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The Ultimate hacks for Awesome Marketing Emails

Written by Rewati Kaur
Posted on - 5 min read

Email marketing is a highly effective tool for lead generation in your armory of inbound marketing tools. Most digital marketers admit that email marketing is still alive and thriving. Still, there are a lot of digital marketers that strive to leverage it adequately for lead generation. Therefore, why not split it down?

Here in this blog, we will thoroughly dissect the dissection of robust and optimized email marketing. Look at the ultimate cheat sheet for an excellent marketing email.

13-Part Cheat Sheet of a Powerful Marketing Email

  1. A Clear, Short, & engaging Subject Line:

    All the email subscribers used to read your subject lines before reading the complete email. Hence, it is essential to make your email stand out with a clear, eye-catching, and short subject line. Maintain it briefly; however, utilize your space intelligently; try to explain the offer you are providing them in the email as precisely & briefly as possible.

  2. A Real Human Sender:

    In a conversation among real people, a specific “From” address signifies the name of someone. Test by how you customize the name of the email’s sender; furthermore, contemplate presenting it as it comes from a real, existing member of the marketing team to get your email messages extra personal. Try to do the test to decide which form of your sender’s name presents the most suitable open rate.

  3. Clear Branding Details:

    You should provide your branding details so that there should not be any questions in your subscribers’ minds about your email or where the email they have received. Constantly create and utilize the email template, including consistent branding details. Add your logo! Utilize the colors of your company’s branding. Neglecting the branding elements implies a shortage of professionalism as well as protection.

  4. Personalization:

    According to the research, one-third of online marketers consider that personalized marketing campaigns remain very powerful; many marketers do not involve personalization details in their email campaigns. Email marketing (unexpectedly lead nourishing) allows an outstanding possibility to leverage the potential of personalization.  At the very least, utilize your data to personalize a specific greeting in the email. Moreover, as we suggested earlier, always present your email as it has come from the natural person of your company. Concede to include their picture and sign-off in the email, including their nickname.

  5. Offer Context:

    When you provide your email receivers the chance to locate your offer, introducing the frame concerning why & what you are offering is helpful; always keep it concise, utilize clear language, and consider including statistics to indicate value. Also, add 1 or 2 links to your offer in this segment.

  6. Clear and Focused CTA (Call-to-Action):

    Add a pre-eminent Call-to-action to your offer. Present your CTA’s text-specific regarding what action the user should take to get the request, for example, “Download” moreover, build a sense of necessity such as “Today,” “Now,” etc. Also, avoid dubious language such as “Submit,” moreover, strive to join the call-to-action to your offer itself; for example, regarding a live webinar, your email should have CTA like “Register Now For The Webinar” or “Book Your Seat Now”).

  7. Key-Value of Offer:

    Try to highlight what the email recipients will receive from downloading your ebook or registering for your webinar. Utilize bullet points to split up all the text furthermore highlight the key takeaways. Explain clearly the benefit of the specific offer that you are providing.

  8. Social Sharing Links/Buttons:

    Always remember to include social sharing links in all emails you are sending further to increase the reach of the content in the email. If the users perceive the content in the email as helpful and feel constrained to share it by their social media contacts, they can very quickly do so! That will support you to reach a more extended range of potential leads with little effort.

  9. Image:

    You can Break up the text by including a professional-looking image. Try to match that image with the content you provide in your offer. Therefore, if you are offering the ebook in your request, add a photo of your specific cover page. And if you are offering a webinar, include the screenshot of your cover slide in the exhibition.

  10. Extra Product-Based Offer:

    Many email subscribers are often willing for an extra product-focused offer such as a free product trial and personal consultation. Utilize the authentic legacy in your P.S. being a chance to tie your foremost content offer over a more middle-of-the-funnel presentation.

  11. Social Media Sites Follow Buttons or Links:

    With the help of email marketing, you can also expand the social media reach of your product or services by providing the receivers opportunities to subscribe to the updates on your social media. Also, add the social media sites follow buttons so that you can help your subscribers so that they will follow you on Instagram, Twitter, or ‘Like’ the Facebook page, follow the company updates on LinkedIn, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

  12. Link the Privacy Policy:

    While the web emerged in an even further social and public platform, privacy concerns remain to get promoted. Provide your email subscribers harmony of mind and a sense of security by including the link to your company’s privacy policy.

  13. Unsubscribe Link:

    In your email, always try to incorporate an unsubscribe link to the bottom of the email marketing messages you are providing. Ignoring this will place you in violation of the CAN-SPAM laws, cost you considerably a portion of your precious marketing budget.