8 Global brands working for a better Earth.

Written by Tarun
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 So Our planet is literally on edge. We are on the brink of a significant climatic catastrophe due to our constant battle with the ever-rising forces of pollution and environmental damage. Moreover, the effort to “go green” has been felt across industries as companies begin to realize how their operations impact the environment. From using recycled or renewable resources to reducing energy consumption and waste Brands working for better Earth seem to be a universal effort by businesses and consumers to protect our planet and do what we can to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Globally recognized brands that are working for a better earth

1. HP

Brands working for a better earth

HP is taking the lead in restricting the greenhouse gasses they emit annually. This is a highly significant step towards combating pollution and its after effects. With planet-friendly packaging techniques that considerably reduce the impact of industrial pollution, these sustainable packaging methods also prove more sturdy and durable, preserving the contents from incurring damage during lost-distance shipping. This helps companies save substantial costs arising from breakage during transportation.


Brands working for a better earth

The leading home goods retailer, IKEA, has been instrumental in deploying sustainable packaging across 50% of its entire product line, which led them to save a whopping 1.2 million Euros every year. As a large brand, the company believes that with great power comes great responsibility that involves embracing a people and planet-oriented approach conducive to business operations. Using sustainable ways of packaging ensures that there is minimal wastage in packaging materials and packaging designs. Because This increases overall sustainability in manufacturing, processes, and the supply chain.

3. Target 

The target has invested in the use of sustainable and eco-friendly methods of packaging for every brand featured under their roof. The underlying goal is to remove all traces of single-use plastic compounds like polystyrene as it pollutes land and water and poses numerous recycling challenges. So that Present-day customers have not only admired these steps but also have given a massive surge in the company’s annual revenue

4. Johnson & Johnson’s

Johnson & Johnson’s sustainability plan is called Citizenship & Sustainability 2020 Goals, which focuses on making individual consumers and their homes healthier. It also seems to be the most heavily focused on internal operations as The company’s Environment, Health, Safety, & Sustainability department monitors performance and compliance and sets strict sustainability standards for the company. Teams within this department focus solely on product packaging, stewardship, and other critical issues and provide on-the-job training to employees in these areas.

5. Microsoft

Brands working for a better earth

Since 2012, Microsoft’s global operations have been 100% net carbon neutral. The company charges a “carbon fee” to all business groups for their carbon footprint.

6. General motors

GM is aspiring to reduce its carbon footprint to zero. 77% of it is represented by its global vehicle. And toward that goal, plans to introduce 20 new zero-emissions vehicles to international markets by 2023.

7. Apple 

Brands working for a better earth

Apple sourced 100% of the electricity used at all its facilities in 2018 from renewable sources. In 2017, 22 of Apple’s supplier facilities were certified as Zero Waste, including all iPhone final assembly sites.

8. International Business Machines(IBM)

Brands working for a better earth

In 2017, IBM purchased 22.9% of its electricity from renewable sources, exceeding its 2020 goal of 20% 2020 and well on its way to the company’s 2025 goal of 55%.


Amidst the crisis, Brands across the globe are coming forward and showing their commitment to sustainable development. We at NexGen Innovators salute their right doings and would urge more leading brands to go to the rescue of our beloved planet Earth.