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We have world class certified wordPress developers in India and we are delivering quality with pixel perfect, speed optimised, SEO friendly, scalable and tested with 30+ quality checks. We guarantee you that hiring a wordPress expert developers wouldn't be a regretful choice for your business.

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Scalable & Speed Optimised Development

Every business scales & speed is essential to beat the competition and our wordPress experts developers knows it very well.
100 percent Digitally Sanitised and secure wordPress development company

Hyper Personalised & Automation

We save your time through automation and hyper personalise your customer experience (CX) with one to one personalisation.
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Beyond Themes & Plugins support

No matter what plugin or theme support you required, We cover all. And we guarantee 100% refund in case we fail.
wordPress personalisation and automation in wordPress websites developers in India

Versatile for Your Needs

We are just not limited to easy things like theme development or plugin development. We have expertise to solve your complex problems with our experts minds.

"Hire a wordPress expert developer was never easy process from overseas specially. I found Anup & his team the perfect match for outsourcing my work from upwork."

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Why NexGen to Hire a WordPress
Experts Developers

We know WordPress, from its core. All you need to do is share your requirements and we’ll get it done. From designing a custom theme to developing a plugin, we do it all. Hire a WordPress Experts Developers wouldn’t be regretful choices for you ever.

seo or google optimised wordPress website development

Pixel Perfection Delivery

No matter what device or browser, your website should tell your brand story seamlessly.
seo or google optimised wordPress website development

100% Digitally Sanitized

We got your back. With our clean code structure adnd advance security audits, we keep your website safe.
seo or google optimised wordPress website development

Google Optimised

Google is the middle person for your website traffic. We know how to convince Google with our SEO friendly code structure.
seo or google optimised wordPress website development

Mobile First Approach

We design mobile friendly website and it is the primary concern while designing a wordPress website.
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Tested Delivery

We have in-house team of testers and every delivery have 30+ quality checks before going in production.
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1500+ projects delivered

It's not crazy but enough as per we have started from 2014 jounery. Delivering quality helped us for repetitive customers.
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70% Recurring Customers

The best appreciation for a service providers like us is to get recurring business. Once any customer join us we never let him go with our quality service.
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We believe in Automation

Save time, efforts and money by implementing automation to your online business and get better return of investment.

The Cherry on the top 😉

Our Support isn't just limited to development. We handhold our clients and train them give them 3 months post deployment support so they run their business seamlessly.

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Seamless onboarding & training

We provide dedicated quality training through our live sessions & pre-recorded videos. It helps to create a unique seamless CX in on-boarding process than others.
pixel perfection website - wordPress development company

Free Post Deployment AMC (3 months)

We give 3 month free post deployment support. It includes on-demands support, Which helps client to learn the platform without any hesitation to breaking the website.
pixel perfection website - wordPress development company

Free Migration to live server & Essential Security Checks

We don't charge extra amount to deploy it from testing server to live server and migrate safely without compromising the security.
pixel perfection website - wordPress development company

Essential On-page SEO training

Making a great website isn't enough - it should be SEO friendly. In our essential client on-boarding series we cover this point briefly and train them with essentials points.

Hire WordPress Experts
Developer for Following

We provide a one-stop solution, so you don’t need to go somewhere. From Development, Support & Maintenance to Digital Marketing & Demand Generation so if your planning to hire WordPress expert developer that its the right choice.

Designing & Development

Wordpress experts developers in india

Customer Centric Design (UI & UX)

Connecting your brand to your desired target audience is what we do. Our customer-centric persona-based design allows you to connect to the perfect audience.

Pixel Perfect Wireframe to WordPress Theme

Hiring a WP developer from us will help you to place your brand at the forefront of the digital space with a pixel-perfect website.

Industry Specific Design

Every industry is different from others, so is the customer experience. We design a digital space experience oriented towards your specific Industry and Consumers. so if you are planning to hire a WordPress expert from India then you are at the right place.

Matches Industry standards

Our solutions are designed and developed to make sure that your brand is placed at the forefront of the digital space of your industry.

QA checks before delivery

Our 30+ quality assurance check system ensures to make sure that your project is developed in the best possible way and stays up to mark.

