How to publish 3D Book or AR Book?

The traditional methods of education are becoming old. Now, the education system has become more digitalized and so are being driven by the technology innovators. It is the time for AR learning. Technological developers are developing 3D content for learners as well as educators. Therefore, many publishers are looking to convert their digital or ordinary content into AR content.

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In India, StartAR has launched their 3D books using AR technology. And the AR technology industry is expected to reach $252 billion by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 17%. Augmented reality in education provides a number of helpful ways to learn kids. It helps the kids to easily remember the information and making learning itself more engaging and fun. 3D objects help to understand the figure and working very easily.

What is an AR book/3D book?

AR/3D Books are digital copies of traditional books. Both text and images are linked to additional content through the technology and give the user an enhanced and detailed experience in reading. Explaining in simple words, it works on pattern recognition system and show it’s designed 3D version.

How do our 3D/AR Smartbooks work?

When a smartphone or a tablet scan through the camera at the page of a smartbook, additional content has been created by an app installed, that ‘reads’ the page and displays the virtual content on the screen of the device.

This app is capable to convert only smartbooks content. We have expertise in Augmented reality book content generation. To know about the process you can contact us.

Most of the AR books are about particular subject or story. Users of augmented reality books are mostly the young children. Hence, many kids find it more interesting than old physical books. Thus, learning becomes fun for them.

How to publish 3D book/AR book?

You have two ways to make it:

  1. Hire an In-house developer team – which is minimum at least 5-6 lacs per month cost.
  2. Or hire best Augmented reality company

Many publishing houses have been investing in this area. Our company NexGen Innovators is also develop AR books for publishers. You will see many companies in this rising technology section but none would be providing a quality demo. We have already worked in this sector and delivered it to our clients.

StartAR is the best example of a smartbook from NexGen Innovators.

It is a simple Android-based smart-book for kids.

We have a quality experience and are looking forward for working with interested publishers in this field.  Any publisher/author who wants to publish 3D book/AR book or  have any AR project in mind, you can contact us to discuss.

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