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Websites to make image background transparent

Written by Ratul Pal
Posted on - 5 min read

What is a PNG or JPG/JPEG File?
PNG images have the ability to make the image background transparent.✅

PNG stands for “Portable Graphics Format”. It is the uncompressed/lossless image format. That means if an image is saved in PNG format, the quality of the image does not decrease or degrade and the original size of the image is saved.

On the other hand, when we download images from the internet, the maximum times it is in JPG/JPEG format. JPG/JPEG uses a lossy compression algorithm that discards some of the image information in order to reduce the size of the file and decreasing the image quality.

In general, JPG and JPEG are interchangeable and does not differ much and both the formats are supported by the “Joint Photographic Experts Group”.

Now, a transparent background is necessary if you want to render images of objects in different backgrounds. But the question which arises here is –

How to make image background transparent without using Photoshop?

A professional Photoshop software is very tough to learn and takes a lot of time for a task as simple as getting transparent image background. And in case you are a newbie, you will regret your decision. So, be smart and rely on the internet!

🆓 Use any of these 4 online tools to make your image background transparent.

Remember :
Red– to make the area transparent.
Green– to make the area visible.

1. Fotor

Oops! They have a watermark.🧐

But don’t worry. Sign in and this watermark will simply vanish.😀


So, now you don’t need long Photoshop sessions just to make image background transparent. Edit and download with these free online tools.

2. Burner Bonanza

Burner Bonanza is on the top of our list as it offers real-time image edits. It shows maximum possible image background edits. You can choose from anyone and get the transparent background as shown in the image below.


3. Edit Photos For Free

Just upload an image and mark your area colour-wise. You will get an image with transparent background.


4. Autoclipping

Gives you 10 free credits which means you can edit 10 images for free. A pretty good deal if you have only a few images to edit.


This blog has made editing images easy.

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