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We are well known for developing best WordPress themes which are pixel perfect, speed optimized, SEO friendly, scalable and tested and 60+ quality checks.

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Pixel Perfect Delivery

No matter what device or browser, your website should tell your brand story seamlessly.
100 percent Digitally Sanitized and secure wordPress development company

100% Digitally Sanitized

We got your back. With our clean code structure and advance security audits, we keep your website safe.
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Google Optimised

Google is the middle person for your website traffic. We know how to convince Google with our SEO friendly code structure.
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Personalisation & Automation

Save time, efforts and money by implementing automation to your online business and get better return of investment.

"When you love to wordPress but speed, security stops you, I must recommend NexGen is the one of best best wordPress development companies in India. I seriously loved the way they transformed us."

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Our Expertise as WordPress
Development Company

We know as a Best WordPress Development Company, from its core. All you need to do is share your requirements and we’ll get it done. From designing a custom theme to developing a plugin, we do it all.

In 4 steps we turn your idea into reality. Bring in your ideas, we select the best platform for your requirements, execute your ideas into code and your users get the best experience which made us the best WordPress development company in India.

Designing & Development

best Wordpress Website Designing & Development services in india

Customer-Centric Design (UI & UX)

Connecting your brand to your desired target audience is what we do. Our target point design allows you to connect to the perfect audience.

Pixel Perfect Wireframe to WordPress Theme

We place your brand at the forefront of the digital space by converting every pixel of your design into a perfect website.

Industry Specific Design

Every industry is different from others, so is the customer experience. We design a digital space experience oriented towards your specific Industry and Consumers that’s why we are one of the top WordPress development companies in India.

Matches Industry standards

As a Top WordPress Development company in India, Our solutions are designed and developed to make sure that your brand is placed at the forefront of the digital space of your industry.

QA checks before delivery

Our 30+ quality assurance check system ensures to make sure that your project is developed in the best possible way and stays up to mark which made us the best leading WordPress development company in India.

Security & Maintenance

AMC for Everyone

We don’t just build your digital space, we maintain it to make sure that your digital space is optimized and secure. Our Highly qualified WordPress developers will make the best WordPress site.

On-demand maintenance

If you are not willing to make an annual maintenance contract, then we have on-demand support also. Pay as you go with our flexible billing plans.

Spam & Malware Removal

Apart from using Sanitizers on our hands, we do sanitize your digital space to protect your codes from spams and malwares.

Upgrades and Migration

You don’t need to worry about scaling your digital business. You make the plan, we execute it. Be it adding new modules to your existing codes or migrating to a faster server, we do it all. As a Best WordPress development company in India it’s our responsibility.

Plugins Compatibility Support

A faulty plugin can mess with your website, Our WordPress website developers will help out with the in-depth knowledge of plugins, our WordPress experts fix the broken plugins within a few hours.

best Wordpress Website development company in india

Digital Marketing & Automation

Wordpress Website development company in india

Omni-Channel Client Interaction

We as a Best advanced WordPress development company in India,  improve your consumer experience by connecting them via multiple platforms. Which results in better ROI and better customer experience.

Digital Recognition & Authenticity

An authentic online presence is what consumers look before investing their money.
We make sure that your brand looks digitally authentic and presentable for better conversion.

Demand Generation

Our strategists make sure that you connect with the right audience so that you can get the most out of your business. At NexGen as a WordPress Development company, we ensure that.

E-mail Automation

Wish your customers on their birthday or educate them about your newly launched products. We reduce your time and efforts by automating your mail sequences that are the best part of the best WordPress development company in India we take care of the emotions of your audience.


Every business needs insights to make better decisions, whether it’s about scaling the business or taking a step back. We provide analytics to make sure that you do the right thing as the best WordPress website development company in India.


Got burning questions? We’ve answered pretty much of them. Feel free to tap on the chat icon if your question is not covered. We’ll assign a real human for you.

Well, We, at NexGen, as a WordPress Development Company in India understand the market and the clients need to be at the forefront of the digital space. This understanding was only possible due to our work profile with over 1500 projects delivered to clients successfully which made us the top leading WordPress website development company in India.

