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How to block Youtube Ads

You will need around 1430 life spans to watch the complete videos on Youtube. About 400 hours of video content is being added every minute. Nothing is free forever, that is why we need to pay a small price in terms of our time. By watching ads we support the content creators and developers but there is an increase in the duration of ads and you have to watch in full. More and more people are asking the same question – How to block youtube ads.

Sometimes the ads are useful, as you are targeted because of your usage history. But sometimes you have to watch the 30 seconds commercial for watching a 2 minutes quick video and the ad is pretty irrelevant for you.

Mostly times users want to stop or skip the ads but they don’t know how to do that. Ad blocking is not illegal. Let’s get started then.

How to block ads in Chrome Browser

It’s pretty easy to install an Adblocker plugin into your browser and get rid of those annoying ads. It also prevents you from full page ads and popup ads.
Open new tab in Chrome and click on the colorful square grid on the left corner of the screen. Select Webstore. You can directly access the webstore by typing chrome://apps/ into the URL bar.

Type Adblock in the search box on the left panel and click on the Add to Chrome Button.

Cheers, you’ve saved a lot of data and time. Have a look at Youtube with and without adblock installed in the browser.

Without Adblock plugin.
As you can see there is a huge banner ad set to autoplay.
how to block youtube ads

With Adblock plugin installed
It not only blocks the banner ads but it also blocks video and sidebar, pre-roll and bumper ads.

Adblock works on Youtube and other sites as well. You can save yourself from spammy pop ups as well.
Here are the direct download links:
Chrome Browser : Download link
Mozilla Firefox : Download Link
Microsoft Edge : Download Link
Adblock Browser for Android : Download Link

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