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What is Page Authority? – #Digital Literacy

Posted on - 3 min read
Pratham Yogendra
CTO - NexGi
Pratham Yogendra
Content Writer

Moz (an SEO Company) developed a metric to predict how well a page from a website can attain organic search results called Page Authority.
The prediction is logarithm-based. And it depends upon the number of backlinks to a specific website page.

Why does it Matter?

Again, Page Authority isn’t the only direct factor for you to rank up on the search engine. But, it can sometimes help you determine the niche of content preferred by your audience.
In simple terms, it provides an insight into the pages which make your website reliable. It helps you understand the unique referral point of your website.

What are the benefits of calculating Page-Authority?

What is Page Authority

Calculating the page authority will help you understand the quality of your content, the page’s Search Engine optimization, the current contextual need, or the latest market trend. It will help you understand the triggering keywords that increase the chances of ranking an individual page on the SERP.

It will allow you to understand the core reason why the page ranked. That means you can understand the ways to organize a page perfectly. May it be specific SEO optimizations, Niche-Trend or the UI/UX of the page.

From a writer’s perspective, calculating the authority of a specific page will allow the writer to understand the content better. It increases the writer’s awareness of their work.

An increase in page authority increases the domain authority as well.

How to check your website’s Page Authority

You could check it in two ways.

  1. By using the ahrefs page authority checker
  2. By using Moz Page Authority Checker Tool

What are the Factors affecting it?

The five main factors affecting page authority are Backlinks, Content, Context, Consistency, and Quality. An interesting fact, though, is all of them are intertwined.
For instance, if you create quality content on a consistent scale and push it on a contextual basis, you’ll notice that the brands/websites will start backlinking content to your pages.

How to increase it?

To increase it, we’d recommend consistently pushing quality content based on the context. And this would increase the probability of other websites backlinking to your root domain.
To start with, find a niche of content that you’d love to produce and start producing it in blogs(with images), podcasts, and videos.
Do note that if you just launched your website, you should prefer not to rely on the Page Authority. It is 2020, and we know that you can be a jack of all trades on the Internet to sustain. We’d recommend you experiment with multiple niches of content.