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How to access blocked websites

how to access blocked websites

The Ministry of Information and technology has directed all the Internet service providers to block the access of all torrent and porn websites to reduce cyber crimes and to stop piracy. After the judgment passed by the Uttrakhand High court.

how to access blocked websites

We do respect the judgment of the court and do not encourage the access of blocked porn and torrent websites. We do support the freedom of the internet and therefore we will share you some tricks to access the blocked websites and browsing internet while maintaining privacy.



There are various tricks to access the blocked websites on your PC as well as on your smartphone.

1.Using VPN in the Android Phones

There are various applications available on Google Play store to access the blocked websites such as UC-Browser and Orbot.

a)UC-browser has a default VPN available in the browser. After downloading the UC browser, you are all set to use.

b) Download Orbot from Google Play store

Step:1 Install the Orbot app from Google Play store

how to access blocked websites

Step:2 Open the App

Enable the VPN mode,  VPN disabled will change into Full Device VPN. You can select specific apps that you want to use with VPN. By default it will be set to full device VPN.

how to access blocked websites

Step:3 Select All the apps on which you want to access using VPN.

For example: In the below image, I have selected Chrome browser

how to access blocked websites

You are all set to access the blocked websites.

2.Using VPN in PC/Desktop

a)Unlike the UC-browser in smartphones, Opera browser has a built-in VPN for Desktop/PC version
go to to download opera for the computer.

Opera is all set to access all blocked websites without any prior setting.

b)Tor browsers in Desktop/PC

how to access blocked websites


Step:1 First of all,Click torproject to download

how to access blocked websitessimilarly

Select your Operating system and install the browser.

Step:2 Open the downloaded folder and install the browser in system.


Choose the installation location, after the successful Installation, Open the app.

tor browser installation for accesing blocked websites

how to access blocked websites

seems like

Step:3 Open the App and Click on Connect.

After the Successfull Connection setup, you are all set to access the internet privately.

Step:4 Open the App and browse to your favorite websites

how to access blocked websites

3. Using VPN in iPhone or iPad

You can use VPN client and set-up the configuration described below in your iPhone or iPad using these apps like ExpressVPNTunnelbear, or Opera VPN. Download one of these apps, install it on your iOS device, and open it.

After completing the setup process, you will be asked to give permission to add a VPN configuration to your iPhone. Tap Allow having the VPN configured on your iPhone automatically.

Then you will be asked to enter your passcode or Touch ID to give permission to change your VPN settings. Enter your passcode, or activate using Touch ID.

how to access blocked websites

Once the VPN is enabled, you can select and connect it at any time without opening the app again (use the app to change location and adjust other settings).

  1. Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap VPN.

how to access blocked websites
4.If you have more than one, select the VPN client you want to us.
5.Toggle the Status switch on.

Thanks, I hope this will help you to access blocked websites.

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how to access blocked websites


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Install SSL certificate for free in Digital Ocean using let’s encrypt ubuntu

Hi Guys, SSL is the most prominent factor in SEO and digital marketing, even most browsers show it non-secure when you don’t hae SSL installed on your site and your visitors get away. So in this article, I will cover how to install a free SSL certificate if you are using any cloud server with Ubuntu OS. I’m taking an example of Digital Ocean.

I have just set up a sub-domain (and this blog is in the same continuation of that – to better understand please go through How to setup Sub-domain in digital Ocean & Activate SSL)

In this we will learn or do:

  1. Check Certbot is install or not?
    1. What is Certbot?
    2. How to check if Certbot is already installed?
  2. Install SSL on domain or sub-domain?
    1. Install on non-www
    2. Install on www
    3. Both non-www and www
    4. Restart your server
    5. Test SSL certificate

Step1. Check Certbot is install or not?

What is Certbot?

Certbot is a client that helps in installing SSL certificates, also provides automatic redirection facilities to http –> https. In simple language, you can say Certbot is a software that helps to install SSL certificates.

How to check if Certbot is already installed?

Open your terminal through SSH or putty and type following command –


You are getting this No command ‘certbot’ found – means you need to install it.
Install it by pressing the following command

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot


sudo apt-get update

Then Final

sudo apt-get install python-certbot-apache

Step 2. Install SSL on domain or sub-domain

There are three possibilities of this command to install SSL on your domain or sub-domain (Replace your domain/sub-domain from the bold text)

  1. If you want to install on non-www
    use the command:

    sudo certbot --apache -d
  2. If you want to install on www
    use the command:

    sudo certbot --apache -d
  3. In case you want to install on both non-www and www
    use the command:

    sudo certbot --apache -d -d
    install letsencrypt digital ocean ubuntu

Then it will ask for redirection – select 1. (No. Redirection – check read marker in below image).
install letsencrypt ubuntu 16.04 nginx
and it will install your SSL certificates.

Just restart your server by pressing following command –

sudo service apache2 restart

You can test your configuration at (replace bold with your domain/sub-domain)

That’s it – you are ready for testing.
Just hit your domain with https like in my case

free ssl installation in ubuntu

install letsencrypt ubuntu 16.04 nginx

Thanks for any query or support you can contact us.

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How to block Youtube Ads

You will need around 1430 life spans to watch the complete videos on Youtube. About 400 hours of video content is being added every minute. Nothing is free forever, that is why we need to pay a small price in terms of our time. By watching ads we support the content creators and developers but there is an increase in the duration of ads and you have to watch in full. More and more people are asking the same question – How to block youtube ads.

Sometimes the ads are useful, as you are targeted because of your usage history. But sometimes you have to watch the 30 seconds commercial for watching a 2 minutes quick video and the ad is pretty irrelevant for you.

