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How to remove spam/virus

We recently discovered SPAM/virus to have infected our client’s website. And, after understanding it and removing it, we felt the need to share the how works with our readers too.Symptoms of this SPAM in WordPress: You are often being redicted to URL or to your website’s admin panel. This spam works even […]

Written by Anup Kumar
Posted on - 3 min read
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Disable php script execution in wordpress upload folders using htaccess

Checking each plugin security is very difficult while working with wordpress. It required great skills of PHP language. So here I’m (Anup) to help you guys how you can disable execution of PHP or any other script.How attackers use this to install malware in your website?Each plugin and wordpress in itself upload all media files […]

Written by Anup Kumar
Posted on - 5 min read
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NexGen Innovators: WordPress Protection | Brute Force Attack Prevention

Steps to Stop Exposing your WordPress user’s details in wp-json API.Step 1. Check user list is exposed or not.You can add wp-json/wp/v2/users at the end of your website and if it prints list of your users then you haven’t disabled it. like in case it will be you are getting something like below […]

Written by Rahul Bhardwaj
Posted on - 5 min read
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How to Improve the Security of WordPress Site?

beAre you worried about WordPress security? You’re not alone. Most website owners are looking for ways to protect their WordPress sites from hackers, given the growing volumes of cyberattacks on WordPress sites. The popularity of WordPress, which makes it the preferred CMS for all kinds of websites, is one reason for the high number of these attacks. But, there […]

Written by Anup Kumar
Posted on - 11 min read