And, the fact that 70% of our business is based on the clients’ referrals builds confidence among us that we are on the right path. 

We work to make sure that the client is at the forefront of the digital space. The sprints methodology based on agile development techniques helps us provide the best possible product to the client focusing on the current digital space trends. The method of simultaneously planning, building, testing & reviewing the product on a constant level allows us to improve the quality of the experience on a large scale.

Thus, minimizing the time-scale of the launch from 6-8 months to 3-4 weeks without any downgrade in the quality. And thanks to the customer experience development techniques, we as the best WordPress website development company in India, constantly improve the product to adapt to the needs of the digital space. We end-up not just molding the client according to the digital trends but, also hosting the client at the forefront of the digital space.

We, at NexGen as a WordPress development company in India, possess the power of Odin. Meaning, all you need to do is to tell us your requirements and we’ll make sure to deliver the project molded right to the very core of your needs.😁

We as the best WordPress website development company in India , have to give broader terms – industry-specific – 

The Odin’s staff isn’t the reason why Odin is a god, it’s his ability, wisdom, and understanding that makes him a god. Similarly, We are a WordPress Website Development Company in India not just because we know the platform and its development but, we also understand how to do it the best.

Our quality is not only ensured by what we do, but it is also governed by how we do it.

Our products/services development is completely client-based and consumer-oriented. We as the best WordPress Website Development Company in India understand our client’s requirement to the core and the projected consumer market’s demands and inculcate the following practices while development: 

1. Agile Development – We practice the need to involve the client in the development process from scratch and understand the client’s need with the project to the utmost level and make constant improvements on a rapid scale with minimal time consumption. 

And, let’s not forget the need to understand customer feedback. Our client’s customers are our customers and we constantly evaluate the customer feedback to improve the clients’ customer experience which made us the best WordPress Website Development Company in India.

2. Target point design – Our clients and their customers have helped us experience and understand the need to build a target point design system that caters according to the specific pointers to best reach the target audience.

The general target pointers include:



c.Platform/Device accessibility

d.Literacy rate

e.Digital literacy

These pointers allow us to build an interface that connects the customer to the client in the easiest manner.

3. 30+ Quality checkpoints :

As stated earlier, with the involvement of the client in the development process, we as a WordPress Website Development Company in India refer to the client’s scope of work provided to us by the client and focus to make sure that the end-product matches the requirement in terms of quality. 

Our common checkpoints include:

a.Design: We as a WordPress Website Development Company in India, make sure that the website design is as per the client’s requirement and based on the design principles, we focus on making sure to optimize the image, its quality and ratios are as required with the compression being optimized to look good on any device/platform.

b.Functionality: We make sure to include every documented content and logical functionalities requested by the client to provide a better user experience to the consumer that’s why we are one of the Best WordPress Website Development Company in India

c. Speed & Security: We make sure that the speed of the website is optimized to make sure that it’s easily accessible on every device with near to minimal internet speeds without any compromise in the quality and security. Meaning, the website’s security would be top-notch and would prevent attackers from controlling your brand’s content which made us the top leading advanced WordPress Website Development Company in India.

To understand better, please refer to our quality checkpoints: Website Quality Assurance

  1. Experienced Profile– Thanks to our diverse client portfolio and their requirements, we’ve built an experience profile that helps us understand the client’s idea better and innovate on top of it to provide an experience unmatched. 
  2. Transparent Approach – We’ve spoken a lot about how we involve the client in the development process but, ever wonder why?

Well, it’s all about the transparent approach. Involving the client helps us understand the product better. It helps us avoid mistakes that affect the end customer experience. It assures the clients that the development is taking place on the right path and the clients’ expectations and requirements are satisfied in a quality manner.

 And let’s not forget the part where we get to listen to a few amazing businesses- WordPress website development stories and journeys that our clients share they considered as the best leading WordPress Website Development Company in India.

Now, we, at NexGen as a WordPress Website Development Company in India, follow certain practices that help us become better with time and learn to provide better products and services to our clients.  

  • S.O.W (Scope of Work): We as a WordPress Website Development Company in India, make sure to develop a documentation of the requirements from the client. And, we connect with the client constantly to understand the depth and hidden meaning, values of the brand and the tiniest of features they’d want and use the pointers to make sure that we provide the attention to detail that the client is looking for.

