How to publish 3D Book or AR Book?

The traditional methods of education are becoming old. Now, the education system has become more digitalized and so are being driven by the technology innovators. It is the time for AR learning. Technological developers are developing 3D content for learners as well as educators. Therefore, many publishers are looking to convert their digital or ordinary content into AR content.

Are you a publisher and looking for the best AR company to develop your book in 3D/AR? contact us today.

publish 3D book / AR book
Photo from a StartAR Event (

In India, StartAR has launched their 3D books using AR technology. And the AR technology industry is expected to reach $252 billion by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 17%. Augmented reality in education provides a number of helpful ways to learn kids. It helps the kids to easily remember the information and making learning itself more engaging and fun. 3D objects help to understand the figure and working very easily.

What is an AR book/3D book?

AR/3D Books are digital copies of traditional books. Both text and images are linked to additional content through the technology and give the user an enhanced and detailed experience in reading. Explaining in simple words, it works on pattern recognition system and show it’s designed 3D version.

How do our 3D/AR Smartbooks work?

When a smartphone or a tablet scan through the camera at the page of a smartbook, additional content has been created by an app installed, that ‘reads’ the page and displays the virtual content on the screen of the device.

This app is capable to convert only smartbooks content. We have expertise in Augmented reality book content generation. To know about the process you can contact us.

AR book/3D bookMost of the AR books are about particular subject or story. Users of augmented reality books are mostly the young children. Hence, many kids find it more interesting than old physical books. Thus, learning becomes fun for them.

How to publish 3D book/AR book?

You have two ways to make it:

  1. Hire an In-house developer team – which is minimum at least 5-6 lacs per month cost.
  2. Or hire best Augmented reality company

Many publishing houses have been investing in this area. Our company NexGen Innovators is also develop AR books for publishers. You will see many companies in this rising technology section but none would be providing a quality demo. We have already worked in this sector and delivered it to our clients.

StartAR is the best example of a smartbook from NexGen Innovators. 

It is a simple Android-based smart-book for kids.

We have a quality experience and are looking forward for working with interested publishers in this field.  Any publisher/author who wants to publish 3D book/AR book or  have any AR project in mind, you can contact us to discuss.

Get in touch to find out how NexGen can work for your business or Read more about augmented reality.

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Uses of AR in Medical Industry

Technological advancements in the past few decades have significantly changed the medical industry. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as artificial intelligence (AI), are the technological advancements that are changing healthcare today. AR in medical

Today, AR app development sector is booming with focus on augmented reality app development. Here is a list of some of the benefits of AR app development in education.

Augmented reality usually uses a camera to let the user see the real world in real time. Artificial elements are then projected onto the screen. Widely known examples of AR technology are Google Glass and Pokemon Go.

ar in medical


Benefits of AR in Medical

Augmented Reality has become one of the fastest growing technology. AR can help doctors to access the latest and most relevant information about their patients. Moreover, patients can also use AR for improving the quality of treatment and self-education. AR has the ability to create 3D images and can be very useful both for medical students and doctors.

ar in medical

  • Nurture the learning. AR in medical creates fun and excitement for students. It stimulates a better learning process and increases the imaginative prowess of students. In the end, students grow their imaginative and thinking ability.
  • Increased learning activity. The use of AR apps in education brings about an increase in student participation in class. With AR apps, students have access to education and learning models. These models aid better and a high-level understanding of subjects among students. The more students understand having better grasps of topics, the more their participation.
  • Less expensive. The cost of acquiring educational materials and supplies is high. The expensive nature of 3D physical models, posters, and prototypes are discouraging. Large and intricate educational illustrations for schools are quite expensive. A good number of educational centers do not have the funds to buy and maintain these materials.

Useful AR apps in the Medical field

The uses of AR in medical industry has made lives easier for both patients and doctors. As the AR industry continues to push the boundaries of the technology and with the innovative partners in the healthcare space we expect many more interesting things in this field which will transform this industry at a new level.

  • AccuVein. It helps doctors to locate patients’ veins more accurately for injections.
  • Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP). This lets physicians demonstrate their plans for surgery.
  • Saagara. The overall physical/mental health and well-being of an individual can be improved using this AR app.
  • VR Dentist. It is a dental app that uses virtual and augmented reality for educational purposes.
  • Anatomy 4D. It is especially for medical students. By scanning printed targets the application shows 3D models of a human body allowing them to interact with it and learn more about parts, joints, functions etc.


