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7 basic techniques of best digital marketing agencies?

Either you want to become a digital marketer or want to start best digital marketing agency you should have following 7 skills to make successful digital marketing campaign.

1. Content Writing

Yes content, can you write best content ?
You don’t need to be a professional content writer  for this. Consider the following things before getting started for Digital Marketing Campaign:

  1. Google and other social channels are highly focused on quality content these days. Your content should have the focused keywords that you are working on. Use Google Keyword Planner Tool to get the ideas for keywords.
  2. Your message should be short and simple. With release of Google’s Humming Bird Update on August 22, 2013, Google made it clear that the content is written for humans and not for bots.
  3. Do not copy and paste. Copy and pasting the content may result in downgrading your site ranking. Use tools like Copyscape to find out if your content is matching with someone else’s.

2. Knowledge of WordPress

If you want to learn digital marketing – you need a platform where you can easily update the content as per your requirements, without waiting for the developer to make changes for you. WordPress gives you flexibility to boost your content writing, design and development process with the help of various plugins.

3. Graphics Designing skills

Remember that saying a picture speaks 1000 words, So you should have a visual sense and you should know a bit about the graphics design. there are lots of tools available in the market

If you don’t know how to design, hire a  designer for you. But it’s very important to use images in your digital marketing campaign to show your message to end users.

4. Analytical skills

If you are promoting anything you should calculate your performance, so that you can work on the weak points of your campaign. You can use some tracking codes e.g Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel for precise reporting.


5. Optimize your content timely

Your website or blog should be optimized for minimum load time. We are living in a word where it takes only 3 minutes to renew an insurance policy. People expect speed and quality at the same time, optimizing both can result in better ranking and a successful campaign.

6. Content research:

Always keep an eye on your competitors. When you are running a campaign or writing something to promote a business, you should keep looking at your competitor’s content. It helps in making new strategies and get more ideas about the content. Tools like Buzzsumo, Ahref and NinjaOutreach helps you track your competitors.

7. Passion for Digital Marketing

If you are a person who gets motivated from real time results, then Digital Marketing is not for you. It may take around 1-3 months to get results from a SEO campaign. You need to be passionate for learning new techniques and methods of marketing.