost – You don’t need to travel daily to teach students. you can do it from your home.

If you need to transform your education system you can contact us – We help institutions and schools or individuals to transform their education system and sync with current technology.



Apache Vs NGINX (EngineX) – detailed comparison with market share 2020

NGINX is increasing their market share day by day with massive growth and cutting down Apache, Microsoft and other players in this field.

So, today we are going to compare these two big players – Apache Vs NGINX at the following 7 points:

  1. Market Share
  2. Performance (Static vs Dynamic Content)
  3. Operating System Support
  4. Security
  5. Flexibility
  6. Documentation
  7. Support

1. Market Share – Apache vs NGINX

Let’s understand their market share as per the last survey between June 2009 to March 2020 by Netcraft.

market servey graph to two big server players, apache vs NGINX (engineX) between 2007 to march 2020 by NexGen Innovators Blog
Graph & Data taken from

If you see from June 2009 – NGINX was at 0% and right now it is equal to Apache. Such massive success in just 10 years. So there is something you must know about the comparison between Apache vs NGINX.

2. Performance (Static vs Dynamic Content) – Apache vs NGINX

The server helps users (client) to serve content – broadly it can be either static or dynamic.

2.1 Static Content

Static content is JavaScript, Images, CSS, Video, Audio files which don’t need any script to process or you can say don’t change dynamically user to user.

In a survey, NGINX was found 2.5x faster than Apache with 4% less RAM usage by NGINX.

The NGINX Server project had started on focusing to handle high traffic (high concurrency, high performance) with low Hardware usages (RAM, CPU)

To fulfil the same NGINX was powered with reverse proxy features with HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP protocols, as well as a load balancer, HTTP cache.

2.2 Dynamic Content

Here, both perform equally if configured well with their high-performance level. They found concluded that both are good enough to handle the dynamic content.

So, overall performance rating for Apache vs NGINX:

For static content – NGINX is winning the game but in Dynamic content, both perform well.

3. Operating System Support – Apache vs NGINX

While setup the server OS is the most important factor because you have to check which is the most compatible server as per your application tech stack.

Apache OS Support

  • It supports all Unix based systems
  • It fully supports Windows systems too.

NGINX OS Support

  • It supports almost (not all) Unix based systems
  • Doesn’t fully support windows platform.

So, overall OS support rating for Apache vs NGINX:

Apache is leading in OS compatibility. So, you are not restricted to choose your OS if you go with Apache.

4. Security – Apache vs NGINX

Security is the most important aspect when you talk about these two server softwares. From my point of view, both softwares are doing well in security point of view.

5. Flexibility – Apache vs NGINX

When you set up any server – you run 1 or more than 1 website so every website needs a different set of modules. So, your server must be flexible to customise or load a module dynamically as the directory level.


  • Apache comes with dynamic loading module at global/server level
  • Using .htaccess you can load a module at the directory level.


  • You can also load a dynamic module at global/server level
  • But there is nothing like .htaccess so you don’t have the flexibility to change the configuration at the directory level.

So overall Flexibility rating for Apache vs NGINX:

Apache is leading here due to its .htaccess dynamically content loading flexibility at the directory level. But it’s only required when you use shared hosting. So, for VPS and dedicated servers – people still prefer NGINX.

6. Documentation of Apache vs NGINX

Documentation is a very important aspect to setup the server. Documentation must be easy and detailed. Both projects have very good documentation.

But NGINX is better in the documentation and leading here. Why?

  1. They have an online training platform to teach.
  2. Certification courses

Details are available at their official website –

7. Support of Apache vs NGINX

This is also a debatable point – When you got stuck in some problem:

  • Where you will ask help?
    There are lots of forums e.g Stackoverflow where you can ask questions – both Apache and NGINX has a good community size on these forums.
  • Size of OpenSource Community?
    Both projects have enough amount of OpenSource community size.
  • Commercial support availability?
    For Apache – Lots of companies are providing paid support like ours NexGen Innovators
    For NGINX – For Open-source, you can approach any server company like ours or you can take NGINX Plus plan – where they provide their commercial support.

So, overall support rating for Apache vs NGINX:

Both projects are doing well.

Who is winning this game? Apache vs NGINX

Frankly, both servers can’t replace each other right now. You must decide which conditions are good for you or sometimes people go with the mixed version.


If you are still confused and want to optimise your server budget – our server experts can help you with that. Also, please let us know about your reviews by commenting below.



