Cross Platform Software

Cross-Platform portable applications are applications that are perfect with and can keep running on any versatile stage. As market requests and client needs are developing, you have to ensure you are accessible wherever at the opportune time. Cross-Stage applications help your business to be accessible in the correct market at the perfect time


Native apps

These applications are specific to the mobile operating system environment, take full advantage of its particular features and can be developed with the cross platform approach with a single code base for all devices . Native apps get a performance gain by using the generated native code.As one project maintained for each OS this leads to an increment in the development team, costs, and time and challenge for developers are the new ones that continually appear in market . Native apps works without the connectivity of the internet.

Web Apps

Web apps work with the devices that have browser therefore they can work on desktop computers as well on mobiles. In responsive web application, design decided by the server and applied at client level renders according to device features


Hybrid apps

Compiling with new development tool and OS SDK is done in this stage along with developing and making required changes.Hybrid apps combine technologies from native and mobile Web apps to gain the benefits of each. They behave like a native app because they are installed from a web store and have access to device specific features as in native app but developed using web app tools