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10 Ecommerce SEO Tips To Boost Store Traffic In 2020

Written by Rewati Kaur
Posted on - 5 min read

Getting organic traffic for your eCommerce website is not at all easy to do. It demands expertise as well as structured efforts. Effectual SEO is the core to enable your eCommerce business furthermore generate more extra leads. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhances the visibility of your eCommerce website on the SERPs. 

Furthermore, do you necessitate to get more extra traffic on your eCommerce website? Then you need to go through this blog moreover you will receive your answer. This blog describes the pro 10 E-Commerce SEO Tips that support your online store to expand its presence as well as to attract organic traffic. 

Here we have provided the Top 10 eCommerce SEO tips to boost store traffic in 2020.


The well-structured website is the initial move to enhance your eCommerce SEO. As the user-friendly website enables every user to surf perfectly on the website moreover perform the expected action like purchasing from the online store. 

Additionally, the well-structured website will be more lenient concerning the ranking on the search engine results pages(SERPs). The layout, breadcrumb, fonts, navigation, as well as other important factors, should be organized properly.  


In your eCommerce website, the sitemap is a prompt access feature that allows the visitors to know the authority of your eCommerce website including pages in a unique glimpse. Furthermore, it notifies Google also other search engines regarding the specific organization of your eCommerce website content moreover conceives it more accessible to crawl. 

For example, if your product page is included in your sitemap, then the search engines can certainly detect as well as index your web page. It indicates that the buyers are seeming for something appropriate from which the search engine will be capable of detecting it.


In your eCommerce website, every product page needs to hold a unique description of specific information about the products that your users are seeming for. And it will increase the possibilities of purchase and recommendations. The extensive information regarding your product should incorporate its benefits, features as well as FAQs.

Certain descriptions on your product pages should be composed in such a method that fascinates consumers to make the purchases. For instance, use the bullet points when you are listing the details of your product. Try to maintain the advantages of an outcome rather than just declaring what it ingests. 


For every website to be ranked on SERPs, the most important factors are the keywords. As the keywords are extremely essential to capture a more leading position for your eCommerce website on the search engine results pages. Additionally, it benefits your website users to come to your product pages that they are seeking. 

Execute the precise keyword research as well as select the most suitable keywords that will enable the users to roam throughout your eCommerce website. Whether you require to obtain rankings on the specific first page of the website as well as increase organic traffic, picking the appropriate keywords is a necessity for the eCommerce SEO of your website.


In eCommerce SEO it is very important to optimize images by using the keywords in ALT tag to improve the possibilities of the image crawling. With ALT tag optimization search engines used to easily understand an image with proper alt tags as well as display it with the relevant searches. Moreover, in case of any technical issue, while the image can not be easily loaded, the alt tags used to be displayed preferably of an image. 


Always make sure to make your website visitors read long text walls. Preferably it should be exhibited in an appealing approach for more beneficial interactions. Additionally, concentrate on creating valuable content that grabs their attention. 

Always use shortening paragraphs, catchy phrases as well as short descriptions as it used to work extremely well for your eCommerce website. While you curate the content then be sure to add the meta title, keywords, description, concerning the on-page SEO of your website. It will ease specific search engines for ranking your content efficiently.


In your eCommerce website, not just visitors will return elsewhere but further, the search engines also defeat because of only the slow speed of your eCommerce website. Essentially, visitors are always in a hurry when surfing on any eCommerce website. So if your eCommerce website has faster loading speed then it will grasp them engaged in your online store for a long time.  

Therefore, the possibilities of visitors to make purchases from your eCommerce website increase. Furthermore, it receives a higher ranking in the search engines. As a law of thumb, the loading speed of the website should not take the time longer than 3 seconds because users don’t stay no the website that takes a longer time to load.


The process of checking the indexing for your eCommerce website is one of the must requirement. Moreover, though the specific site maps are also generated as well as updated, Also it will be extremely profitable to add these to the tool such as Google Search Console. 

Sitemap.xml denotes a list of every significant page of your eCommerce website. As it will help to make sure about the search engines are attaining as well as crawling every webpage of your eCommerce website.  


As the category pages of your eCommerce website are equally essential as the product pages. You need to add the H1 tag for your category as well as assure that there is just one page for the individual of them. And from the description, title to images all these things should be optimized well for every category page. 

Hence the well-optimized category, as well as subcategory pages, improves search engines to crawl furthermore recognize your website’s structure efficiently. Moreover, users can also efficiently identify the products that they are searching for. 


The internal linking speedily eCommerce SEO measures. It used to boost the appearance of the underperforming pages as well as improves the possibilities of conversions. For example, adding the internal links on your product page by higher organic traffic helps the customers to visit on the other page. Usually, internal linking is performed to enhance acquisition.


Furthermore generating more extra traffic on your eCommerce website is a difficult task, by following these 10 Ecommerce SEO Tips will surely benefit. Precisely. SEO used to take time, however, it makes fruitful outcomes at the end. Use these pro tips for your eCommerce website moreover see the exception. Along with expanded online visibility, your online store will be capable of bringing potential customers.