Security & Maintenance

AMC for Everyone

We as wordPress experts just build your digital space, we maintain it to make sure that your digital space is speed optimised and secure.

On demand maintenance

If you are want to pay regularly or thing it’s worthless, then our wordPress experts are also available on demand support with our flexible billing options.

Spam & Malware Removal

Apart from just wordPress expertise in design & development, we do sanitise your digital space to protect your codes from spams and malware.

Upgrades and Migration

You don’t need to worry about scaling your digital business on WordPress. You make the plan, our WP experts developers will execute it. Be it adding new functionality/plugins to your existing codes or upgrading/downgrading the server.

Plugins Compatibility Support

A broken WP plugin can mess with your WP website. Our  WP experts developers with depth knowledge of plugin can fix broken plugins within few hours.

Wordpress Website Experts developers in india

Digital Marketing & Automation

Wordpress Website Designing & Development services in india

Omni-Channel Client Interaction

We enable seamless consumer experience by connecting them via channels. Which results in the better brand presence and increase sales.

Digital Recognition & Authenticity

Online Reputation is what consumers look before investing their money or before any purchase. We make sure that your brand looks digitally authentic and presentable for better conversion.

Demand Generation

Our strategists make sure that you connect with the right customer so that you can get the most out of your business.

E-mail Automation

Wish your customers on their birthday or educate them about your newly launched products. We reduce your time and efforts by automating your mail sequences.


Every business needs insights to make better decisions, whether it’s about scaling the business or taking a step back. We provide analytics to make sure that you do the right thing. so hiring a WordPress expert from India is the best choice.

Hire Our WordPress Experts developer on Flexible Terms

We offer four major billing options that you can opt to hire one or more wordPress expert developers. The best way we recommend to you is hire on project basis.

Part Time

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Full Time (40 h/w)

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Hourly Basis

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Project Basis

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Got burning questions? We’ve answered pretty much of them. Feel free to tap on the chat icon if your question is not covered. We’ll assign a real human for you.

When we talk about a country that is best known for its manufacturing, why not talk about a country that is best known for its developers and its quality product development techniques.  The target audience for Indian Developers is spread worldwide. NexGen WordPress Development company In India provides the best quality work and services at a  reasonable price. So that’s why you should hire a WordPress Developer from India.

Here are the benefits of hiring WordPress experts In India.

  • High-quality services:– Highly skilled and experienced WordPress developers ensure that they provide the best WordPress services matching your requirements. So you should hire the best WordPress expert from India.
  • Trustworthy and reliable:- It’s not just about the quality, with great quality development comes great responsibility and we’d love for 
  • Affordable price:-  WordPress Experts offer Best WordPress Development Services at a reasonable price. Hiring a WordPress developer in India is an affordable choice for anyone. 
  • Easy to communicate:-  Our WordPress Experts are available 24*7 through video-conferencing platforms like Skype, Hangouts & HouseParty to ease the communication gap.

Your website is one of the most valuable assets for a company so maintaining it is not an easy task for that you should hire a WordPress expert in India because it will be affordable for you. Around two-thirds of the Small and medium scale businesses depend on their websites to connect with consumers. Your website represents the first impression of your brand to your potential customers. NexGen WordPress  Development Company In India chooses WordPress Expert to professionally handle customer websites. There are various reasons to hire a WordPress Expert or Developer from India.

  • A creative and unique website:- A WordPress expert would be able to work beyond the pre-made themes and plugins found online. You can work with your expert WordPress developer and create an elegant and unique site that incorporates the brand identity of your company.
  • Easy to customize;-WordPress is a very popular website platform with thousands of plugins available to choose from. If you hire a best WordPress Expert from India, he can help you to choose the right plugin to customize your website, making sure you can sort through them to find the perfect fit for your website.
  • Better search engine optimization:- WordPress experts are equipped with the tools and know-how to improve search rankings for your site. We apply optimization techniques on-page and off-page for better search engine rankings. The best WordPress Experts know the current digital business trends used to obtain results. A Good WordPress Expert Knows how to write clean and efficient code. Thus, helping you to improve your site’s SEO. so hiring a top WordPress developer in India from India will be a good choice and boost your work process. 

