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Digital Marketing – 6 Essential Trends for 2022!

Written by Ratul Pal
Posted on - 8 min read

What is Digital Marketing Trends?

Digital Marketing Trends Remember back in the day, when TVs and Radios were the only primary sources of interactive content?

Well, we sure do. And, back then, there would be certain smaller shows or as we like to call them, Digital Marketing trends played alongside your regular content.

Ok, just kidding. We know that you understand advertisements.

And, no! Our definition of digital marketing isn’t advertisements on TV or Radios.
Rather, we believe digital marketing is an interactive experience that talks about why people should buy your product.

Now, to make it simpler, digital marketing is about using all the available technologies to interact with the consumer better.

For instance, on a Radio, you’d hear about how using Vicco Vajradanti made your teeth stronger.

On the TV, you’d watch an advertisement that would show how using Vicco vajradanti made your teeth stronger and how it looked.

In short, you’d heard an experience on a Radio and the TV allowed you to imagine it better.

But, these are just the traditional digital marketing methods.

Ok, What is modern digital marketing?

In simple terms, Modern digital marketing trends is a step forward.

Well, we all do remember Neil Armstrong’s famous one small step quote. And, for the occasion, let’s just modify it.

Modern digital marketing trends is basically, “One small step for brands, one giant leap for communication and consumers!”

In the digital space , it isn’t just about the products. But, it is about an experience.

To be specific, it’s about how a customer feels about purchasing your product.Meaning, it’s about a customer experience.

Modern digital marketing trends allows you to build that customer experience.
It uses technologies to essentially create advertisements that understand the consumers’ needs.

It sparks an excitement amongst the consumers to interact with the advertisement.
Thus, even if the consumer doesn’t buy the product/service, they are damn well impressed by the brand to remember it.

What are the technologies behind a modern digital experience?

1.Affiliate Marketing:

Remember, back in college, how your friend would recommend a specific brand’s products?

And, when you purchase it through their reference, they’d gain a commission.

Well, this one’s a step forward too.

a.What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method where you can create a reference link for a specific product. And then, you’d go around sharing the link for the product.
You’d end up with a commission for anytime, anyone purchases the product with your referral link.

b.Why is it important?

Starting with a brand’s perspective, it makes marketing easier. Your consumers become your sales executives instead of you cold-calling or emailing your consumers about every product.

In the simplest of terms, your consumers indirectly attract new consumers. And, your consumers refer to your products. Thus, boosting sales and product value.

c.How does it work?

It works by allowing your consumers to create custom referral links for the products of their choice.
And, anytime, any new consumer purchases via the referral link, the referee gets a commission fee. This commission is generally on the scale of 1-10%.

d.Why is it widely used?

It is a widely adapted strategy as it incentives the customer’s referral.
Meaning, In a physical store, tracking referrals and thanking customers for the same is difficult. But, with technology in play, brands can directly incentivise the customers and provide better value.
Amazon’s associate program can be considered as the best example for the same.

2.Exit Intent:

Let’s talk about this with an interesting story: Late last week, I (the writer) entered a grocery store with no purchase purpose. But, to break a 500.

A few moments passed, I couldn’t just figure out what to buy. The goals were to break a 500 yet purchase something that’s useful.

Obviously, I decided to leave the store without any purchase. But, as I was about to leave, the manager asked if I would like to buy soda cans for a 20% discount.

And, I ended up purchasing 3 cans of Soda and 2 cookie boxes totaling a bill of 300.

a.What is Exit Intent?

Well, Exit Intent is the pop-up that is displayed on a site when the user is about to leave a website without interacting. It usually contains a discount coupon or a complimentary benefit for the consumer.

In the simple terms, It is a digital version of the store manager’s example.

b.Why is it important?

Quite often, a consumer might visit a website to purchase a product. But, if the website isn’t appealing to a consumer’s eye, they wouldn’t want to interact with it further.

Now, the visual appeal of a website and the perspectives are debatable. But, in most of the cases, the brands lose out on a consumer.

The idea around the concept is to emphasize on the internet version of “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”

The goal is to re-engage with potential consumers who might miss out on your quality product.

c.How does it work?

Here, the system tracks the cursor movement of the user on the website. It understands when the user doesn’t really interact with the website and moves the cursor towards the close button.

