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NexGen Team is working on Arc Brain from early 2013 – We have mixed live feedback of several clients and tried to make it best erp software for Institute Management system. It basically for those who want to grow their business exponentially with the help of cut edge technology.
It best suited with all – Small Institute, Multi-Branch, to run Franchise Models.

#Core Features


Manage Eqnuiry

Enqury is the life of every business and how you treat your enquiry = your number of customers.

Manage campaign

Arc Brain has power to manage your SMS campaign too.

Attendance system

If student regular but didn’t pay fee – our system list him out.

Customized User Type

Manage User types with dynamic authority you can set as per your need.


Manage Admission

Take admission, convert admission, setup fee plan and system at one go.

Manage batches and time

Batch management with time – helps you to utilize your faculties and time at right time.

Teacher Batches Track

You can generate your faculty performance at one click.

Student Login

Being transparent is very – important our tool help to give student login.

Fee/Other Reports

Un-paid student fee report get in one click.

Mobile ready, light weight

Our App is light weight – and response.

Multi Branch Enabled

Are you handling more than one branch – best multi branch management tool.

Other Modules

Can’t list here all the modules – if you like connect us will give you short demo.

#Salient Features

Easy to Use

We made it very simple – so you don’t need to invest more time to train your employee or employee feel comfortable while using it.

Dynamic privilege controlled

You can customized privilege of any user type – and control access or if want to create new user type you can create.

Totally Mobile Friendly

It someone don’t have our App can directly work from browser – our system is totally mobile friendly.

Dynamic Feedback Form

A wise institute always takes feedback form their students about their faculties – we have created a dynamic solution with rating option.

Featured with Re-Marketing Tools

It’s always be good to be present in your client minds – we have featured our system with re-marketing tool and it boost your admission conversion upto 20% more.

Analyse your employee Performance

It’s very important which employee is working at what level – so you can easily play hire, fire, and increment  effectively.

Attendance from time table screen

It hard to navigate each batch and filter student for attendance – we introduced direct attendance from the timetable.

Free Life time updates

Upgrades are very important to compete your business with current market, we insure our clients to provide those tools.

Enabled with API

Our system is fully based on restful API – you can even create best app and integrate with any custom App.