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Uses of AR in education and training

Traditional methods of education have become a thing of the past. They are becoming more digitalized and being driven by technology innovations. AR in education serves a number of purposes. It helps the students easily learn, process, and remember the information. Thus, it makes learning itself more engaging and fun.

It is also not only limited to a single age group, but it can also be used equally in all levels of schooling, from pre-school education up to college, or even at work.

ar in education

It has the potential to may make classes more engaging. Educators know that the learning process should be based on creativity and interaction, their goal is to get the students interested in the subjects. That’s where AR could come in handy.

Benefits of AR in Education

ar in education

  • Accessible learning materials. Augmented reality has the potential to replace physical textbooks, models, posters. It offers portable and less expensive learning materials. As a result, education becomes more accessible and mobile.
  • No special equipment is required. Unlike VR, augmented reality doesn’t require any expensive hardware. Because most of the young generation know how to use the smartphones, therefore, AR technologies are available for use for the majority of the peoples.
  • Higher student engagement and interest. Interactive, AR learning have a significant positive impact on most of the students. It keeps them engaged throughout the lesson and makes learning fun and effortless.
  • Faster and effective learning. AR in education helps students to achieve better results through the best visualization subject matter. A picture is worth a thousand words. So, instead of reading theory about something, students can see it with their own eyes, in action.
  • Practical training. Apart from schooling, professional training also gets benefits from the use of AR. It can help to master the practical skills required for a certain job.
  • Medical student training. To practice in heart surgery without putting people in danger, if something goes wrong. Yes, it is possible with AR.

Uses of Augmented reality in education

  • Augmented reality in the classroom. The most popular application for AR in education is the use of AR apps directly in the classroom. They provide teachers as well as students a visual representation of the material and help students test out their knowledge in practice.
  • Distance learning. By using AR, students can learn even outside the classroom. Distance learning becomes easier and more efficient with AR-aided educational materials.
  • Modeling. Quiz solving, manual training, hand exercises are a better method to earn knowledge of any lesson. AR apps for medical students helps to learn human anatomy and explore more deeply. Augmented Reality is basically an interaction with 3D models. And you can set the rotation, transparency, color scheme, styles etc.

Augmented reality apps for students

  • StratAR (Android / iOS) by NexGen Innovators, an app for kids learning, StartAR Augmented Reality books includes learning languages (English & Hindi), General Knowledge, Counting and many more.

  • Elements 4D (Android / iOS) is an app for chemistry students. It allows combining different elements to see how they would react in reality.
  • Anatomy 4D (Android / iOS) is especially for medical students. By scanning printed targets the application shows 3D models of a human body allowing them to interact with it and learn more about parts, joints, functions etc.

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What is MR(Mixed Reality)?

To understand what is MR(Mixed Reality), first, we need to learn about AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality). what is MR

AR (Augmented Reality) is a technology which brings digital elements to a live view using the camera on any smartphone. Best examples of augmented reality are Pokemon Go game and the Snapchat glasses.

what is mr(mixed reality)VR (Virtual Reality) makes it possible to experience anywhere, anything at any time. It is the most immersive type of technology that can convince our brain that it is literally somewhere else. Using VR devices such as HTC Vive, or Google Cardboard, users can be transported into another world.

what is mr(mixed reality)In MR(Mixed Reality), we experience both AR(Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) elements, real-world and digital objects. Mixed reality technology is now starting to take off with Microsoft’s HoloLens.

what is mr(mixed reality)

Mixed Reality combines the best of both virtual and augmented reality, new environments and visualizations become possible where physical and digital objects exist in real time.

Some Applications of MR(Mixed Reality)

  • Simulation-Based Learning.  
  • It takes learning to the next level. If a user doesn’t have enough space but wants to learn, Simulation-based learning can make them feel like they are in a very large space but in reality, they are just in their room.what is mr(mixed reality)
  • Wearable Holographic Computers.
  • These wearables contain sensors that are mapped in the physical environment and create a holographic display. There are some very interesting applications for venues as users can pin these holographic images to physical objects.what is mr(mixed reality)
  • Heads-up Display.
  • By using Head-up displays, the user can get important information in the front view where it is most helpful. To get useful information in front of them, Fighter pilots use this technology.what is mr(mixed reality)
  • Gesture Recognition. 
  • In mixed reality, Gesture Recognition is a new type of technology. It allows your gestures and real-life movements to affect your virtual gaming life and can bring a lot more fun to a simulated environment for learning.what is mr(mixed reality)


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Augmented Reality gaming | Best AR games

The gaming industry has an estimated worth of about $ 100 billion globally and it is the largest segment within the entertainment industry.  Augmented Reality gaming (AR gaming) has totally changed the user experience. We are sharing best AR games which are still trending.