It helps us to cross verify the end-product prior to delivery and to understand the commitment we provided and if we made sure to deliver it. As a WordPress development company in India, we provide the best services. 

  • SEO: Our team doesn’t just develop a product but, we make sure that the client’s product is visible for the world to witness. As we stated earlier, we are also about making sure that our client is at the forefront of the digital space.

  To make it happen, we as the best WordPress Website Development Company in India, use Search Engine Optimization techniques like:

  • On-page SEO points:

From the use of proper keywords adequately to following the base of the writing principles such as Using of Heading tags in proper consecutive order and use of a consistent font-family.

  • Speed optimization:

We minimize the site load times by not just optimizing images and compressing them but, we also improve the website’s speed by minimizing java scripts, CSS, and by using CRMs that externally connect and push content to the website. And, let’s not forget the server level response time optimizations and blocking of scripts that eat the render time that’s why we are the best leading WordPress Website Development Company in India.

  • Scalability: Our end-products for clients are developed based on the projection of them being dynamic. Meaning, to increase customer experience, we consistently use customer feedback to make the product better. 

And, we know the fact that our clients’ will scale their business in the future, and thus, with scaling business, they might need to scale the website. To make the process easier, we as a WordPress Development Company in India implement methods to the code where it is easy for the client to add/remove content according to the scalability of the website. Meaning, we leave room for improvement.

  • Best coding standards: We as WordPress Development Company in India follow the best coding practices out there with our code being minimal yet powerful & powerful yet fast. We make sure to provide bacteria-free code and constantly sanitize your webspace to avoid harmful attackers from obtaining control.
  • GitHub: To implement sprints methodology, we constantly improvise the product using client and consumer feedback. To make sure the access to the product stays uninterrupted during website development, we use the Git Repository to store the files and push the updates without causing a problem to exist users in real-time that’ the reason why we are on of the best WordPress Development Company in India.
  • Project Management Software: Our in-house project management software allows us to keep track of the progress and note a detailed description of the work done. It also allows us to calculate the cost consumed by each individual operation performed in the process of development to make sure that every minute invested by our company in your project is worth your monetary investment.
  • Systematic Phase Delivery: We as a WordPress Development Company in India, believe in a systematic planned approach in every project we do. We don’t just involve the client in the development process but, also, develop a chart based delivery system where everything from day to day operations in the time schedule of delivery to the final delivery date is mentioned and we never fail to exceed the deadline.
  • InHouse testing team: Despite being a deferred option by a majority of IT-Companies out there, we prefer to host an InHouse testing team that makes sure that the developed end-product is perfectly tailored according to the client’s needs. 

 We focus on:

  • Functional testing: We as WordPress Development Company in India, make sure all the logical-operations of the website are properly functional and the functional element is properly placed and is responsive.
  •  Responsive testing:  We make sure that the website is responsive and adapts to every device/platform out there without a compromise in the functionality and responds just as smoothly as it should on every device/platform. that’s the most important responsibility as a WordPress Development Company in India.
  • Seamless onboarding: Our work doesn’t just end at the development process. We help you to make sure that your website is live and functional. We as WordPress Development Company in India, make sure that your website passes our tests that include: 
  1. 30+ QA testing
  2. Beta Version Verification: A Beta Version shared with the client and tested to eliminate bugs and optimize the experience.
  3. Quality Training Programs
  • Seamless post-deployment experience with intuitive support & maintenance: We as WordPress Development Company in India, make sure that your website is well-maintained from time to time with quality checks, improvements, and simultaneous security upgrades to avoid attackers from obtaining your data.

The choice is simple. When we speak about the country that is best known for its manufacturing, why not speak about a country best known for its developers and their quality product development techniques?

The target audience for India’s developers is spread across the world. We work to provide the best quality products and support at a comparatively reasonable investment cost. And in India, we as WordPress Development Company in India, treat our clients like family. Thus, we don’t end our client relations post-development and continue to focus on scaling our client product and improving it with time.

The best part is we are cost-efficient and provide you with an invoice that contains the appropriate amount that we as WordPress Development Company in India, deserve.