“NOT IN” Operator in SQL in Hindi with example – SQL Interview Questions

Hi guys,

I’m Anup and I asked this condition based question in an interview for a SQL developer position at NexGen Innovators. If you are interested in joining our family you can apply from NexGen Careers.

SQL Question

There are two tables

Table 1. – Student master (id, first_name, last_name, and enrol) – for keeping details of students.

Table 2. – Student courses (id, stu_id, course) – stu_id is a foreign key of the student master ID.

Table Schema

| Field          | Type        | Null | Key | Default | Extra          |
| id             | int(11)     | NO   | PRI | NULL    | auto_increment |
| stu_id         | int(11)     | YES  |     | NULL    |                |
| course         | varchar(50) | YES  |     | NULL    |                |
| enroll_no_date | date        | NO   |     | NULL    |                |

But sometimes student takes admission with the course and sometimes not.

Now the admin wants a list of those students to result in having zero courses assigned.

Result columns:

  1. Enrol
  2. First Name
  3. Last name

SQL – Answer 

Conditions we identified – Select students details those having zero courses in the course table.

Example Data in student master table (students_mst)

| id | first_name | last_name | enrollno |
|  1 | Rahul      | Sharma    | NEX001   |
|  2 | Mukesh     | Kumar     | NEX002   |
|  3 | Pooja      | Singh     | NEX003   |

Example Data in student courses table (stu_courses)

| id | stu_id | course | enroll_no_date |
|  1 |      1 | C++    | 2020-02-05     |
|  2 |      2 | PHP    | 2020-02-07     |
|  3 |      2 | C++    | 2020-02-15     |

Desired Result SQL

student_ids in course tables are 1,2 and we need those are not 1,2.

We can get 1,2 by query select stu_id from stu_courses

Then we can use it as subQuery in main Query – select enrollno,first_name, last_name from students_mst where id not in (subQuery)

select enrollno,first_name, last_name from students_mst where id not in (select stu_id from stu_courses);


| enrollno | first_name | last_name |
| NEX003   | Pooja      | Singh     |

For better understanding you can also get the same example in the video:


Disable php script execution in wordpress upload folders using htaccess

Checking each plugin security is very difficult while working with wordpress. It required great skills of PHP language. So here I’m (Anup) to help you guys how you can disable execution of PHP or any other script.

How attackers use this to install malware in your website?

Each plugin and wordpress in itself upload all media files into upload folder. Sometimes you install some plugin and they install some executable script in your upload media.
e.g for this blog we have directory:

And a new plugin install a script

A single php script is enough to create anything in your website – even a file manager can be write in single php script. But what if this php file works like an HTML file.

Yes we can stop by simply installing a .htaccess file in upload folder.

How to install .htaccess to disable disable php script execution in wordpress upload

  1. Choose upload folder or anywhere (folder) where you want to stop php script execution like. Make sure not to install in root folder of your website. Otherwise your website will stop working. 
  2. In my case I selected wp-content/uploads folder
  3. Create a test.php or any file in this folder like in my case I created anup.php in in your folder. and paste following code
    echo "Hello";

    so final URL to access this file is – http://anups-air/wp/wp-content/uploads/anup.php

  4. Hit your URL in browser – you should be executed file code – means <?php and echo word should be removed. like I’m getting following output:
  5. Now let’s move to disable it. Create .htaccess file in wp-content/uploads/ folder
    <Files *.php>
    order deny,allow
    deny from all
  6. Now access your URL – http://anups-air/wp/wp-content/uploads/anup.php it should come as below:
  7. All Done

If you are still getting old output then you were unable to config properly. In this case you can take wordpress experts guide or help.

You can also comment your problem below.


Protected: How to manage GST in woocommerce

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


How cheap websites cost us more than we save?

Yes, when we (average 90% 👪) needs a website we start finding a cheap website developer and cheap website designing. Cheap developers are also available to make the website in INR 5999/- to very cheap website developer up to INR 2999/-.

Note: Please don’t take personally as I’m using “we”. “we” representing a common tendency of people mindset.

As the website is a tradition nowadays — also become a social responsibility to have a website if We are going to start any kind of business.

We want to fulfil this social responsibility at the lowest price and We choose this range.

But it 😐 cost us indirectly!

This article especially I wrote to let the people know the importance of why we shouldn’t go with cheap website developers or company, how eventually that cheap website become more costly to us.

So let’s start!