It is not just a fantastical concept. This is possible without any super expensive gadget, you just need a smartphone or AR-enabled console. Certainly AR games are typically played on devices like smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems.

Pokemon GO is a breakthrough AR app in gaming, it uses a smartphone’s camera, GPS, and gyroscope. In AR mode, the screen displays Pokemon in the user’s real-world environment.

Augmented Reality Gaming is changing the way we play. Here are the best AR games which are still trending.AR in gaming

1. Pokemon GO

It is a revolutionary project by Niantic and was one of the top Augmented Reality games. Pokemon GO holds several Guinness records and this game has an incredible earning.

ar in gaming

Pokemon GO is an adventure type game, which enables the battlefield in the user’s real surrounding and animate virtual in gaming Billions of Pokemon have been caught till now.

As users walk around the real world, Pokemon characters appear in the map. Whenever users come within a close range the Pokemon appear on the screen and users throw Poke Balls at them to capture them. The aim is to collect as many Pokemon as possible.

Another feature of this game is Poke Stops which uses real-life locations, where users can collect free Poke Balls. Players can also find Pokemon eggs that hatch into Pokemon and users can add them to their collection.


2. Ingress

Ingress is another hit game by Niantic, released in 2012 and it is popular among gamers. It is a location-based, Augmented Reality mobile game and downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide as of November 2018 even more it is still being downloaded.
best AR games

3. ARrrrrgh

After the revolutionary Pokemon Go app, augmented reality gaming is getting popular, many developers are introducing games like this.

Similarly ARrrrgh is made with Unity and ARCore and is in early stages. It is based on the theme of “hide-n-seek” fun with a pirate, parrot and treasure hunts. Your home or any other surroundings can be turned into a quest territory, where you can place and seek out treasure boxes with gold. It is a fun game for both adults and children.


4. Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Hunt is another Augmented Reality game for myths lovers. Anyone can play it, both outdoors or inside. It includes two roles, treasure protector and treasure hunter. As a treasure protector, you have to create treasure trails. As a hunter, you’ll have to discover the treasure. It is based on Indian mythological characters. The game uses the real map of the location.

5. Sharks in the Park

It is a game by Geo AR, an amazing experience for children. At any time, you can turn your garden or city park into the fantastic world of animals. With Sharks AR game you can have a beautiful place and create your own fairy tale.

This game is totally free, you can play Sharks in the Park outdoors. It uses a phone’s GPS, clear sky and a park/field only and gives you a good augmented reality gaming experience.

augmented reality gaming



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What is Augmented Reality?

What is Augmented Reality? It is a technology that combines the Physical World with the Virtual World to deliver an enhanced view of the object in the real world. what is AR(Augmented Reality) 

What is Augmented Reality?

A reality-based display environment that interacts with the real-world by the capabilities of computer generated graphics and sounds that combine the Physical World with the Virtual World using a smartphone or any other gadget.

History of AR(Augmented Reality)

  • In the year 1901, L. Frank Baum, an author, first presented the idea of an electronic display/spectacles that overlays data onto real life and named it ‘character marker’.
  • Later in 1968, Ivan Sutherland, a computer scientist invented the first sort of Augmented Reality device a head-mounted display and named it “The Sword of Damocles”. He invented this with his student, Bob Sproull.
  • After a few years, In 1975 a computer artist Myron Krueger established an artificial reality laboratory and named it “Videoplace”.
  • In 2009, the introduction of ARToolkit by Saqoosha brings Augmented Reality to the web browser.
  • In the year 2013, Google announces  Google Glass Augmented Reality glasses. The glasses are connected to the Internet and the user’s cell phone. They respond when a user speaks, touches the frame or moves the head.
  • Microsoft announces Windows Holographic and the HoloLens Augmented Reality headset in 2015. 
  • 2016 was the year when Niantic released Pokemon Go for iOS and Android. The game quickly became one of the most popular smartphone applications and the popularity of Augmented Reality games was on peak.

