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Augmented Reality gaming | Best AR games

Written by Atul Raj
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The gaming industry is estimatedly worth of about $ 100 billion globally and it is the largest segment within the entertainment industry.  Augmented Reality gaming (AR gaming) has totally changed the user experience.

It is not just an amazing concept. But, the fact that  it works on any inexpensive gadget is what makes it much more interesting.All you  need is a smartphone or an AR-enabled console. Certainly AR games are typically played on devices like smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems.

For example, Pokemon GO is a breakthrough AR app in gaming, it uses a smartphone’s camera, GPS, and gyroscope. In AR mode, the screen displays Pokemon in the user’s real-world environment.

Augmented Reality Gaming is changing the way we play. Here are the best AR games which are still trending.AR in gaming

1. Pokemon GO

It is a revolutionary project by Niantic and was one of the top Augmented Reality games. Pokemon GO holds several Guinness records and this game has an incredible earning.

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Pokemon GO is an adventure type game, which enables the battlefield in the user’s real surrounding and animate virtual in gaming Billions of Pokemon have been caught till now.

As users walk around the real world, Pokemon characters appear in the map. Whenever users come within a close range the Pokemon appear on the screen and users throw Poke Balls at them to capture them. The aim is to collect as many Pokemon as possible.

Another feature of this game is Poke Stops which uses real-life locations, where users can collect free Poke Balls. Players can also find Pokemon eggs that hatch into Pokemon and users can add them to their collection.


2. Ingress

Ingress is another hit game by Niantic, released in 2012 and it is popular among gamers. It is a location-based, Augmented Reality mobile game and downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide as of November 2018 and is still being downloaded as we speak.
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3. ARrrrrgh

After the revolutionary Pokemon Go app, augmented reality gaming is getting popular, many developers are introducing such games.

Similarly, ARrrrgh is made with Unity and ARCore and is in early stages. It is based on the theme of “hide-n-seek” fun with a pirate, parrot and treasure hunts. Your home or any other surroundings can be turned into a quest territory, where you can place and seek out treasure boxes with gold. It is a fun game for both adults and children.


4. Temple Treasure Hunt

Temple Treasure Hunt is another Augmented Reality game for myths lovers. Anyone can play it, both outdoors or inside. It includes two roles, treasure protector and treasure hunter. As a treasure protector, you have to create treasure trails. As a hunter, you’ll have to discover the treasure. It is based on Indian mythological characters. The game uses the real map of the location.

5. Sharks in the Park

It is a game by Geo AR, and is an amazing experience for children. At any time, you can turn your garden or city park into the fantastic world of animals. With Sharks AR game you can have a beautiful place and create your own fairy tale.

This game is totally free, you can play Sharks in the Park outdoors. It uses a phone’s GPS, clear sky and a park/field only and gives you a good augmented reality gaming experience.

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