Mostly times users want to stop or skip the ads but they don’t know how to do that. Ad blocking is not illegal. Let’s get started then.

How to block ads in Chrome Browser

It’s pretty easy to install an Adblocker plugin into your browser and get rid of those annoying ads. It also prevents you from full page ads and popup ads.
Open new tab in Chrome and click on the colorful square grid on the left corner of the screen. Select Webstore. You can directly access the webstore by typing chrome://apps/ into the URL bar.

Type Adblock in the search box on the left panel and click on the Add to Chrome Button.

Cheers, you’ve saved a lot of data and time. Have a look at Youtube with and without adblock installed in the browser.

Without Adblock plugin.
As you can see there is a huge banner ad set to autoplay.
how to block youtube ads

With Adblock plugin installed
It not only blocks the banner ads but it also blocks video and sidebar, pre-roll and bumper ads.

Adblock works on Youtube and other sites as well. You can save yourself from spammy pop ups as well.
Here are the direct download links:
Chrome Browser : Download link
Mozilla Firefox : Download Link
Microsoft Edge : Download Link
Adblock Browser for Android : Download Link

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Free download antivirus for Windows 10

Free download antivirus for Windows 10. Many people ask me about the best antivirus software for their Windows PC. Mostly computers run on Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system these days. Microsoft solved this problem by introducing Windows Defender with Windows 8. You can rely upon Defender as it’s made by Microsoft itself all you need to do is keep your system updated.

Mostly Antivirus softwares are promising about best safety and security, but somehow most of all slow down your system by running extra processes in background.

Where to find Defender on my computer ?


Type Defender in the search box.

Free download antivirus for Windows 10


A dashboard will open. Make sure Virus and threat protection is active.

antivirus for Windows 10

Since Microsoft is always working to keep you secure, they need your contribution for your safety. Just keep your windows updated and you will never need a third party Antivirus software.

For more updates on cyber security you can read more on our blog. If you find it worth reading, share with your friends so that they don’t purchase any fancy Antivirus software.

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10 cyber security tips for humans

Cyber Security became an important part now-a-days when we share our personal,financial data over internet on daily basis. Someone said precaution is better than cure. So we have listed 10 important cyber security tips for you. Most of the web-services are secure and no one can breach that security layer. It’s nearly impossible to get into someone’s Facebook or Gmail account. That’s why hackers are always looking for security loop holes to gain access to your accounts.

1. Humans are easy targets for hackers.

If you are reading this, probably you are a human being. Never ever think that you can’t be targeted by hackers. And why would someone target me.


2. Eight characters are not enough to protect you in 2018.

Good password can give you good protection. Use a strong mix of characters and don’t repeat the same for every site on the web. Most of the times people get attacked because of obvious and weak passwords. If you are using a less secure app or website, then you are an easy target for Brute Force attacks.


3. Lock when you leave to prevent unauthorized access.

Have you ever left your safe doors open for someone? Leaving your device unattended is one and the same thing. Your personal data, which might be not so personal can be useful for someone else. Be it a phone, computer or a tablet make sure you lock your device when you leave for even short duration of time. If you have a good habit of keeping a backup of your sensitive data on USB drives, then you should encrypt them as well.


4. Practice Safe Clicking.

Huge Download Now buttons are made to appeal you to click them. Don’t fall for them, they are too big to be true. Always be careful when clicking attachments links or emails. Now a days Google Chrome awares you when you are about to visit a spammy link, just follow that. If you find a link having spelling mistakes or anything suspicious, then don’t click that.


5. Always go for safe browsing.

Don’t use someone else’s device for banking, shopping or counting the likes for your last Facebook post. Avoid public WiFi networks, as they can result in data theft. Drinking 2 liters water a day and using Incognito browsing both are good for your health. Make it a habit, open an incognito / private browser window before you start working on someone else’s device. As once you close a private window, it leaves no traces behind, not 100% secure, but it might save you from fishy browser plugins and leaving a logged in session.


6. Back Up.

If you have some important data other than songs, movies, softwares  then we suggest you to take backup of your data regularly. Popular services like Google Drive, One Drive and Drop Box provide around 15-20 gb of cloud storage for free. So just take benefit of such platforms.


7. Physical Cyber Security.

You are smart enough that you won’t plug a banana into the USB port of your computer. But you are not smart enough to detect a malware by just watching an infected external hard drive, pendrive, SD card or a smartphone. Keep your antivirus software active and updated to avoid malware attacks. If you are using a Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system on your computer, then you can rely upon windows defender and there’s no need to purchase any additional antivirus software.


8. Don’t share everything everywhere.

Keep a track on how sensitive data you are revealing on social networks. Your photos can be misused easily. While you are being social, you are sharing where you go to school, your workplace, where you go for vacations. You can be easily tracked by such traces. Avoid accepting friend requests from unknowns and make sure you use the privacy options provided by the social networking sites.


9. Don’t provide your contact or any personal details to a middle man.

If someone calls or emails you and asks for your sensitive information avoid that or clearly say NO. Even if he’s telling you that you’ve nominated for United States presidential election your answer should be a big NO.


10. Keep reviewing your accounts.

Be sure to monitor your social accounts for any suspicious activity. If you see anything unfamiliar, it’s possible that the other guy has gained access to your account. To avoid that you are suggested to follow the above 9 points and keep changing your password monthly, it will logout you from all other active sessions.


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There’s always more to learn about your security and privacy. We’ll bring some more tips, tricks and facts about cyber security in our future posts. Stay tuned and cheers if you’ve read every single text above, I’ve read that too.

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