Source – Wikipedia

Areas using Augmented Reality(AR)

  • Military – The military has developed Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Head Mounted Display(HMD).
  • Education – Teachers and Educators use AR based books for a better student’s learning experience. StartAR is one the best Augmented Reality Book platform.
  • E-commerce – For a better product review, sellers are using the 3D model of the objects.
  • Medical – For operating MRI equipment to performing complex surgeries and training students.
  • Gaming – The gaming industries are making the best use of  AR for a better experience.
  • Tourism Industry – The tourism industry is using augmented reality for sightseeing.
  • Entertainment – The entertainment industry is using AR technology to building a strong relationship with your branded characters and the audience.
  • Business Logistics – Providing workers with more efficient ways to know about their job in today’s business environment is a very important aspect.

How to make an AR App?

Our company NexGen Innovators has quality experience in Augmented Reality development.

We have also developed a smartbooks based on Augmented reality for kids i.e. StartAR which helps kids in learning. It works on both Android and iOS platform. We are one of the best Augmented Reality Developers in Delhi, India. We have worked with many publishers. If you want to make your own smartbooks or any other product based on Augmented Reality feel free to contact us.



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Best Augmented Reality Book Manufacturers – top AR book manufacturer

Augmented Reality(AR) is the best technology to interact with the real-world environment and experience the virtual physical view of an object. Book publishers needs to keep updated with this technology. If you are in search of Augmented Reality book manufacturers or top AR book manufacturer, best augmented reality developers or best augmented reality companies in India, then you are at right place.

If you are looking to develop your content in AR. Contact us today.

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Augmented reality in Education

In the education field, Augmented Reality has totally affected the conventional learning process.

The most popular application for Augmented Reality in Education is the use of AR apps directly in the classroom. Companies like NexGen are working to reduce the gap between technology and publishers.

Nowadays 80% of the population own smartphones. In the meantime, the much lesser part of the young generation uses phones for study purposes, to do the homework, dig information about a subject, etc.

You may find some best examples of Augmented Reality in the Education industry. The ability to connect reality with the digital content is improving rapidly, opening more options for teachers and students.

Best Augmented Reality Book in India developed by us :

StartAR is one of the best Augmented Reality based learning system. It provide solutions for kids which enables them to get engaged with physical books using the StartAR app.

ar book manufacturer startAR Smart book

StartAR Smartbooks helps kids to visualize the book content on the top of the book page, using StartAR learning app. The free Android app lets users interact with books and learn in a playful way.

How to take a Demo of StartAR – The Smart Book

For the demonstration, you require few things:

  1. A smartphone
  2. StartAR book (sample pdf)
  3. StartAR App

Step 1. First, you need to download the app from the play store. Click here to download of App

best augmented reality companies in India

Step 2. After downloading and installing the app, you need to simply register or skip for the demo.

Step 3. Open sample pdf in a laptop or mobile phone. Click here to download the StartAR sample book.

Step 3. When you click on skip for demo in step 2 – App opens the camera – you have to scan any page from the sample book using the app.  Make sure you are covering the whole page completely. Once the app will recognize the page, 3D objects will appear with their sounds.

In case you are finding some problem – you can call us directly at top ar developer mobile number

AR book manufacturer in India

NexGen Innovators are working on Augmented Reality education system, which is compatible with your smartphones, it helps students to read by itself at home, it is easy to use and understand for them.

We have transformed the scenario of the traditional learning system, making it more interactive and engaging for the children.

StartAR –  Augmented Reality Learning Platform is a product from NexGen Innovators.

We provide solutions to publishers. Any publisher or book author wants to convert their physical books into smartbooks can contact us. We also provide white label solutions.


Get in touch to find out how NexGen can work for your business or Read more about Augmented Reality.

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How AR will change your daily lifestyle?

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

–Albert Einstein

There is no doubt that the world of technology is evolving at an incredible pace. One area that is rapidly improving is augmented reality. This article is about how Augmented Reality will change your daily lifestyle. This rapidly-developing technology is poised to change your life in many ways. From consumers to business owners, everyone will get the advantage of this technology. It is changing the way we live our lives and will continue to change the way we see the world.

Augmented Reality (AR), an industry that’s projected to reach $50 billion by 2021 and $7 trillion by 2027.

