Dark Colored Website Designs

Dark web design tells a different brand story.🖤
Black is the color of attitude, boldness, power, mystery, strength, authority, elegance, formality, aggression, authority, rebellion, and sophistication.
Choosing a color palette for a website is very important for a web designer. Black websites in 2017 and 2018 got highly in demand. They are always bold in giving the message and looks classic.
While discussing color themes with clients, we usually get a thumbs down for a dark colored theme because of the general perception that all black or dark colored websites do not fit in business websites category so they like to choose a light colored theme.


In 2018, Apple changed this perception by making whole black colored web-pages as their web design and was one of the best business dark colored websites in 2018. Website impressed their audience and dark websites became a popular trend.awesome website templates

Jet Brains

Let us have a look at some more dark web designs.

Spaced Homepage

Black and gold website color scheme is always in demand and gives the royal highlight to your website.

Beauty Website Sketch

The reason for black or dark web designs are manifesting on the web is because of the use of darker backgrounds with different shades of colors and highlighting text and all other elements with white and other light tints. Use light text on dark background for web design.

There are a lot of dark web design templates available for different kinds of portfolio and business purposes. If you wish to get a custom designed dark colored website, Nexgen Innovators are always at your service.

Skube Website Concept

One Minimal Festival Homepage Alternative Version Animation


Hiking UI Web

Under Armour

🖤Some more dark web designs….

Finallly! ☺️It’s the time for you to change your dull website into a trending dark colored website.

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Ratul Pal: Ratul is curious and artistic. She has an excellent sense of color and taste. Just with fine sense of designing along with her daring to explore and experiment with her designs, she is a cool minded designer. A self inspired soul, feminist and a chocolate lover.