Illustrations in Web Designing

An illustration is a decoration, interpretation or visual explanation of a text, concept or process. Illustrations in web designing was a hit concept in 2018.

Simple and clip art Illustrations in web designing have taken a set back.🙅‍♂️
It decorates and beautify the website and has the ability to engage users.

Graphic design illustrations on websites are in great demand in 2019. Beautiful and meaningful illustration combined with clear and strong words communicate emotions and brand values.

Illustration offers designers numerous advantages over “traditional” photos. These are very helpful when explaining an abstract concept that cannot be captured in a single photo.

Here is a flat illustration in web designing showcase for you.👍

This page is having a split screen with overlapping illustration. The color scheme is undoubtedly cool and have a lot of color mixing. CTA is also making a part of illustration that maintains the uniformity of the design.

Illustrations are not meant to be only simple and static. They can be animated and flashy as per the requirement.

There are NOT a lot of free websites to get illustrations but small illustration elements are available for free at graphic websites.

Neo Kids – Onboarding Concept

Next is a colorful application which is an Onboarding concept for Neo Kids – a Video-on-Demand App for kids.

▶️Check out the full case study at vimeo

Use of 3D illustrations is the upcoming trend in the website designing. Flat web design era is almost old now.

Websites are now changing their flat designs to colorful 2D and 3D illustrations.

Look at some examples here.

Want a colorful illustrative website?

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