Demo of Augmented Reality 3D Book

Hi Guys,

This tutorial will help you to see the demo of Augmented Reality 3D book.

Assets required to see the demo without any cost within 10 minutes:

  1. Two Devices (One to install the StartAR App and second device to open the PDF sample book – It can be opened on PC)
  2. Internet Connection

Step 1: Go to Play Store and Install the StartAR App

Open Play store on your Android Device and search for StartAR or click directly on this ar book publisher in india, best 3d book in india, top selling 3d book indai













Step 2: After Installation it ask for permissions, allow all the permissions.

After installation – It asks for the following permissions:

  1. Manage calls
  2. Manage your files in the device
  3. Records video (Required to access camera to scan book)
  4. Send manage read SMS (to Verify through OTP)

Step 3: Skip Intro section

After installation it shows how it works – that’s totally optional you can skip or read it.

Step 4: Open Demo Book in another mobile or PC:

After skipping the intro registration screen will open. From there you can click skip and app will ask you to scan book page from the camera.

  1. Click here to open sample book.
  2. Or find the latest book from App description at Play Store as given in the screenshot.

find demo startar book, demo ar book

Step 5: In the Demo Open any demo object.

I opened Crocodile on page 6 in Water Animals section.

Step 6: Open App and start scanning.

Open App where we left at step 3 & where we left at registration page – Click on skip for demo. (you need to register in case you have purchase startAR books). as given screenshot.

From Registration Page

demo of startar app
Click on skip demo.

It will open the below Screen

Click on green button – we kept in the tutorial because few users get confused in this.

Scan Object and you will get

From Main Page of App

how to take demo if you are already logged in
Click on left menu

Click on demo & it will open below screen then scan your object
Click on green button – we kept in the tutorial because few users get confused in this.

and you will get below result