Disable Git in PhpStorm – Ultimate solution of system crash – Fixed

Written by Anup Kumar
Posted on - 7 min read

disable git in phpstorm Git is the ultimate reason for a system crash regarding IDE like Visual Studio Code (VSC) or PhpStorm.

It’s an incredible feature but only for small projects or if you have lots of memory & CPU, which is not the ideal case for developers. But when your project is large and has 1000+ files, it starts consuming lots of CPU & memory to map the git changes with its colorful representations.

I have worked with Netbeans, VSC, and PhpStorm and found three making the same system hang or crash problem till I disable the git sync feature from IDE like these.

How can you check whether git is enabled in PhpStorm or not?

  1. Using UI, you can identify whether git is enabled or not below:

Git activated signs in phpStorm IDE screen

There are the following basic steps:

  1. Go to phpStorm -> Preference (settings for Windows users)
  2. Find version control
  3. Click on git and select none and click okay. Alternatively, you can remove it by simply clicking on the last minus (-) sign below. Removing from minus (-) will not remove the .git directory. Just remove the link from phpStorm.

How to cross verify git has been removed or not?

The simplest way is all UI things will be removed which I have mentioned above. like given below:

most important monitor your memory and CPU graph after disabling it. you will get huge change into that.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the coding without legging or system crash.

Happy coding!