Courses to pursue after 12th standard other than engineering and medical

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What to do after class 12th? Which are the best courses to pursue after class 12th Science other than Engineering and Medical? What If I could not land the best course? I don’t want to do engineering or medical.

All these thoughts roam around our heads when we are about to take our board exams and this fear makes the students nervous and depressed. Many Science students don’t want to do engineering and medicine for various reasons, leading them to fear that they can’t secure a good job without a degree. First of all, doing engineering or MBBS can get a good job is a myth in this new era. It is commonly seen on news channels that lakhs of students apply for the job of a peon. Similarly, due to the lack of seats in medical colleges, it is difficult to get a good medical college.

Therefore we suggest to you some best courses pursue after 12th Science other than engineering and medical.

Most noteworthy, if you have the zeal to pursue engineering or medicine then you should go for it.

Best courses to pursue after class 12th Science other than Engineering and Medical

career options to look out for after 12th

1. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)

Other than Engineering and Medical the best course for any science student is opting B.Sc.

Traditional B.Sc courses are B.Sc Major with Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Mathematics, Zoology, Life Science.

After doing these courses one can go for teaching or research jobs.

Other than Traditional B.Sc courses, nowadays various courses are quite an in trend and have an excellent industrial impact. These courses are as follows:

a) B.Sc in Communication and Technology

b) B.Sc in Aeronautical Science

c) B.Sc in Computer Science

d) B.Sc in Electronics

e) in Medical Lab Technology

f) B.Sc in Game Designing

g) B.Sc in Interior Designing

2. Management Courses

The industrial revolution in India and various other schemes like Make in India tend to increase the number of industries. These industries need leaders to grow. Consequently, management courses are the Best courses to pursue after class 12th science other than engineering and medical. The management courses are as follows:

a) The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. The degree is conferred after three years of full-time study in one or more areas of business concentration.

b) Bachelor of Management Studies or BMS is an undergraduate program for management studies offered by many universities throughout the world. The course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume management positions in a wide range of organizations.

c) BA (Hons) in Business Economics – BBE is an amalgam of the very academic Economics Hons, with the management course.

3. Law Courses

After class 12th science one can also opt for law courses. Law has a bright future in India. One can do a government/private/self-job after getting a degree in law.

There are various kinds of law degree courses in India throughout every university.

a) L.L.B – It is a three-year degree course in law after class 12.

b) An integrated course in law  – In the integrated courses along with a degree in law, students are also awarded one more degree. The course is a 5-year full dual-degree program. The courses list is as follows:


B.Com L.L.B

B.Sc L.L.B

4. Criminology

If you are fond of watching thrill and detective movies and want to do something adventurous, then doing graduation in criminology is best for you.

One can get job opportunities in Government Sector as well as in the Private sector and you can also start your own detective agency.

a) Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Sciences – It’s a one-year course.

b) Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc) In Criminology and Forensic Sciences – It’s a three-year degree course.

5. Vocational Courses

And the recently launched (Bachelor of Vocation) vocational courses by UGC in 2015 with a vision to fulfill the skill gap among students.

The courses are vast in nature and skill-oriented courses for which the curriculum is designed by industrial sector skill councils. The list of courses is below:

a) B.VOC in Software Development

b) B.VOC in Automobiles and Automation

c) B.VOC in Construction Technology

d) B.VOC in Printing and Publishing

e) B.VOC in Web-Designing

f) B.VOC in Hospitality and Tourism Management

g) B.VOC in Banking and Financial Services

h) B.VOC in Retail management and IT

i) B.VOC in Healthcare Management

j) B.VOC in Power Distribution Management

k) B.VOC in the Internet of Things (IoT)

6. National Defence Academy / Naval Academy (NDA/NA)

If you want an astonishing career in the Indian Armed forces, then NDA is the path to go through.

After clearing the NDA, You will get trained by the Institute for three years in which you will be awarded a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science and then a post-one-year training in the respective academy. After that, You will be a Gazetted officer in Indian Armed Forces. Armed Forces officers are highly paid in money and respect also. The current CTC for the newly joined officer is 8 Lakh per Annum.

7. Commercial Pilot Training

If you are good at Maths and want a career in aviation then CP is the best suit for you.

There are various aviation institutes across India.

After a three-year degree program, you will be awarded a Commercial Pilot License.

You can get a Government/Private Job as a commercial pilot. It is a highly paid job one can expect a monthly salary of 1 Lac. – 2 Lac.

Career path after 12th class Best courses after 12th class high salary courses after class 12th science

These are the Best courses to pursue after class 12th science other than Engineering and Medical.

I hope This will help you to choose your career.

For further info, you can post your questions.

Best courses to pursue after class 12th science other than engineering and medical courses for science students after 12th Career path after 12th class Best courses after 12th class

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