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How to Drive Traffic and Increase Online Sales?

Written by Pratham Yogendra
Posted on - 5 min read

Let’s Talk about how to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales For anyone and everyone building an eCommerce business, these questions are something that you might’ve thought of, before starting your brand.

The answer to this is quite simple yet complex. To explain it in simple words, we’d suggest for you talk about your brand and its experience all over the Internet.

What does it mean?

It definitely does not mean for you to spam your relatives over WhatsApp about it. But, the idea is to build communities around your brand over different social media platforms.

These communities must talk about the experience that your service provides them. The communities must represent the vision of your brand, the usability of your products, and the comfortability of your service.

The goal is to market your eCommerce store and increase sales.

How to drive traffic?

First off, create a marketing plan with pointers that talk about:
a.The target audience
b.The campaign calendar
c. The social media platforms involved.
d. Budget

Now, you’ll need to understand that there are two main ways wherein you could market your brand:

1. Organic Content Marketing:

Remember, how we were talking about creating a community around the usability of your products?

Well, in simple terms, organic content Drive Traffic, and Increase Sales methods are based on talking about the usability of your products and the reliability of your services to your consumers on different social media platforms.

Note that the content differs from platform to platform and the factors depend upon the users of the platform.

In the case of potential consumers:

To connect to potential consumers, we’d recommend you target content based on age and select a platform based on the age factor.

For instance, if your eCommerce brand sells groceries and food essentials. On Instagram, you’d prefer to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales of a recipe on how to make pancakes. And, to top it up, you’d end the post by talking about how your website has a pre-built cart link for its customers.

The pre-built cart link, when clicked, will allow the customers to buy the necessary ingredients from your eCommerce store.

And, speaking of platforms such as Facebook, you’d want to talk about healthy food recipes. And, provide a link to the necessary ingredients.

Meaning, here, Instagram is meant to attract an audience of 18-30 and Facebook is meant to attract an audience of age 30-100.

This form of marketing will not cost you any advert investment and will build an organic community around your brand in the long term.

In the case of existing consumers:

When we speak of existing consumers, we’d need a different platform to target them. Here’s where you’ll need to focus on the users’ habits and comfort with products.

Instead of focusing on factors like age, geolocation, gender, and platform reach, we’d suggest you focus on providing a better value.
For instance, if a consumer purchases his monthly groceries from your platform, we’d recommend you to send him an email with a discount coupon on the most frequently purchased products.

And, speaking of frequency, you could understand the usage of the consumer based on the frequency of orders and send a Whatsapp reminder to the consumer alongside a coupon code to remind him to purchase the groceries.

2. Paid advert Marketing:

Remember how we spoke about budgeting matters in marketing on a digital platform. Well, here’s why it matters the most.

Note that before you choose to focus on paid advertisements for your brand. You’ll need to make sure that you understand the current digital market.

Meaning, if you focus on paid adverts, we’d want your money to be spent properly, and to do that, you’ll need to be aware of all the options available.

You could create paid adverts by collaborating with :

a.Advert Platforms:
Based on your target audience, you can focus to advertise on different ad platforms.

For instance, consider your grocery brand. Your target audience would be blogs and places frequented by everyone who cooks. You could filter the adverts by working with ad platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to target ads on different recipe websites, food blogs and Facebook/Instagram pages of the same genre.

Creators have become a new marketing campaign source where you could collaborate with content creators who use the products that you are selling.

For instance, since you are a grocery delivery brand, you could collaborate with food channels on YouTube by sponsoring a segment and providing a coupon code to the channel’s viewers to funnel views and potential sales.

c.Manufacturing brands:
You could also collaborate with brands whose products your eCommerce store sells.

In this case, you could collaborate with a rice-flour brand or a butter brand to create campaigns that provide a discount coupon on the specific products purchased from your store.

Note that, the above methods are paid, and to ensure that you don’t waste money, plan out a budget for each advert platform. We’d recommend for you to read our article that talks about the advert platforms to understand better.

How to do increase sales?

Now that, you’ve attracted potential customers to your website and converted them into customers. Let us talk about how you can provide them with better value.

You’ll need to provide a value add to the consumer wherein he/she’ll only have to pay for the product and not worry about paying a hefty delivery fee or waiting for days to obtain delivery of a product. Or, to worry about uncomfortable payment methods.

For this, let’s take an example of a reputed brand, BigBasket. They could attract a lot of consumers but, to increase sales, they knew they’d have to serve better. And to do it, BigBasket announced their BBStar program.

This program would allow you to customize not just the delivery time of your products but, also provides a priority on delivery slots for just 300/- a year.

But, why does the program really matter?

Well, any average consumer who frequents shopping online, at some point, would expect better service from the brands for shopping with them.

And, BBStar really focuses on that in all aspects. With an included loyalty program, it also provides the consumers with the flexibility to shop on other platforms as well by providing discount coupons and services for the other platforms.

It provides a pedestal to the customer where he/she can avail offers from everywhere by just being a loyal BigBasket consumer.

To sum it up, we’d recommend for you create a package that’s worth the consumer’s time and gives a pedestal to the consumer by providing a value other than a discount.