Well, to make the process easier, we’d recommend for you to watch our video where we as WordPress Development Company in India, use the wp bakery page builder to explain to you how easy it is to update your website.


We have been implementing and recommending the following Word-Press page builders as we’ve been using them for a long time.

  1. wp bakery page builder
  2. Divi
  3. Elementor 

WordPress powers more than 36% of the Internet. Meaning, from the blogs you just read on our website to the recipes you found on the Internet, a majority of them were hosted on WordPress.

The reasons being:

a. Minimal Lag time: It’s fast in the real-time environment. 

b. Responsiveness: It’s compatible with just as any device/platform and is easily accessible.

c. Customization: WordPress offers the highest level of customization for content creation.

d. Flexibility: May it be text, video, or an audio file, WordPress understands it all and offers loss-less quality compression.

e. Add-ons: From SEO tools to plagiarism check tools, you’ve got WordPress Add-ons for just as anything that you might need.

f. OpenSource: For those using their own server and hosting, the free WordPress CRM offers the same features just as the paid one which provides you with WordPress powered hosting.


Here we as WordPress Development Company in India, have to focus on explaining experience but needs to be different on 4 pages, we can explain the process. Work profile.

  1. 70% business from existing client reference
  2. 1500+ projects delivered successfully
  3. The development followed under agile methodology (sprints)
  4. Hyper Personalised Customer-Centric Design
  5. Versatile for Your Needs – (means we have unlimited power like a god to solve your complex needs) 😁

Mainly talk about how cost-effective one-time development + quality + maintenance & support you can get from here.

WordPress Theme Customization is all about designing and revamping the structure of your website.  Themes provide a flexible structure for you to customize your website according to your needs. You can modify existing themes or build your own by embedding HTML/CSS code to WordPress.

 For anyone and everyone to build their brand-entity in the digital space, we at NexGen WordPress Development Company in India, are willing to work and develop a space for your brand.  Our in-house expert WordPress developer and Innovative developer would work with you to not just create websites that match your vision perfectly. But, would also

1. Customize websites based on your specific requirements and directives.

2. Make sure that your website places your brand at the forefront of the digital space.

3. To showcase your product/services and enhance your customer experience.

At NexGen WordPress Website Development Company In India, We offer the following WordPress Customization services:-

  • WordPress installation and Integration
  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress plugin customization
  • WordPress widgets
  • SEO compatible Design

When developing a website, it is very important to pick an SEO friendly WordPress theme.  We at, NexGen WordPress Development company in India, would love to help you with that.

We know the hard work that takes place to produce quality content and to top it up, we’d recommend an SEO -Optimised WordPress theme to improve the reading experience. 

From start-ups to large scale companies, NexGen WordPress Website Development Company in India works with brands to improve their digital operational efficiency. We provide our  WordPress development services on a global scale.

WordPress is a simple open-source yet popular digital space web/content development platform. Based on PHP and MYSQL, WordPress is widely used to blog and develop content.

Today, it is the world’s largest blogging and website-building forum. According to research,  nearly one-third of the websites on the web are currently powered by the WordPress CMS. With the revolution and evolution of the digital web space, there exists an increasing number of brands that wish to digitally transform their brand. And We, at NexGen as a Best WordPress Development Company in India,  aim to provide the customized WordPress Development solution to help your brand digitally transform.

Yes, We develop customized themes and plug-ins according to your specific requirement to help you to build your WordPress website. NexGen is a Well Known Top WordPress Website Development Company in India because of our customization process and techniques. Our Team is highly potential and best WordPress developers in India for their work quality. 

Yes, We as a WordPress development company in India,  provide Domain and Website hosting services according to your requirements. Domain and hosting are the essentials for any website. 

In simple terms, consider Domain to be your brand’s digital address and hosting to be your digital land to build your brand. As a WordPress Website Development Company in India, we provide full support to our clients, and as a website development company in India, we know how much website quality and speed matters for the end users so according to the requirements we provide the best hosting plans to our clients. At NexGen, as a WordPress Development Company in India, we as WordPress development company in India, provide full website security control and for security purposes, we need to take the best hosting plans for our clients. 

