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How Big Basket Used Advertising to Build Digital Trust.

Written by Pratham Yogendra
Posted on - 5 min read

Big Basket, as a brand, is known for its methods to use traditional advertising to build a stable hold in the eCommerce sector.

And for a preface, In 1990, Bigbasket started off as the first eCommerce site in India.

Back then, it was recognized as the FarbMart-Trinethra chain of supermarkets with a chain of 200 supermarkets across south India.

This case study contains everything about BigBasket’s market experience, advertising strategy, and development process.

1. Why do you need to learn from BigBasket?

In the eCommerce sector, Big Basket entered the market in the year 2011. And after 9 years, in 2020, Big Basket seems to have captured the home/food retail market in a huge number.

2. How did Big Basket do it all?

BigBasket entered the market a few years after Flipkart and Amazon and provided an entirely different set of services too.

Means, that Flipkart and Amazon delivered products that weren’t of immediate use. And the consumer had to wait for a few days to receive their purchases.

But, with BigBasket, the consumers will want to purchase the products and receive them within the time span of a day or two.

And, BigBasket also had to build the trust factor among the market and its consumers.

To do so, BigBasket used traditional advertising methods such as TV advertisements, banners, and pamphlets.


The reason why they knew that it’d work is based on their previous market experience of 12 years.

Their practical experience-based research allowed them to understand the best way to build digital trust among customers.

Their 3 popular experience-based advertising campaigns include:

a.Shahrukh Khan’s advert campaign:

Big Basket partnered with Shahrukh Khan to host him as their brand ambassador.

In the Indian markets, celebrities hold a huge trust factor and Big Basket cleverly used it to market its brand and gain consumer trust.

This advert ran across Television and Digital Media platforms such as YouTube & Instagram.

Bigbasket shahrukh khan

b) Fresh Farms campaign:

BigBasket understood that to build their consumers’ trust, they’d have to be transparent and consumer-oriented.

Thus, in a step taken to connect better to the consumers, BigBasket introduced the Fresh-farms campaign wherein they’d connect the fresh farms across the country to the consumers.

BigBasket stressed a lot on their Farm Fresh to Fork taglines to attract an audience.

c) Other Consumer-oriented campaigns:

Big Basket knew that they’d have to talk to the consumers about building campaigns and provide an incentive other than having celebrities endorse their service.

And, in order to do so, Big Basket created campaigns such as Dear BigBasketer to provide discount coupons on essential and most purchased products on the print and electronic media.

BigBasket printed front-page advertisements for every festival in our country to provide discounts and coupons to the customers.

Their method of advertising involved the art of providing a pedestal to the consumer.

B.Freemium membership model:

BigBasket’s advertising was just a method to drive consumers to their website/application.

To build a better customer trust experience, BigBasket started the BB Star service which would allow the consumer to place orders on priority.

These orders would then be picked up by local delivery executives from the local stores or the warehouse and would be delivered to you within a minimum of 3-4 hours.

BigBasket introduced BBStar service to streamline the shopping experience at a service charge.

BigBasket introduced it at a time when a large chunk of consumers had already shifted to the digital ecosystem. Combining this with their advertising campaigns, it was easier for them to attract consumers and sustain themselves.

3. How to make a website like BigBasket?

BigBasket is a single vendor e-commerce platform that uses a blend of a CMS to manage the content and an automation system to streamline the process.

And to build one for yourself, you could either:

A.Build a standalone omnichannel digital space from scratch:

It is a rather efficient and custom-tailored method of building a digital space. But, the efficiency and the personalization come at an expense.

B.Integrating a CMS to simplify the process.

This method allows you to cater across omnichannel platforms in the digital space with the same amount of design customization. This method is preferred across the industry is that it already comes with the set of tools required to build an e-commerce site at a reasonable price.

And, the automation on top of it can be easily customized. Here’s what you need to do:

a.Domain and Hosting:

Domain and hosting are the digital equivalents to the address and the physical space of your store. GoDaddy and BigRock are two major players who could help you with purchasing the domain and hosting for the same by sitting at your house.


To save your time without compromising on quality, we’d recommend for you prefer powerful open source platforms like WordPress or WooCommerce to develop your website on top of it.

c.Preferred Payment Gateway:

To make sure that your customer can make payments in ways that are comfortable to them and to make sure that you get the payments cleared in time, we’d recommend for you prefer a payment gateway that is reliable and caters to all your requirements.

For instance, RazorPay, PAYTM for Business, and CCAvenue are the most trusted payment gateways used in the market due to their flexibility and ease of processing on both the customer and the brand fronts.

Payment Gateways

d.Multi-Platform developer:

For you to do it right, you need a developer who can build on top of WordPress or WooCommerce CMS and integrate your preferred payment gateway to make sure that your eCommerce website works across all the digital platforms without any issues.

For you to do it right, you need a web development company that can build on top of WordPress or WooCommerce CMS. And, it must integrate your preferred payment gateway to make sure that your eCommerce website works across all the digital platforms without any issues.

What will a web-development company exactly do?

Now, hosting and domain names are common talk in the eCommerce world.

But, the role of a web-development company has never been properly specified.

In the simplest of terms, a web-development company designs and builds your website. But, once you dig deeper, you’ll understand that a web-development does much more than that.

When we, as a web-development company, build websites, we do it in a manner where the website is uniquely attractive yet super-functional.

We don’t just build your website, we build your identity on the Internet.

And, since, thanks to working with our clients, we understand the customer experience. This allows us to build a comfortable website for consumers to use.

In addition, our experience allows us to understand the solutions to problems that exist with technology.

Oh yes, we are the avengers of the digital world!

e.Automation system:

You need an automation system that works across platforms to notify every person responsible in the process of purchase to delivery and post-delivery services about the product status.

How will NexGen help you in building an eCommerce store?

 Our passionate team of developers, UI/UX designers, and outreach developers will help you with everything right from the process of drafting a checklist to the deployment of the digital space.

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