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How to publish an AR Book or a 3D Book?

Written by Atul Raj
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With the traditional educational methods growing old,there exists a need for a technologically driven education system. It is the time for AR learning. Developers are working on 3D content for both learners as well as educators. Thus, many publishers are working to convert their existing content into AR content.

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In India, StartAR  launched their 3D books using AR technology.With  the AR technology industry expected to reach $252 billion by 2020 with an annual growth rate of 17%, Augmented reality in education provides a number of ways to help the kids learn.It helps the kids to easily remember the information and making learning itself  engaging and fun. 3D objects help to understand the model-diagram and its working very easily.

What is an AR book/3D book?

AR/3D Books are digital copies of traditional books. Both text and images are linked to additional content through the technology and give the user an enhanced and detailed experience in reading. In  simple words, it’s the pen and paper in the digital space.

How do our 3D/AR Smartbooks work?

When a your device’s camera scans the page of a smartbook, it reads the image codes on the page and displays the content on your screen based on in an app installed on your device.

This app is capable to convert only smartbooks content. We have expertise in Augmented reality book content generation. To know about the process you can contact us. To simplify it, think of the content in the smartbooks to be hidden under a qr code and your phone to be the qr code.

AR book/3D bookMost of the AR books are about a particular subject or story. Users of augmented reality books are mostly kg students. Hence, many kg  students find it more interesting than old paper-back books. Thus, learning becomes fun for them.

How to publish 3D book/AR book?

You have two ways to make it:

  1. Hire an In-house developer team – which is minimum at least 5-6 lakhs per month .
  2. Or hire  the best Augmented reality company

Many publishing houses have been investing in this area. Our company NexGen Innovators also develops AR books for publishers. We have already worked in this sector and delivered it to our clients.

StartAR is the best example of a smartbook from NexGen Innovators. 

It is a simple Android-based smart-book for kids.

We have a quality experience and are looking forward for working with interested publishers in this field.  Any publisher/author who wants to publish 3D book/AR book or  has any AR project in mind, you can contact us to discuss.

Get in touch to find out how NexGen can work for your business or Read more about augmented reality.

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