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How to make customized WhatsApp Stickers?

Written by Ratul Pal
Posted on - 2 min read

WhatsApp stickers are a trend now. Since WhatsApp has allowed 3rd party applications to make and add stickers to its stickers section, they have become very popular.


You can make WhatsApp stickers in just a few minutes by following these steps.

  1. Make the background of the image transparent.
  2. Add it to any of the applications mentioned below.
  3. Add them to the WhatsApp stickers group.✔️
  4. Share.👁‍🗨

Okay! It is not so easy for the first time. I’ll elaborate a little more.

Whatsapp stickers

Let me elaborate a little.

  1. Make images transparent. Stickers are not stickers if you see no outlines and distinguished image. We need to cut off the extra background and make the necessary in focus. Read my blog on how to make image background transparent. 🤩
  2. Transfer these images to your mobile device. 📲 Either by BlueTooth or file transfers.
  3. Install these applications- (one-time installation. You can uninstall after adding your stickers to your sticker set)

Sticker builder applications

Now, add them to your Whatsaap sticker set. Add them to favorites if you want to.✌🏾

Whatsapp sticker

Keep your creativity high and try making some productive stickers too.🥂

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