  1. Our website is not just website it’s us, over the internet world. The online version of ourselves! and It’s quite obvious we can’t get quality on cheap websites. Means by choosing cheap website developers we have created a virtual cheap image of ours over the internet.
  2. People have less time and internet in hand to search. As mobile & internet become common or easy to access, even in rural areas, users moved to search everything over the internet, just before they physically met us.
  3. Bad image bad result, good/authentic image good result or better conversion. It’s practical! e.g when We see the school for our kids, We take the decision by how much We convinced with school website or looking authentic for us.

So question arises❓ How cheap website cost us more than we save ❓
The cheap website doesn’t cost us directly — It cost indirectly by:

  1. Unable to convert the website visitor into valuable customers. If We see in point 3, just written above — our website should be appealing and should look authentic. if We invested some amount in the website and at the time of conversion user went away that’s ultimate loose of our investment into the cheap website. Even If we were able to convert them — he could return with reference.
  2. Lost of marketing cost. Somehow we are investing to market our website, either verbally, through banner, posters, running an online campaign, etc. But when such marketing technique works and our visitors go to our website, he/she doesn’t feel authentic or quality in our work. In reality, It doesn’t matter at what level We are good at providing our service but here We failed to represent it.
  3. Lost believe in IT Tools & we put our business in danger. When our visitors don’t convert into customers. We get frustrated, stop investing money and time. Finally, We lost to believe in the website or generating online leads through the website. It would be the reason of business shut down in the next 10 years. I listen to many customer websites doesn’t return, but that’s a myth, and believe me, if we are not adopting IT tools we will die in the next 10 years.

Common Problem with cheap websites:

  1. Loads slow.
  2. Less secure.
  3. Look wise not so authentic.
  4. Unable to handle much traffic.
  5. Unable to represent our work theme, moto.

Load time is a prominent factor nowadays, why?

When we go back around 2000–2010. 80% People used to have websites to show off not to earn from it. As after 2011 internet become started common among people after 2010 and it has boost after 2015.

As per current trends 🐵 users are increasing, 🌐 website also increasing — but patience to wait of website loading time is decreasing for our end users.

What above quote means? and how cheap website going to hurt our with this perspective.

To get speed in our website:
1. Code of our website should be optimised.
2. Images should be optimised.
3. The database should be structured properly.
4. Properly lazy loaded the content of our website as per priority. is the best example of lazy loading.

The real example of how our sales can drop just because of 3-sec delay

suppose we are running an eCommerce website and selling a product. Users search over google and we are coming at first page after investing in SEO or running PPC. The user clicked on our website and try to open our website if it slows in loading. the user simply presses the back button and open the next link.

😑 Oops! It costed us again without profit.

The same case in all either we are promoting our services, products, courses anything it applies on all.

Instead of searching cheap website developer we just need to change cheap to best website developers.

Dear readers

That’s opinion is based on my 5 years of experience. I love to get your opinion or your agreement or disagreement points with my concept. Please leave your comment. I love to answer and learn from it.


Demo of Augmented Reality 3D Book

Hi Guys,

This tutorial will help you to see the demo of Augmented Reality 3D book.

Assets required to see the demo without any cost within 10 minutes:

  1. Two Devices (One to install the StartAR App and second device to open the PDF sample book – It can be opened on PC)
  2. Internet Connection

Step 1: Go to Play Store and Install the StartAR App

Open Play store on your Android Device and search for StartAR or click directly on this ar book publisher in india, best 3d book in india, top selling 3d book indai













Step 2: After Installation it ask for permissions, allow all the permissions.

After installation – It asks for the following permissions:

  1. Manage calls
  2. Manage your files in the device
  3. Records video (Required to access camera to scan book)
  4. Send manage read SMS (to Verify through OTP)

Step 3: Skip Intro section

After installation it shows how it works – that’s totally optional you can skip or read it.

Step 4: Open Demo Book in another mobile or PC:

After skipping the intro registration screen will open. From there you can click skip and app will ask you to scan book page from the camera.

  1. Click here to open sample book.
  2. Or find the latest book from App description at Play Store as given in the screenshot.

find demo startar book, demo ar book

Step 5: In the Demo Open any demo object.

I opened Crocodile on page 6 in Water Animals section.

Step 6: Open App and start scanning.

Open App where we left at step 3 & where we left at registration page – Click on skip for demo. (you need to register in case you have purchase startAR books). as given screenshot.

From Registration Page

demo of startar app
Click on skip demo.

It will open the below Screen

Click on green button – we kept in the tutorial because few users get confused in this.

