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Best Black and White Websites Designing Ideas

Written by Ratul Pal
Posted on - 4 min read

Black and White websites are always classic and elegant. 🌓

The beauty doesn’t always want a lot of colors or mixes and heavy highlights. Magic can be created in the form of these Black and White websites where users get mesmerized by the beauty of placing images and texts with classic typography.. black and white website templates


Serifs and Black & White on landing page give a masterly look to the whole website.

Incredible Types website. 

This website has a simple grid architecture and black and white images. Mouse over effect used here enables us to see a colorful image of the hovered image. This makes users hover on most of the images to see their colored versions.


Another black and white themed beautiful website which is a portfolio webpage of two young graphic designers. They used background color : #F9F9F9 & text and illustrations color: #000000.

🖤This website has a classic example of best black and white website designs.

What are monochrome websites?

Now, to understand monochrome websites, one has to understand that the word “monochrome” literally means “one color.” Therefore, a monochrome image only includes one color but may contain many shades and tints.

Moving toward single color use with B/W and monochrome websites, firstly have a look at this



This was considered as one of the best black and white websites of 2018. Two twenty two was nominated in the category of black and white websites on awwwards website.

Time to visit some black and white business websites.

Book of Beards 

Tones of grey and highlighting blue color ( #67E0E1 ) .

Architecture magazine interactions

Some more designs for black and white websites 2019.


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