It focuses on product visualization to provide businesses with the ability to showcase virtual products in real-time in their real environment. Now, let us find how AR will change your daily lifestyle.

AR Improving Education

In education, AR is playing a very vital role. Companies like StartAR making a great impact in education fields. This startup is working for play-schools to higher education and giving a creative solution for play schools.

Improving E-commerce

Buying certain types of items online can be hard, some products simply need to be seen closely before buying.

That is no longer an issue. Sephora has already used AR tech to offer their e-commerce customers an app that lets them “try on” makeup over a selfie. IKEA, too, has released a similar platform through which users can superimpose images of furniture and fixtures over their immediate surroundings. This makes it much easier to see what a product might actually look it in your home.How Ar will change your daily lifestyle

As more and more companies begin to recognize the potential of this technology, it’s highly likely that more will embrace it.

AR in Healthcare

Surgeons have begun using it to practice difficult procedures.

Clearly, the role of AR in healthcare is going to become even more significant in the coming years. Soon, patients may be able to learn how to administer their own treatment with AR programs. The technology could help military personnel tend to wounded soldiers on the battlefield when medics are not available.How Ar will change your daily lifestyle

These are just some of the major changes coming our way. No matter who you are, you (and everyone else) are about to benefit from the AR revolution.

AR in Commerce Store increasing shopping experiences

The entire shopping experience is transformed. According to a 2016 Retail Perceptions report, consumers want an AR experience when it comes to shopping. They want to see what the items will look like on them and see how products will look in their home before potentially heading into a brick-and-mortar store to look at the item.

And imagine the customer service potential. AR apps make it possible for sales reps to virtually appear when consumers are browsing or in the “dressing room” to help match potential purchases with what’s already in the closet.

AR in the Navigation system (Google Map AR)

The whole experience of finding out what is around you can be improved through the use of AR. A world where you can find reviews of restaurants, the best deals and even information about buildings or bus routes in the area you are in can change the way in which you think and the technology is as good as available. This is an urban exploration on a technological level but it can open your mind to information on demand, where almost anything is accessible.

Google is even testing adding a helpful augmented reality animal guide to lead you along the way. It’s not entirely clear yet whether or not this is a tech demo or a product that will end up on our devices in the near future, but it certainly seems like the natural place for Google’s machine vision tech to go.

Get in touch to find out how NexGen can work for your business or Read more about augmented reality.

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10 ways to protect Facebook privacy

Changes you should make right away to set up Facebook privacy

Facebook is a great website platform for keeping oneself up-to-date with the latest news from your friends, family, and coworkers. For the most part, you can share your mood, a funny gif or upload a photo within seconds. But, you got to be careful to protect your Facebook privacy.

If you are not, strangers can get your photos, location, friend lists and even posts. You may even get upset after reading this and might stop sharing personal information with brands. But privacy is important to be maintained. By the way, it is better to be careful than sorry.

10 easy tips and tricks to keep your personal information private.

 [1.] Lock down your profile

facebook privacy tip 1
Click on the drop-down arrow at the top right, select Settings and click Privacy from the options on the right. Look for Who can see your future posts? and click Edit.
facebook privacy tip 1.2
In the drop-down menu make sure Friends is selected rather than Public.


[2.]Limit who can see your old posts

Even if you’ve set your account to private, your old posts may still be public. Under ‘Who can see my stuff?’ look for the option Limit The Audience for Old Posts on Your Timeline and click the Limit Past Posts link on the right. As a result, the menu will expand. Click Limit Old Posts. A warning box will appear. Click Confirm.


[3.]Post to selected friendsfacebook privacy tip 3.1
Another, it’s possible to make Facebook status updates, but restrict who can see them on a post by post basis. Click Create Post as if you are going to post something, and so click the drop-down arrow next to Friends. From here, select See All to extend the list and click Specific friends.
facebook privacy tip 3.2
A pop-up box entitled Specific friends will appear. Enter the name of the people you want to share the post with. When you are happy click Save Changes. To return to posting to everyone click the drop-down and select Friends.


[4.]Hide your age

Some people prefer to hide their age. Similarly, not everyone wants their date of birth visible on Facebook. To hide your age, log into Facebook and click on Your Name under your name on the left-hand column. You’ll see a section called About appear in the middle of the page.