Yes, we, at NexGen, do provide WordPress Website’s security with AMC basis. We are committed to making sure that our brands are safely placed at the forefront of the digital space and to ensure that, we don’t just provide antibacterial code but, regularly sanitise the digital space to ensure there are no harmful attackers trying to invade your digital space and your consumer’s digital privacy.

We have wordPress security experts and we also provide AMC or on demand plans.

We, at NexGen WordPress Development Company, cover a wide variety of solutions based on a three-point design system catering to every industry out there to build & enhance their digital presence.

Speaking of WordPress Website Development Company in India, Our Services start from:

a. WordPress Installation and configuration: – With due credits to our previous clients, we’ve been constantly learning about how best to install and configure a WordPress website so as to decrease the burden on the client with regards to updating it. As a Top leading WordPress development company in India, we ensure clients about the best installation process and configuring their websites. Our primary focus is to provide them with the best customer support. 

b. WordPress Responsive-Design: To make sure that our clients’ consumers can reach them from any device/platform out there, we believe in using responsive design that adapts to any device/platform out there. As Experts in WordPress Website Development, our work is to design full responsive solutions as it will result in a better look and feel which gives a better conversion to our clients.

 c. WordPress Plugin Development: We as WordPress development company in India, develop custom plugins that convert your ideas into an entity and can be used to increase your customer’s experience around your brand. We have worked in the industry for the last more than 8 years as a Best WordPress Development Company in India. Our experience in the field of development is high. We develop all types of solutions to get the best results, whatever requirements are we will fulfill them.

d. WordPress CMS Development: To make sure you can send your newsletters and publish your blogs for your audience, we’ll work with you to develop the CMS to work according to your comfort.

e. WordPress Support: – Our technologically enthusiastic WordPress website developers in India work constantly with our clients to ensure that your product is well-tended and well-maintained. We have a great WordPress development team. 

f. WordPress E-commerce solution: To increase your consumer experience, We work with you to integrate the WooCommerce platform and create a custom eCommerce website development for your brand and your customers as we are the best WordPress website development company in India who build many eCommerce stores for our clients.

Yes, when we state the fact that we are looking for our brands to be at the forefront of the digital space, we mean it to the very core. Our services don’t just end with development and support, we as a top WordPress website development company in India provide integrated SEO service for our brands to make sure that the brand is visible via every search engine out there.

Our SEO friendly design allows the crawlers to easily crawl and interpret effective keywords and index your website to show up on the search engines. Post-Indexing, they provide the user with the most important and appropriate web pages, based on the search query.

We, at NexGen Best WordPress Development Company in India, deploy a two-point SEO Strategy during development to ensure that you are visible on the digital search engines. 

1.On-page Optimization strategy

  • Researching keywords, selecting the appropriate keyword for the topic.
  • To create a User and Search Engine Optimized URL structure.
  • Optimizing content based on Text, Image, code UI (design), Ux of a webpage.
  • Build an internal URL structure, navigation, and information architecture to help the search engines effectively and efficiently crawl the website.
  • Designing our websites oriented towards ensuring maximum brand recall value.

2.Off-Page optimization Strategy:

  • Creating collaborative links with other websites.
  • Analyzing brands out there to understand and learn from their SEO Skills to build your brand better.
  • Using keyword-rich anchor text in your inbound links.

Well, to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result, we work directly with you by involving you in the development process. With the combination of our collective involvement and the implementation of sprints methodology, we end up creating a sustainable website with increments that make sure to place your brand at the forefront of the digital space. 

we really don’t hope for that. NexGen has a dedicated and expert WordPress developer which provides the best quality services In WordPress to the customer. We will solve the issues related to the client’s requirements then if still not happy. More than 10+ WordPress websites we have been delivering to the customer.  Till now no complaints have been aroused by clients.  Because we are the Best WordPress Development Company in India.  Our presence is in India as well as the globe. But even if anyone is not satisfied with our WordPress Website. Firstly, we will solve the issue related to the clients and even after they are not satisfied, we provide a money-back guarantee without asking any question. Our main priority is customer satisfaction.

Talk to our WordPress expert!

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