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7 essential ingredients for making a perfect website

Written by Rahul Bhardwaj
Posted on - 5 min read

Website is not just a URL these days, it’s the brand value of yours. Let’s have a look at the aspects of a good website

When someone starts a new business or thinks about personal branding, he/she needs a website for the establish their digital  presence. Meaning, they need to build a website or a portfolio space on the Internet.Thus, the first thing they do is to search the Internet for the Best website developers or best web development companies across the city or country. What they find in the results is good to get started, a company promising a website in $50 or ₹3999.

The worst part is the fact that a layperson isn’t aware about the demerits of such websites and such developers. Resulting in them becoming a victim because investment is the only major factor considered while starting something new.

1. It should be Visually authentic:


When you are presenting your organisation or yourself online, your website should look good just as  you do while meeting new clients.

2. Nice User Experience.


The website is catering humans, and it should be human friendly. The data should be organized and placed properly so that users don’t need to apply efforts to understand and find data from your website. If it is easier to understand for a user, then there’s a good possibility that your message is delivered properly to your audience. It may help you in converting a visitor into a potential client.

3. It should be fast.

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We  live in a world with  mobile device hosting 8 GigaBytes of RAM, just for the sake of speed. And People don’t like slow websites. It only takes 5 seconds for the user to decide whether the website is usable or not.

4. It should be Search Engine friendly.


The goal of your website is not just to be an address that’s printed on your business cards or banners, it should be accessible to anyone and everyone. Also,it is not about the status quo. It should project your brand values to your potential customers. Let’s say your company develops a website and when the users search for the best web development company in delhi, your brand should rank on the first page of Google search results.

5. The website should be Scalable.


When you start an online business, you are not aware of the upcoming obstacles and you are not prepared for that. But your website should be. It should be scalable and its structure should not be limited for the current requirements.

Here’s an example

Nancy plans to launch an E-Commerce store, thus, she hired someone who promised her to make a good website for ₹10,000. It was a very happy moment for her that she’s getting her own store in a comparitively less cost. As soon she started to attract visitors, it started to slow down and when users asked for online payment there were no options to include them. Resulting in her to loose business because she invested in an inexpensive resource.

6. It should be secure.


Security is an important aspect for technology driven organisations. Your website should be secure so that you don’t face any down time due to security issues and your website doesn’t get hacked.

7. It should be mobile friendly.


The world is going mobile, your website should match the requirements for the same. 70% of the your traffic comes from mobile users. Let’s take care of them.

A bad website results in bad business.

  1. Your website should clearly project your vision and idea within a few seconds:

    If not, the user will move on and find another web-page that looks better.

  2. increases marketing investment:

    Digital Marketing is the best method for business promotion, but it won’t help if your website is not up to mark. Eventually you will lose the money that you spent to market your brand.

  3. You will start losing faith in online marketing if your first experience is not good:

    The general perception is that if you have spent the money for a task and you don’t get the desired results, you will never invest in that process again and start searching for the alternatives. But, the truth is there is no alternative to technology.

The sole purpose of writing this article is to make sure that you are aware of the factors to look for when choosing a Web Development Agency.

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