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How Myntra streamlined the Indian Fashion Industry

Written by Pratham Yogendra
Posted on - 5 min read
Myntra Website

Back in 2007, Myntra started as a personalized gifting e-commerce brand. With time, it transitioned into a brand that connected Global Fashion players to the Fashion fans and enthusiasts of our country.

1. What do you need to learn from Myntra?

Whilst Flipkart and other eCommerce players conquered the market and caught the audience’s attention through a multi-vendor eCommerce site, Myntra found it easier to connect to the same amount of digital consumers by focusing on a personalized single vendor e-commerce platform.
What matters the most is Myntra’s idea to create a strategic blend of Market Experience & Consumer Psychology, Technology, and Content-Marketing to create a Fashion only e-commerce platform to compete against the multi-vendor and multi-sector e-commerce platforms.

2. How did Myntra do it all?

A.Market Experience & Consumer Psychology:

To understand this, you’ll need to know that Myntra never started as a consumer-fashion brand. It began as a personalized apparel brand and operated mainly on B2B front with minimal B2C operations.
It provided them with the experience to differentiate between the needs of brands and consumers in terms of Fashion.
In 2011, when Myntra was drafted into the consumer-fashion business, it perfectly knew about its target consumers because its prior market experience helped them streamline the target consumers and their needs.
For example, on B2B front of their operations, Myntra focused on providing brands with customized fashion solutions for their employees.
That meant custom T-Shirts, WristWatches, Pens, and every office consumable.
And a part of this allowed them to enhance their initial operations as they started in the e-commerce industry by launching Fastrack watches and being human in their digital space.
Their corporate experience in customizing watches and t-shirts allowed them to understand the quality of the products preferred by the end-user.
And by collaborating with the brands which provided the products of the same if not better quality, they could gain a good amount of traction and consumer trust in their initial operational days.
In simple terms, the employees of the brands that used myntra’s customization services were the initial test customers that allowed them to project a potential market and its needs.



Myntra knew the business they were into and the technological tools they’d need to successfully

a. Optimize experience:

Myntra knew that the only way to optimize their experience was by implementing

  • Sales derived Design:

Their platform design depends on the sales they generate and they showcase the products that are rated above 3 stars and are frequently purchased.

Sales derived design
  • Hassle-free purchase and returns:

Myntra understood the hassle consumers had to face while purchasing apparel online.
In the case of electronic appliances, the customers need their specifications to understand and purchase them. But, in the case of apparel, it’s tough to specify its size and perfect fit. And, more often than ever, consumers would return the clothes if not set correctly.
Thus, to optimize the experience, Myntra offered an online pictorial size chart for reference and started specifying sizes by catering to 5-6 size categories.

b.Create an Omni-Channel Presence:

Mnytra works seamlessly across devices and provides the same purchase experience on all platforms.
Myntra temporarily shut down its website in 2015 as they felt that only their mobile app fueled their sales but later realized their mistake and restarted their website as shutting it down cost them a 10% loss in their sales.

c. Content Marketing:

Rather than entirely focusing on paid advertising, Myntra also works to use the content as a marketing factor.
Their campaigns include working with fashion influencers and hosting a show about Fashion that looks to hunt India’s raw and talented Fashion Influencers.

3. How to make a website like Myntra?

Myntra is a single vendor e-commerce platform that uses a blend of a CMS to manage the content and an automation system to streamline the process.
And to build one for yourself, you could either:

A.Build a standalone omnichannel digital space from scratch:

It is a relatively efficient and custom-tailored method of building a digital space. But, the efficiency and the personalization come at an expense.

B. Integrate an existing CMS on top of your design and automate it to fit according to your needs:

This method allows you to cater across omnichannel platforms in the digital space with the same amount of design customization. This method is preferred as it ships with the tools required to build an e-commerce site at a reasonable price.
And, who can easily customize the automation on top of it? Here’s what you need to do:

a.Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting are the digital equivalents to your store’s address and physical space. GoDaddy and BigRock are two significant players from where you can purchase the domain and host.

Godaddy, BigRock


To save time without compromising on quality, we’d recommend you prefer powerful open source platforms like WordPress or WooCommerce to develop your website on top of it.WooCommerce

c.Preferred Payment Gateway:

To ensure customer comfort and proper payment clearance, we’d recommend that you prefer a reliable payment gateway.

For instance, RazorPayPAYTM for Business, and CCAvenue are the most trusted payment gateways used in the market due to their flexibility and ease of processing on both the customer and the brand fronts.

Payment Gateways

d.Multi-Platform developer:

You need a web development company that can build on top of WordPress or WooCommerce CMS to do it right. And, it must integrate your preferred payment gateway to ensure that your eCommerce website works across all the digital platforms without any issues.

What will a web-development company exactly do?

Now, hosting and domain names are common in the eCommerce world.
But, the role of a web-development company has never been adequately specified.
In the simplest of terms, a web-development company designs and builds your website. But, once you dig deeper, you’ll understand that a web-development does much more than that.
When we, as a web-development company, build websites, we do it in a manner where the website is uniquely attractive yet super-functional.
We don’t just build your website; we make your identity on the Internet.
And, since, thanks to working with our clients, we understand the customer experience. That allows us to build a comfortable website for consumers to use.
In addition, our experience allows us to understand the solutions to problems that exist with technology.
But, most importantly, a web-development company makes sure that your website is maintained to match the industry standards.
And, we ensure that your website is protected from harmful attackers in the digital space.
Oh yes, we are the avengers of the digital world!

e.Automation system:

An automation system is used to connect every person responsible in the process of purchase to delivery and post-delivery services about the product status.

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