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Benefits of Augmented Reality in Healthcare Industry

Written by Atul Raj
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Technological advancements in the past few decades have significantly changed the medical industry. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), as well as artificial intelligence (AI), are the technological advancements that are changing healthcare today. AR in medical

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Augmented reality usually uses a camera to let the user see the real world in real time. Artificial elements are then projected onto the screen. For example, Microsoft Hololens, Google Glass and Pokemon Go.

ar in medical

Benefits of AR in Medical

Augmented Reality allows the doctors to access the latest and most relevant information about their patients.Moreover, the patients can also use the same to understand and self-educate better. It has the ability to create 3D images and is very useful both for medical students and doctors.

ar in medical

  • Nurture the learning: The use of AR in medical is all about creating a good learning experience to the students.It stimulates a better learning process and increases the creative drive of the students. In the end, students build their imaginative and creative abilities.
  • Increased learning activity. The use of AR apps in the education field  increases the studen-teacher interaction in the class. With the AR apps, students have access to  visual learning models. These models aid better and a higher-level understanding of subjects among students. Thus, causing more students to having understand the topics better.
  • Less expensive. The use of paperback educational materials are expensive. Adding to it, the expensive nature of 3D physical models, posters, and prototypes are usually discouraged too. A good number of educational centers do not have the funds to buy and maintain these materials. Thus, the use of AR can help solve this problem easily in an inexpensive way.

Useful AR apps in the Medical field:

The use of AR in medical industry has made lives easier for both patients and doctors. As the AR industry continues to push the boundaries of the technology and with the innovation partnering the healthcare space, we expect many more interesting innovation in this field transformaing the industry to the next level. For example, down below are a few concepts that are already helping the digi-medical space.

  • AccuVein: It helps doctors to locate patients’ veins more accurately for injections.
  • Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP): This lets physicians demonstrate their plans for surgery.
  • Saagara: The overall physical/mental health and well-being of an individual can be improved using this AR app.
  • VR Dentist: It is a dental app that uses virtual and augmented reality for educational purposes.
  • Anatomy 4D:It is especially for medical students. By scanning printed targets the application shows 3D models of a human body allowing them to interact with it and learn more about parts, joints, functions etc.



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