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Top 10 Tips and Tricks to increase Instagram followers

Written by Aman Prasad
Posted on - 6 min read

How to get followers on Instagram?

As we all know the use of the smartphone is increasing rapidly day by day and now it is a part of our lifestyle and has almost changed our life routine. In this era, every single person wants to be in touch with his or her relatives and friends. Everyone wants to share his or her memories on social media to keep them safe for forever and many of us are having the same question “how to get followers on Instagram?”.


Whenever we go outside or visit any tourist place we think to capture that moment in our camera that’s why the demand of high-quality camera smartphones increased and companies started making their phones with a better camera in a cheaper price. We always click our pics and post them on different social media to show it to our friends, relatives and be updated with society.

Currently, Instagram is the one of the best and most used app to upload and share images as this app is available for all major operating systems like Android, iOs and Windows that is why it is one of the most popular images sharing platform. As we all know that our favourite social media platform Facebook has purchased Instagram and from that time the users of Instagram is increased by 10 times.

Most people just share their images on Instagram due to its popularity only. But I individually also think that Instagram is the best app to share selfies or short videos. As this is the era of the Internet and everyone wants to be famous so, this is the best app to get more and more followers.

how to get followers on Instagram

how to get followers on Instagram

That’s why we are here to solve this problem for all of you. In this article, you are going to learn top 10 tips and tricks to increase Instagram followers:

1. Post content on a regular basis

Posting regularly will give your audience more opportunities to engage with your photos. However, you might annoy followers by posting too often or by posting low-quality images. I have found that posting around one or two photos per day works for me but I suggest you can experiment and see what works for you.

2. Follow and engage with other Instagram users

Instagram, just like any social network, is about engaging with people. Look for other Instagram users to follow. Make sure they are relevant to your niche and interact with them by commenting and liking their photos. Comments should be well considered and useful (i.e. they should add to the conversation). If you do this well then there is a good chance that the person you are interacting with will eventually follow you back. In addition, members of their audience will see your comments and may also end up following you.

3. Like pictures of other users

This is the best way to assure your presence on Instagram. If you like someone’s image he or she will surely see your profile and pictures. Possibly that person will suddenly start following you. Then whenever you upload any new image or video that user will like it and if needed also do comment on it. It usually happens when you like or comment on someone’s image or video, he or she will also do the same. With this, it is also possible that the follower of another person also starts following you.

4. Post photos that get shared

One of the ways new people find your account is when their friends @ mention them in a comment. For example, they may leave a comment on a photo such as “hey @nexgeni, check out this photo, this photo reminds me of you!. I would then get a notification in my feed, telling me that I had been tagged.

how to get followers on Instagram

Look back through your posts and see which ones had the most engagement in the comments. How many non-followers were @ mentioned? What factors do you think made these posts popular? Was it your caption or simply the content of the images? See if you can replicate these factors in future posts.

5. Shoutouts

In Instagram shoutout is the way to give attention to your account. To do this we need the help of posts and captions. With with more audience will reach your profile and your followers will jump up suddenly. If any famous profile gives you a shoutout then it is very beneficial for your profile to be in front of many peoples. There are lots of accounts which have got millions of followers only due to shoutouts.

There are two ways to get shoutouts. First is to say your friends to shout out your profile and you will also do theirs so that you both will get new followers. The second way is to contact already famous profiles creators to shout out your profile. It is also possible that they will ask for money to do that but this is a very useful and effective way to increase your followers.

6. Using Hashtags(#)

Whenever you post an image or video on Instagram you have the option to write caption over there. At the place of the caption, you can also add hashtags which are popular among youngsters and give a boost to your post. These hashtags are also used as links on Instagram, whenever anyone searches for that tag might be your post will come in front of the user and you will possibly get like and follow.

These are some popular hashtags to get likes – like4like, l4l, follow4like, followforfollow, follow4follow, follow4like, Instadaily, Instagood, picoftheday, enjoy, selfie, instagram, like4follow, followbackalways, followme and many more.

We recommend using a few hashtags on each post (3 or 4 will do), but not too many because in my opinion that can start to look a bit spammy or desperate.

7. Promote your Instagram account on your website and social media pages

Tell your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and followers on other social networks that you are on Instagram. You can also cross-promote your best performing Instagram images on other networks (share a link to the photo on Instagram rather than re-uploading it).

how to get followers on Instagram

If you ever get featured or guest post on other websites and blogs then ask for a link to your Instagram account as well as your website.

8. Geotag your posts

Whenever we snap any photo from our smartphone camera we have an option to add location tags in that. Even after uploading we can add our snap location on our post. With this Instagram will give a boost to your post in your location and you will get your targeted traffic.

9. Tap into current trends and news

Your content will get an extra boost if you tap into trends and current affairs. For example, post content related to news stories, holiday celebrations, the weather, or a global event such as the Cricket World Cup. You can also take advantage of social media trends such as the #monday_no_fun_day or #INDvAUS etc. By doing this you will appear more relevant, you will be exposed to new people browsing for related content and your posts are more likely to be shared.

Last But Most Important

10. Make your profile attractive

Make you account attractive so that new people who visit your profile impressed and starts following you.

how to get followers on Instagram

Now we are going to tell you some basic things which can make your profile look better and classy. Only set your original profile picture to get more views towards your profile. Write brief info about yourself in your bio section.
Only post your images and videos to look authentic. If your profile is public then please post only relevant images. (Professional pics). Don’t post every personal image on Instagram if your profile is public.

how to get followers on Instagram

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