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WhatsApp eCommerce: What is it all about?

Written by Pratham Yogendra
Posted on - 5 min read

If Twitter is for micro-blogging, WhatsApp is for micro-eCommerce.

Over the years, whatsapp has become the epitome of micro-eCommerce. And, has allowed millions of small and medium enterprises to sell their content/product/services via WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp eCommerce?

In the simplest of terms, WhatsApp eCommerce allows you to set up a digital storefront using WhatsApp for Business. It makes it easier for your consumers to shop as it adds a personal touch.

Think of it this way, a decade ago, we’d have to go to a restaurant and place an order for takeaway. But, with swiggy/zomato becoming mainstream, the restaurants came right to the comfort of your hands.

Similarly, Instead of you installing the store’s app, it brings the store to you. All you have to do is to speak.

Why is it important?

WhatsApp as a platform has gained massive popularity over the years. And, in 2020, we believe it is the only digital space that hosts a hyper-personalized niche of audience.

In short, WhatsApp is popular enough that you can target an audience aged from 10-75, irrespective of their gender, and/or profession. And, its global outreach can connect you to the consumers across the continents at any point of time. 

How does WhatsApp eCommerce work?

WhatsApp eCommerce works to streamline both the seller experience and customer experience using  3 services:

1.Personalized Automation:

A personalized consumer-touch enhances the brand value. And, WhatsApp does it just right with its chat-bot,quick replies and away replies features.

The chatbot, when configured, allows your consumers to directly interact with your brand and avail core-services at 24×7 scale. 

For instance, An apparel brand called Max uses WhatsApp for business wherein the chat-bot will help you review your recent purchases and push a notification for every new collection release.

And, an ISP in India, allows you to lodge complaints for internet connectivity issues by speaking to the chatbot.

The best part about the process is that the consumer will not have to wait until the store manager is online on Whatsapp to reply to the queries. The automation system does it all.


Brands are using WhatsApp to enhance their omni-channel networks and use it as an official brand hotline or communication channel where the user can communicate via chat or voice. 

This stimulates a sense of comfort and trust amongst the users. And, helps to establish a better brand connect amongst consumers.

3.Digital Store

Now, remember the food-delivery example that we previously spoke about.

Well, it only seems fitting to use it as a viable example. WhatsApp for business allows you to create a micro-store version of your brand and sell its products. 

The intuitive feature supporting the digital store is the catalogue. It allows you to add products from your store with their picture, description and price.

Thus, instead of installing your app or the aggregator app and  searching for the product, you could directly purchase it via WhatsApp.

And, speaking on the seller front, WhatsApp eCommerce allows you to segregate your incoming orders and sales based on labels. 

For instance, if you are a bakery, you could segregate the incoming orders and sales as:


2.In the kitchen


4.On hold


How to set-up WhatsApp eCommerce?

To-Set up WhatsApp eCommerce, all you need is a smartphone with WhatsApp for Business and you are good to go.

The design and storefront prerequisites ,though, are different.We’d recommend for you to make sure that you have the following properties:

1.Your logo

2.Your brand specific email id

3.Your business description

4.Good pictures of your products

5.Brief description of the products

And, a proper blend of the above elements will help you build your WhatsApp eCommerce store.

Will Nexgen Innovators help you in setting up your whatsapp eCommerce store?

Yes, we, at Nexgen, will definitely help you set-up your whatsapp ecommerce store. Drop in an email at and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.