Select Contact and Basic Info and under Basic Information, you’ll see your date of birth which you supplied when you joined Facebook. Hover the mouse on the same line as Date of Birth and an Edit option will appear.
facebook privacy tip 4.1
Click it and using the drop-down arrows you can determine who sees your day and month of birth, and who sees your year of birth.  Choose between Public, Friends, Friends except for acquaintances, Only Me and Custom.
facebook privacy tip 4.2We don’t advise choosing Public for either of these. You may want to select Friends for your day and month of birth, so your Facebook friends will get an alert when it’s your birthday, and select Only Me for your year of birth, so you can keep your age to yourself. Click Save Changes when you are happy.


[5.]Relationship status

facebook privacy tip 5
Not everyone wants to share their current romantic situation. To change it remains within the About section from Tip 4 and this time click Family and Relationships from the options on the left. The drop-down menu contains a dozen options, including Single, Divorced and It’s complicated. At the bottom of the list, you’ll see a horizontal line. Select this and your relationship won’t appear on your profile at all.


[6.] Hide your Friend list

facebook privacy tip 6.1To keep your Friend list private, click on your name on the top menu bar. Across the middle of the screen running horizontally you’ll see options for Timeline, About, Friends, Photos and More. Click Friends. Next, to Find Friends, you’ll see a pencil – click this and select Edit Privacy.
facebook privacy tip 6.2
In the Edit privacy box are two options. Click the drop-down arrow next to Friend List and select Only Me. The next option Following lets you determine who can see the people and lists you follow. To keep this private change it to Only Me as well.


[7.]Limit friend requests

facebook privacy tip 7
To avoid getting friend requests from strangers, right-click the drop-down arrow at the top right and select Settings (as in Tip 1) and select Privacy on the right-hand side. Under ‘Who can contact me?’ select Friends of friends.  If you do get a request from someone you don’t like (or more often don’t know) simply hit Ignore.



facebook privacy tip 8.1If there’s someone you want to avoid contacting you the best thing to do is block them. Click the drop-down arrow on the top-right menu bar and select Settings. Select Blocking on the left and under Block users enter the name of the person you want to block.

Next, select the person from the Block people and click Block on the right. Once they are on the list they can’t see what you post, add you as a friend or invite you to events.


[9.]Remove location information

protect your Facebook privacy
When you make a Facebook post, it  certainly suggests a location.Thus, we advise you don’t do this because it means everyone knows where you are. To remove a location, find that post, click the down arrow and select Edit Post. Finally tap the location pin at the bottom and furthermore click on the cross next to the location to remove it.


[10.]Keep photos private

protect your Facebook privacy
Keeping your photos private is an important step to protect your Facebook privacy. Ordinarily, if you are using a Facebook account for years, there’s a good chance you’ve got a lot of photographs, which you might not want everyone to see. If you chose to Limit Old Posts (Tip 2 above) only your friends can see them, but you still may want to hide individual photos. Click your name at the top and select Photos.

Photos of You comprises of photos you are tagged in. Hover over the photo you want to hide, click the pencil icon and select Hide from Timeline. Your Photos comprises of photos you’ve taken. Furthermore, hover over photos you want to hide, click the pencil icon and select Delete this photo to remove it.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and world’s most popular content management system tool for blogging and managing website. It is based on PHP and MySQL and used by major top websites in the world.


WordPress was developed in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg. It powers 32% of all websites on the internet. It is used for simple websites such as everyday blogging and news sites and anyone looking for an easy-to-manage site. For example, or

Features of WordPress

  • Open source: Blogging platform open source CMS for free of cost.
  • Easy installation: Effortless installation method for creating WordPress websites.
  • Cost effective programming: Offers inexpensive online content management solution.
  • Beginner friendly: Best platform for those who don’t have a good command over coding. or


wordpress, meaning of wordpress,,, wordpress cms is where you can download the WordPress software to use on your own web hosting account.

  • Requires a separate web hosting account to run a WordPress website.
  • Use your own custom domain name for your website’s URL. For example,
  • Upload your own free, premium or custom themes to customize your website.
  • The WordPress software is totally free. ( Web hosting for your website does have yearly or monthly costs.) is a hosted service where you can set up a website or blog that runs in WordPress.

  • Requires you to sign up for an account to create to create your website or blog.
  • Free plans will be a sub-domain of For example,
  • Choose from available free or premium themes.
  • The basic website functionality is free, but users have to pay for additional features.You can setup WordPress website for free on your server by doing some basic setup.