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Best Website Color Schemes (2022)

Written by Ratul Pal
Posted on - 5 min read

Dull websites won’t attract many customers for your business. Add colors and more colored elements to your web page. If you think that they will make a mess or will look like kiddish, you are totally wrong.

Designing is getting intelligent and here are tips for Best Website Color Schemes that is about, how to use loads of color in their web designs.

website colour scheme

How to choose color combinations for your website?

After designing the wireframe of the webpage, the next question which arises is how to choose color combinations for the website.

There is no such thing as the best background color for the website. The website color palette is made with the help of the concept and use of the website. Here, I am providing you with various website color scheme examples which will make you leave using the website color palette generator and independently choose color schemes accordingly.

Let’s look at some latest website colors of 2019 and some hit website color schemes of  2018.

shotime colour scheme

Gradients at the back of shoes instead of simple plane boxes are highlighting shoes in this design. The designer used a color palette from the image itself.

In continuation of Best Website, Color Schemes Look at this, the landing page of the site provides a gradient palette.

Grabient – Landing Page 

grabient colour scheme

Business website color schemes tend to be more calm and dull pastels, but the time has come to add bright colors and textured elements to your business website design.

CLEVEL – Landing Page  

Go green – sign in  

petition colour scheme

Firefox Rebrand

Firefox Rebrand color exploration icons mozilla branding identity ios app iconography web browser branding app store icon brand book grid master brand family visual style guide firefox symbol sign logo mark design logotype fox shape

Illustration homepage of what are you doing now

Illustration of home page of what are you doing now

Another task for a web designer is how to use a color palette in web design. The color palette is according to the kind of message one is trying to give the user. If the designer wants to give a polite and gentle massage, use baby soft colors which are tints of bold shades like this one.

Some pages app of Knowledge Sharing

some pages app for more learning

And for new business one can try using a peppy and bright  CMYK color palette for web design

DevCarrot – Landing Page 

Website designers are confused about how to choose color combinations for the website. These designs here are showcasing more website color schemes examples.

metallic colors with pastel colors background

Metallic colors experimented with pastel-colored backgrounds.

Event website header 

Sweet 🍭

The unseeing idol of Light

k l ui s

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