Your website is an important business asset that requires expert attention. When you’re working with a WordPress professional, it’s easy to know that your website is clean, stable, up-to-date, optimized, and humorous. So that NexGen WordPress Development Company In India has the world’s best WordPress Expert developer in India.

We, at NexGen as a WordPress Development Company in India, understand the demand and the customer’s need to be at the forefront of digital space. We have the best WordPress developers in India. We have delivered more than 1500 projects to our clients. This could only happen because of our Experienced WordPress Expert in India. You may opt for WordPress developers for the development of WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Woocommerce production. or ongoing WordPress website management/maintenance. The benefits of Hiring WordPress Experts in India at NexGen start around the fact that we host an experienced WordPress Expert. Using our rigorous hiring process we select the best Indian WordPress developers. Our WordPress experts research and understand any new technology carefully before implementing it into practice. so hiring the best WordPress expert from India is the best choice.

Website development is one of the attractive fields for the Industry Sector. It is all about building and deploying websites on the internet. It relates directly to the work taking place to create a functional website that performs a set of specific, defined functions so hiring a WordPress developer form India who will handle your website is a good choice.

 The Role of website Developer – Web developers are programmers with expertise in developing worldwide web applications or distributed network applications. Website developers use programming tools and write codes to command a website on what to do or how to function. They are the directors and scriptwriters behind each film.

Nexgen WordPress Development company  In India Hire skilled Website Developer to get maximum benefits so if you are planning to hire a WordPress developer to form India then it is a good choice.

NexGen is a WordPress Development Company In India with highly qualified WordPress developers in India, not only because we know the platform but also because we know how to do it the best.  The development of WordPress websites is not just limited to the themes, templates, or plugins, it’s a complex process.

NexGen ensures you the quality of Best WordPress Expert In India. Here are the successful WordPress developers that we have provided. Our WordPress developers are agile and implement the following development ideologies

  1.  Public Review based development:- Our WordPress experts design, build, and release themes intended to be used by the public. The public opinion is valuable as they provide us with great feedback and comments.
  2.  Agile Learning:- A WordPress Expert should join various online WordPress sites where people share their knowledge and insight and tips.
  3. Understanding of ranking and revenue – Our WordPress Expert has knowledge about the requirements for ranking a website in the top search Engine Result Page (SERP )rankings. So an experienced WordPress developer conducts on-page optimization that will result in improved revenue generation for the client, that’s your should hire WordPress experts from India.
  4. Understanding competition– Our WordPress Experts defragment and analyze the websites on the internet, allowing them to learn and understand how best they can build their websites so you should hire the best WordPress developer in India which will be provided by the NexGen.

WordPress is an open-source website technology. It is written in Mysql and PHP language. 

To learn and develop your WordPress skills is the key to success as a developer of WordPress. To become best with understanding WordPress and working as a WordPress developer, our developers are equipped with a good command over HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP.

Our WordPress Developers in India, don’t just include technical skills but, also are equipped with

Planning skills:- Planning is the first step to developing any project.  Our developers chalk out a perfectly laid plan towards the development process before starting it.

Basic Marketing skills: Our developers don’t just develop websites but also develop a brand design language that indirectly markets to increase brand recall value as we are the best WordPress experts in India.

Collaborative skills:-Instead of working as a standalone developer and building a good product, our developers work together to build a better product.

The target audience for developers in India is spread all over the world. We work at a comparatively reasonable cost of investment to provide the best quality products and support. Nexgen WordPress Website Developers in India treats our customers as a family in India. So we don’t end our post-development customer relations and continue to focus on scaling and improving our customer product over time. We at NexGen, as the Best WordPress Experts in India, take care of each and every aspect of our clients. The best part is that we are cost-effective and offer you an invoice that contains the adequate amount we deserve that why you should hire WordPress expert from India.

WordPress Theme Customization is about designing and restructuring the website layout. Themes provide you with a flexible structure for customizing your website to suit your needs. By embedding HTML / CSS code into WordPress you can modify existing themes or build your own.

