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10 Best Online Marketing Tools to use in 2022.

Written by Rewati Kaur
Posted on - 5 min read

Nowadays digital marketing trends signify constantly evolving. Different marketing channels emerge every day, making marketers analyze which one to practice also which not to. Several online marketing tools are used to make it tricky to know which one is appropriate for your business requirements. The correct choice can benefit you to improve your business, and the wrong choice can be an obstacle. Researching as well as testing with several tools can denote a lengthy as well as time-consuming method. That is the reason Nexgen Innovators has placed collectively some best online marketing tools to make your business’s online presence more permissive. Here we have provided a listing of the 10 best online marketing tools in 2022 that you need to consider for your business.


Best-SEO-Tool-For-Digital-MarketingAhrefs is a complete SEO tool to assist you to hit up the traffic of your website. It has data of almost 150+ million keywords within the U.S., including even more extra for 150 additional countries.

The Ahrefs tool is excellent for competitive analysis, it allows you to check which sites are connecting to your competitors, also what are their top pages, and many more. With this tool, you can easily see where your competitor’s content ranks furthermore, utilizing a particular Content Gap tool, know key inclinations toward your content sections.

Top Pages tool allows you to view which pages acquire the maximum traffic, furthermore, you can view the quantity of traffic proceeding to your competitors’ websites.

Ahrefs tool remains one of my favorite online marketing tools. It continually impresses me with its amazing features, moreover, you can learn of new features of this tool all the time. 

Google Analytics


The Google Analytics tool has grown into a must-have online marketing tool for digital marketers working in recent times. This tool is the most widespread tool that every digital marketer is aware of. And at the first glimpse, google analytics may look like a petty complex, however, after learning its full inclinations, it can assist you to receive a lot of plans regarding your website. Online programs present several reports including information about the visitors to your website and where they appear from as well as how they communicate with your website. In extension, it assists you to discover which online marketing technique for your website is further effective in phrases of conversions, potential customers, downloads, as well as sales, with additional things. 



SEMRush is one of the best one-stop digital marketing tools that allow a comprehensive SEO workflow. Also, it presents a comprehensive list of the keywords and also presents information concerning the search volume, level of competition, trends, and many more. SEMRush creates a list of the keywords concerning the predefined phase that you need to consider while optimizing the content for articles, websites, and on social networking sites, also for pay-per-click advertising. Besides forming keywords, this tool is also very useful if you desire to reveal distinct competitors. Also, you can analyze the competitor’s keywords, backlinks as well as ads.


Over the past few years, attractive visual marketing has grown as a pretty powerful online marketing strategy to bring visitors to your website. As per the various statistics, customers preserve 80% of something they view and 20% of what they read on the website. Consequently, for an online marketing strategy to remain efficient, it is essential to combine visual marketing. And this is where the Canva tool comes out extremely helpful. Canva is a comprehensive tool for designing professional-looking images. Also, it assists you to quickly creating top-quality images utilizing stock photos, manipulating text, and customizable photo filters, concerning your website, and your social networking sites. Canva is a perfect online marketing tool for those who do not desire to use advanced design software such as Coreldraw or Photoshop.


Facebook presents an essential role in assisting small, as well as medium-sized businesses, to take the message over to the target audience. And not just this but also this tool enables organizations to ease their customers to contact them as well as give feedback on numerous products & services. The MobileMonkey tool is excellent for strengthening the whole method. MobileMonkey is an instinctive Messenger Chabot tool for Facebook that allows customers to immediately get answers to their general queries. This online marketing tool is beneficial for marketing as well as customer service because it assists companies to discover new customers, expanding sales, as well as promoting their content. And the most beneficial thing regarding this Chatbot tool implies that you don’t require any kind of programming experience to establish it. Furthermore, if you have any kind of problem, then its free webinars will benefit you.


The best sales & service tool that can support your expanding business in a few minutes. It has an exceptional marketing platform that gives many advantages to beginner marketers. And as a digital marketer, you can utilize blogging, social networks, and email marketing as well as create landing pages. Besides CRM, you will easily track, organize as well as build more trustworthy customer relationships. Also, you can view powerful KPIs. The marketing hub, social hub, as well as service hub are the best programs that will benefit you to improve your traffic, and extremely know possibilities, furthermore, contact customers all of these features of this digital marketing tool benefit you to expand your business.


Buffer is one of the best online marketing tools for digital marketers for many years because buffer is one of the most reliable social media management tools for marketing. It is an exclusion when it proceeds to the initial planning of advertisements, analysis of business results, as well as management of different social networking channels accounts from one spot. Now more than 80,000 organizations utilize Buffer to efficiently manage their social networks. Additionally, you can combine various team members so that you can buffer your account by providing them with suitable access levels. Furthermore now including the update, you can easily schedule your social posts directly on Instagram.


If you need to discover the performance of your marketing on just one platform, then the Databox tool is exactly what you necessitate. Databox tool is a unique online marketing tool that assembles all the data of your website in one spot, executing it simply to trace the performance of any website from one authorization in real-time. The Databox is a pretty convenient tool when it proceeds to understand how your website accomplishes without possessing to proceed into different tools. This indicates that you can consume less time for monitoring data, creating reports, and more extra time perception. You don’t necessarily have coding skills for creating the customized Databox toolbar for preparing all the necessary KPIs and additional metrics in a diversity of ideas. Also, this tool will assist you to review helpful metrics such as visits to the website.

Social Bee

Social Bee is one of the amazing online marketing tools for your business. This tool benefits your business to get more consumers including less stress. It presents several tools including services to publish content, improve subscribers, and participation, and many more. With this digital marketing tool, you can also automate social media postings for focusing on the things that take long-drawn. The Social Bee tool offers you the most reliable services that are used to make your online presence more spontaneous when you are working to execute an efficient strategy on your social networks. This tool gives comprehensive services like social media specialist, Instagram growth, Twitter growth, content curation, LinkedIn growth, and many more.


Buzzsumo is a tool that helps digital marketers analyze and research popular content and develop effective content strategies for social media and SEO campaigns.