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How to avoid spam emails and 10 free temporary emails websites to avoid.

Written by Aman Prasad
Posted on - 5 min read

How to avoid spam emails

Every morning, you get up and the first thing you do is check your phone. When you check your phone, you usually see loads of emails that you received at night. Certainly, most of those emails contain irrelevant content. The root cause of receiving these spam emails is due to the registrations everybody does on various websites to view their content.Nowadays, the problem of spams, irrelevant & excess emails are faced by everyone. So, we thought to give you a solution to this problem.

With  just three steps, you can get rid of this problem. By using temporary emails service websites, you can minimize the spam emails content delivering to your official email id.

1. Visit any temporary email website. [Here we have listed top 10 temporary email websites for you.]
2. Copy the email which is given to you at the page.
3. You will see inbox at the site which will show confirmation mail. Accept and proceed.

Remember : This temporary email service just authorizes you to receive emails only,  you cannot send emails using the temporary emails service.

Furthermore, where to find these websites? So, below we have provided the top-10 temporary emails websites:

1. tempmailaddress

tempmailaddress web page


tempmail webpage


emailondeck web page

getnada web page

guerrillamail web page

How to avoid spam emails


mailinator web page

mytemp web page


tempm web page

tempail web page

tempmail web page

Consequently, we hope this will help you with how to avoid spam emails.