We are a creative, talented, diverse, and spirited team helping people around the world find focus, organised their business. If you want to achieve something meaningful with your skill, we would love to meet you.



We all heard age is just a number, similarly, degrees are just fancy pieces of paper, earned by paying a lot of money and investing in youth. Being a young company, we count on skills and experience. Obviously, we need your papers for maintaining records. We’ve worked hard to cultivate an inclusive, vibrant community of NexGen Innovators and we hope that resonates with you when you meet us.

Friendly Mates

Ragging was not allowed back in college that’s why we grown up making friends. Still following the rules at our workplace.

Open & Flat Culture

All our teams are self-managed and don’t have “BOSSES” to raise the bars of one’s mental pressure.

Ample Learning

We believe in growing together. With the help of our educational resources our mates educate each other.

Flexible timings

Our AI HR manager let’s you work with your own pace. You are not bounded to sign in at 10 AM.

Meet our people


At NexGen, every individual is having a skill to thrive perfection. We are a team of designers, developers, engineers, marketers and most importantly we are NexGen Innovators.

Ownership over authority

Collaborative learning

Everyone matters

Clear growth path

Thanks for showing interest to join us!

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