It, then, displays a pop-up or an overlay talking about the offers or complimentary benefits for the consumer.

3. Scratch Card:

Before we dive deep, we believe it is important to acknowledge Google Pay’s genius behind scratch cards.

The writer says: I vividly remember how I would transact a lot using Google Pay, in its initial days, to get scratch cards. It so happened once that I received a scratch card that deposited ₹365 in my account.

In 2020 though, I’ve been greeted with “better luck next time” for a gazillion times.

a. What is a Scratch Card?

A scratch card is a digital version of a coupon card. It often gives a coupon code or a complimentary return value (usually money) when scratched or swiped.

b. Why is it important?

From a consumer’s perspective, isn’t it quite exciting to receive gifts for a purchase?

c. How does it work?

The users get a digital Marketing Trends scratch card for every purchase made or every transaction made using the app/website.
This scratch card either provides a discount coupon or a cashback to the account.

4. Social Media Campaigns:

How many times has it ever happened that you started to follow a brand because of an amazing Instagram handle?

Or, how many times did you follow a brand on Twitter because of their woke tweets?

And, again a tribute to Amul for acing social media campaigns even with traditional media forms such as newspapers.

a.What are social media campaigns?

Social Media campaigns are the new normal of communication for brands. It allows them to reach millions.

Social Media campaigns are a series of marketing content (visual + vocal) published on a schedule. These marketing content pieces are generally designed to give what the customer or the potential customer wants.

b.Why Digital Marketing Trends is important?

It is important for brands as it easily builds a reputation without costing them a fortune. Moreover, it gives the consumers an easy way to directly communicate with the brand.

For instance, if your new air conditioner is malfunctioning right out of the box, you can connect to the brand directly on their social handles.

Meaning, you no longer need to call showrooms, middlemen and anyone. You can directly communicate with the brand at any time.

c. How does it work?

It starts with brands understanding why pushing content will help build better sales. Moving on, brands create a set of relatable content and review it on a rapid scale.

Further, the brands would create a time scale or schedule of how to push the content. Finally, Brands push the content and seize the moment to push in trending content to relate better.


Back in the days, when you’d visit a local fair or an exhibition, you’d play a dart game. And, you’d win prizes based on where your dart lands.

Moments worth cherishing! Ain’t they?

Well, spinners on eCommerce work just as similar to it.

a.What are Spinners?

Spinners allow your consumers to try their luck. They are an interactive experience for the consumers to connect with the brand better.
Based on probability, the spinners would spin and at the end, provide the consumer with a discount coupon or a redeemable choice of prizes.

b.Why are they important?

Now, the spinners are important because they act as an email collection tool.

Remember, how you were on an eCommerce site, trying out a spinner?

Well, at the end, were you greeted with a pop-up that said:
“Enter your email and redeem 3 more chances at the spinner!”
And, out of excitement, you ended up entering your email.

It subconsciously taps into our want to win and makes us enter our email.

Thus, allowing the brand to use the email address to send newsletters.

c. How does it work?

The brands build a spinner and introduce it to the customer in the sale season.

The consumers interact with the spinner. And, with a hope to get a few more chances, they end up entering their email address.

The brands could then use the list of email addresses to push newsletters and other promotional content.

6.Whatsapp eCommerce:

The writer says: Late last week, I was at a fashion store. And, instead of giving me a paper bill, they’d whatsapped me the bill.

All they asked me for was my mobile number. And, poof! Next thing I know, there is a bill of what I purchased on my whatsapp.

On my way home, I couldn’t remember if I purchased a pair of gloves. And, I checked the bill on whatsapp to verify.

Now, another option that I noticed was to check the inventory. The curious me texted the option.

And, now, I could check the entire store’s inventory and even add the product of my choice to cart.

All I had to do was go to the store and they had the product ready for pickup. This was just possible with a Whatsapp chatbot, I didn’t even need to install any other app.

a. What is WhatsApp eCommerce?

WhatsApp eCommerce or WhatsApp for Business is about integrating eCommerce right into whatsapp. It allows the consumers to connect better to brands by being able to shop from whatsapp itself.

To understand Whatsapp for eCommerce better, you could check out our article/podcast on the same by clicking here.