Free download antivirus for Windows 10

Free download antivirus for Windows 10. Many people ask me about the best antivirus software for their Windows PC. Mostly computers run on Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system these days. Microsoft solved this problem by introducing Windows Defender with Windows 8. You can rely upon Defender as it’s made by Microsoft itself all you need to do is keep your system updated.

Mostly Antivirus softwares are promising about best safety and security, but somehow most of all slow down your system by running extra processes in background.

Where to find Defender on my computer ?

Type Defender in the search box.

A dashboard will open. Make sure Virus and threat protection is active.

Since Microsoft is always working to keep you secure, they need your contribution for your safety. Just keep your windows updated and you will never need a third party Antivirus software.

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