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How expensive are the inexpensive websites?

Written by Anup Kumar
Posted on - 10 min read

The inexpensive website doesn’t cost us directly — It cost us indirectly

Yes, when we needs a website, almost 90% of us start finding an inexpensive or cheap website developer or  cheap website designing company. And their bad luck they get!

As the website is a tradition from years and people don’t know how they can build brand and its importance  — It  also become a social responsibility to have a website to start any kind of business.

We want to fulfil this social responsibility at the lowest price and we choose this cheap website developers. And seriously if you are just doing to fulfil the responsibility then you must try free or DIY methods to create websites.

But it 😐  cost you indirectly!

It’s like same as you are hiring a low cost bad carpenter to design your office or you are designing your self as playing the role of carpenter.

You know the result.

Your office wouldn’t be able to showcase and in result when your client will visit!

They will get a bad image of yours.


This article especially I wrote to let the people know the importance of why we shouldn’t go with cheap website developers or company, how eventually that cheap website become more costly to us.

So let’s start!

1. A negative branding

The first result you get from it!

It’s quite obvious we can’t get quality on cheap websites. Due to budget constraints, developer will use low quality graphics, wouldn’t do research on your clientele, don’t focus on what’s computer literacy rate your clientele have, and write himself low quality content. Means by chosen cheap website developer we have created a virtual cheap branding of ours over the internet. Which do branding but negatively and feel less authentic.

2. Less Authenticity = Less Sales 💰.

Negative Branding will directly impact on your sales, It’s practical!

e.g You are a parent and want to search a school for you kid. You google nearby of your area and see different websites of different schools.

Now you take the decision by how much school website seems convincing to you with and how much authentic they are appealing. Through website they are selling their school. Same through website you are selling your services or products.

So I hope you got the point of how you are loosing the sales.

3. Not scalable

Remember – Low budget website are designed to meet current requirements.

Because developer don’t have quality resource to invest on analysis with their client. Result you can’t scale with that website. when you scale, you need to start from scratch.

Which is very painful 😞  !

4. Lost of marketing 💰 cost.

Somehow we are investing money 💰  to market our website, either verbally, through banner, posters or running an online campaign.

But when such marketing technique works and our potential clients go to our website, but they don’t feel authenticity or quality in our work. In reality, It doesn’t matter at what good level of quality we are providing, but here we failed to represent it due to cheap website.

Means less conversion = lost of marketing 💰 cost

5. Lost believe in website

When our potential client don’t convert into customers. We get frustrated, stop investing money and time. And finally, we leave this market place and potential customers also. Those we could convert by investing a little more in the starting!

6. Bad optimised code = Low speed score 🚀

As per current trends 🐵  users are increasing, 🌐  website also increasing — but patience to wait of website loading time is decreasing for our end users.

Let’s take your example and you need a best website developer in delhi. Now you go on google and search with keyword “best website developer in delhi”.

You get list from google and click on first link. Now suppose it takes 7 seconds and still loading.

What you will do next 🤔. ?

You simply back and click on next link!

The first website owner lost the potential client!

7. Bad for SEO

Now with last example – google will notice user clicked back button from first website and went to second option. Google algorithm will punish and a logic of, there is some problem in the first link and second link is good because user is spending more time on that.

Now Google will rank down the first link and up the second link.

So We have just realised we lost the potential client and google ranking too.

Here are few tips that you check – whether your website is optimised  & authentic or not?

  1. Code of our website should be optimised – there shouldn’t be extra code.
  2. Images should be optimised – Means the size of the images shouldn’t be larger or lesser than required, because lesser size will result in pixelation issue, and larger size will take more time to load. And last the image should be in right proportion. It shouldn’t be stretched.
  3. Database Structure – The database must be structured properly.
  4. Lazy loading should be implemented – means if you are loading any page and you are unable to see the bottom images, then it should be load, when you scroll and go upto that image.
  5. Browser cache must be implemented – This is something where your website develop tells to browser what to cache. Means if your logo is coming on multiple pages then on 1st request it should be cached in browser and onwards 2nd request it should come from browser itself.

There are 100+ list of optimisation techniques that we follow in NexGen. If you want to develop a high quality, customer centric design with properly scalability you can contact us via visiting www.nexgi.com/contact-us

So Guys thanks for your time and support!