NexGen is the best WordPress  Developer in India not only because we know the platform and its development, but also because we understand how to do it the best. Our product/service creation is completely client-based and customer-centric. We recognize the core and projected consumer market demands of our customers.

NexGen WordPress Development Company In India Provides better products and services to their clients so hiring an advanced best WordPress expert in India is a good choice for your business.

Scope of work:- we make sure to develop documentation according to the client’s requirement. And, we actively communicate with the customer to understand the complexity and the hidden meaning, the brand’s principles and the smallest of features they ‘d like to see and use the tips to ensure that we pay attention to the specifics that the customer wants.

Scalability:– Our end products are designed for customers based on a complex model of their choices. In other words, we use customer feedback constantly to improve the product that’s why we are considered as the best WordPress experts in India.

Best coding Standard:- NexGen WordPress Developers In India follows the best coding practices out there with our code being minimal yet powerful & fast yet powerful. 

Project Management software:-. It also allows us to calculate the cost consumed by each individual operation performed during the development process to ensure that your monetary investment is worth every minute our company invests in your project.

Systematic Phase Delivery:- In our every project, we believe in a systematic organized approach. We not only involve the client in the development process but also create a graph-based delivery system where everything is listed from day to day operations in the delivery schedule to the final delivery date and we never fail to meet the deadline that’s why hiring a best WordPress expert in India is important.

 NexGen  WordPress Development Company In India product/service creation is completely client-based and customer-centric. We recognize the core and projected consumer market demands of our customers and inculcate the following activities while developing.

Agile Point Development- We practice the need to include the customer from scratch in the development process and understand the customer’s need with the project to the highest level and make continuous adjustments with minimal time consumption on a quick scale. And, let’s not forget the need for customer feedback collected constantly to develop our products. Our client’s customers are our customers too and we constantly evaluate the customer feedback in order to improve the customer experience of the clients.so if you are planning to hire a WordPress developer from India then you are at the right place.

Target Point Design:-  Our customers and their clients have helped us to experience and understand the need to construct a target point design system that caters to the target audience according to the specific indicators.

Here are general target points that Include

  • Age 
  • Location
  • Platform
  • Literacy rate 
  • Digital Literacy

Quality Checkpoints:- As mentioned earlier, with the customer’s participation in the production process, we look to the scope of the work given to us by the client, and concentrate on ensuring that the end product seamlessly matches the scope of work. As the best WordPress developer in India, we focus on Quality checkpoint which is really important to ensure the best quality of work.

 Some of our common checkpoints Include:-

  Design:– NexGen WordPress Development company In India guarantees that website design is in line with customer expectations and based on design principles, we focus on ensuring that the image quality and ratios are optimized to look good on any device/platform as required with the compression being optimized.

 Functionality:- We ensure that every documented content and logical functionality requested by the customer is included in order to give the consumer a better user experience. As a WordPress Expert in India, we have a great functionality of work.

Well, everything is about the transparent approach. Customer experience helps us better understand the product. It helps us to avoid mistakes that affect the experience of end customers.so that’s why NexGen is the Best WordPress Development  Company In India as we have highly talented and experienced WordPress experts in India.

Yes.  NexGen WordPress Development company  In India works according to the client time zone. Our target audience is spread across the world, we treat our clients like family. Thus, we work according to our client’s time zone. As a WordPress Expert, it’s our responsibility to provide the best WordPress Services to our clients & that’s why they should hire a WordPress expert in India from NexGen.

We ensure the Quality of work to our clients as we help them to build their WordPress website according to their requirements and needs. so hiring a WordPress expert in India is the best choice for your business growth.

NexGen WordPress development company In India works with the world’s best WordPress Expert and we have our project management system where you can monitor the progress on a daily scale.  Our WordPress Experts in India are available on  Skype, Hangouts, Houseparty & any platform of your choice. Apart from that, you can also communicate through voice and EMail. 

We follow proper communication mediums like Zoom meetings, skype calls, hangouts, etc. to get in touch with our clients so that we can understand their requirements, design layouts and provide them with a complete solution to their problems. We have the best WordPress experts in India to handle each and every process of WordPress website development.

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