Scan Object and you will get

From Main Page of App

how to take demo if you are already logged in
Click on left menu

Click on demo & it will open below screen then scan your object
Click on green button – we kept in the tutorial because few users get confused in this.

and you will get below result




7 basic techniques of best digital marketing agencies?

Either you want to become a digital marketer or want to start best digital marketing agency you should have following 7 skills to make successful digital marketing campaign.

1. Content Writing

Yes content, can you write best content ?
You don’t need to be a professional content writer  for this. Consider the following things before getting started for Digital Marketing Campaign:

  1. Google and other social channels are highly focused on quality content these days. Your content should have the focused keywords that you are working on. Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to get the ideas for keywords.
  2. Your message should be short and simple. With release of Google’s Humming Bird Update on August 22, 2013, Google made it clear that the content is written for humans and not for bots.
  3. Do not copy and paste. Copy and pasting the content may result in downgrading your site ranking. Use tools like Copyscape to find out if your content is matching with someone else’s.

2. Knowledge of WordPress

If you want to learn digital marketing – you need a platform where you can easily update the content as per your requirements, without waiting for the developer to make changes for you. WordPress gives you flexibility to boost your content writing, design and development process with the help of various plugins.

3. Graphics Designing skills

Remember that saying a picture speaks 1000 words, So you should have a visual sense and you should know a bit about the graphics design. there are lots of tools available in the market

If you don’t know how to design, hire a  designer for you. But it’s very important to use images in your digital marketing campaign to show your message to end users.

4. Analytical skills

If you are promoting anything you should calculate your performance, so that you can work on the weak points of your campaign. You can use some tracking codes e.g Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel for precise reporting.


5. Optimize your content timely

Your website or blog should be optimized for minimum load time. We are living in a word where it takes only 3 minutes to renew an insurance policy. People expect speed and quality at the same time, optimizing both can result in better ranking and a successful campaign.

6. Content research:

Always keep an eye on your competitors. When you are running a campaign or writing something to promote a business, you should keep looking at your competitor’s content. It helps in making new strategies and get more ideas about the content. Tools like Buzzsumo, Ahref and NinjaOutreach helps you track your competitors.

7. Passion for Digital Marketing

If you are a person who gets motivated from real time results, then Digital Marketing is not for you. It may take around 1-3 months to get results from a SEO campaign. You need to be passionate for learning new techniques and methods of marketing.


How to create a website like vistaprint using wooCommerce, Opencart or PrestaShop

With the rapid expansion of E-commerce more and more websites are introduced daily. Sites like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal are well known for their delivery and quality services. There are others like Vistaprint who provide customized printing services like office stationary, printed clothing, t-shirts and many more.

Let’s jump to the answer for How to create a website like Vistaprint.

We provide the best tools for online customisation in any kind of product. You can provide services like designer mug printing, customized t-shirt printing, customized pillow printing, customized office stationary and many more.

This tool gives the buyer to customize your product – either add text on a t-shirt, images on mug etc.

Features of this tool

Easy to use

When we are giving the option to the buyer to customize your product it should be very simple that is why we made it simple and usable for new users. This is how it looks like:

Various options available for customisation

A user always want to add some text, images, clip arts, or want to update some pics from his PC or mobile we have provided all the options to make it usable for everyone.

Layered structure

Keeping the industry standard softwares (Photoshop and Illustrator) in mind we have designed this tool to follow the design protocols. We have provided the layers options so that can users can sort the design elements as per their requirements.

Multi Side/Multi-Part customisation possible

Printed goods like visiting cards needs two sided customised designing same applies to the t-shirts designing. This tool gets the job done for you.

Fully Responsive

mobile_responsive-design-and-by-like-vista-print.inYes, you read right – it’s responsive. Recent statistics suggest that 80% of the total E-commerce business relies upon the mobile users as the want to shop in their traveling time or in free time. Our tool is responsive so that users can design with all the available features from any device or any screen size without any restrictions.

We merge this tool with your suggested E-commerce theme. You can upload images from your phone – easily drag the position of an elements, finalise the design and place order using mobile device.



If you want to launch your business in this domain its a win-win situation for you –

  • You don’t need to invest your time and mind to make it from scratch.
  • You don’t need to pay a high amount because we’ve already built this system and installed it so we provide this solution to you at very affordable price.

How to add into your website

You can simply purchase this plugin and links are given below:

1. Add Product Designer for wooCommerce

2. Add PrestaShop Custom Product Designer

3. Add Opencart Custom Product Designer

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