20% Cost cutting,
Improved Operational

Rating as top notched in Sports &
fitness segment
by PMYK Skill India in 2021


20% Cost cutting,
Improved Operational

Rating as top notched in Sports &
fitness segment
by PMYK Skill India in 2021

About the client

Fitness Cravers Academy or FCA based Head office in Saket, New Delhi, India.

With aim of providing certifications in the Health & Fitness Industry. Our all programs are fully approved and recognised from top leading institutions.

As everything is on digital today. FCA also required our digital presence but just creating your website isn’t a great solution for effective digital marketing.



ReDefine CX & optimise the website speed with keeping all customer touch points in mind.

Understand fitness industry & targetted persona to catter the best UI & UX.

Understand most of the business flow to digital transform & put automation stage for cost effective & increasing efficiency.

Clearity in requirements was 50%. Which was initially a bigger challenge for us.

Our approach & Timelines

SOW Audienting

1. SOW Audienting

We proposed our SOW audienting service and conducting a complete possible audienting and preparing the possible loophole and how we can transform.

Our Business Analyst team came with lots of unique solutions with keeping in mind the customer values, existing business process. Risk assumptions and what jobs needs to be done.

We defined our SOW & proposed a fresh cost.

2. Scope of Work

Customer Experience

reDefining Customer Experience (CX) is always a challenging task. It requires in-depth R&D on targeted persona.


We have to automate the max possible operations for cost cutting & increasing efficiency. It must be smooth to achive better CX.

And Maintenance

Speed, Security and Scalability are the major aspects that we consider during staging and deployment.

Dev to Deployment

3. Dev to Deployment

We have divided the projects into sprints (pages & sections). The implementation, review meetings, feedback, and revisions, deployment to production went so well.

We wrapped this project in the next 3 months. And we delivered with 101% satisfaction! Still Maintaining & securing this project!

4. Timeline


Redefined Customer Experience

Automated Job Engine

Personalised SOW Auditing

Online Registration & Certification Process

Hyper Personalised Notifications Engine

Consulting With Emerging Technology


Color Palette



Server Architecture

Powerful Machines for powerful performance with integrated micro & isolated services to make things independent. In collaboration NexGen DevOps team work with the Omuni DevOps team to get the finest version of cloud server architecture.


We have reduece the recurring cost upto 20% and seen a impressive improvement in conversion, speed & bound rate.


Reduced bounce rate


Speed ~11s to ~2.9s


Conversion rate


Manpower cost reduced