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On Average we recover 20+ websites on a daily basis. As your website popularity get increases, chances of hacking get increases too. So you must need a wordPress Security partner like us to save your business and SPAM score of your website.

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Hire a WordPress Security Experts

As per an official report by WordPress support, around 95,00 to 10,000 websites get hacked daily by hackers. It’s doesn’t mean WordPress isn’t a secure platform. WooCommerce run their official website on WordPress. You just need a WordPress Security Expert who can remove all loopholes and keep your website secured.


Christina Macgillivray

My blog had around 2500 posts, that’s what I earned in last 4 years. It was infected by some Japanese SEO spam. After reaching out to several individuals and agencies, I found Nexgen guys on Google. They not just removed the spam, but helped me optimizing my blog speed. I would highly recommend them as WordPress Security Experts.

Fernando Hoffmann

It’s a mess when your online business is affected by something invisible and unknown. I’m not so technical to tackle such thing on my own so I searched for website spam remover company. After going through the online reputation and previous works of Nexgen Innovators, I handed over the work and I’m glad that I have a team to rely upon.

Geetika Dhand

Thank you guys for taking me out of that terrible situation. I never shared my password with anyone and used to install security plugins on my website but still it got spammed. That Digestcolect virus had no solution online. Thank you once again for a great service. I would definitely recommend your services. Keep up the great work.

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1. What are WordPress Vulnerabilities? And how a WordPress security expert fix it?

WordPress vulnerability refers to the loopholes or inability to handle the hacking attacks. There are some possibilities where hackers take advantage and add some virus into your website codes, here a WordPress Security Expert implements best practices and take regular updates from official forums and update those security patches.

Like most common WordPress vulnerabilities are: wrong file permissions, allowed execution of php scripts in upload folders. Each WordPress vulnerability has it’s own way to fix and WordPress security expert have this ability to do so.

We can’t mention all the solutions here but for this we regularly post easy solutions where you can learn about fixing things. Here is an example: how to disable php scripts using htaccess.


2. What if NexGen WordPress Security Experts are unable to fix my website?

Yes, that’s valid question because you are paying for our experience and expertise. But we fix 10+ website on daily basis. We have a dedicated team of experts, who not only remove SPAMs but also do regular audits for our regular AMC customers.

And our WordPress Security Experts team guarantee to make SPAM free website in ~4 to 6 hours. Otherwise you get 100% money back guarantee.


3. Why I need regular scans for security update?

You and your team regularly work on your website and install lots of plugins. Each plugin developer publish updates which directly comes into your website.  Hackers continuously scan these updates and find loopholes, once they find loopholes in any plugin, they target websites having that plugin installed.

So, it becomes very important you hire WordPress security experts. Who regularly scan your website and minify the possibility to misuse your website.


4. Why hackers install the SPAM in our websites?

Hackers are humans who like to earn easy money. They have two common targets to hack a website:

  1. Install a software
  2. Redirect to another website

Just suppose you are an advertiser and got a project for $100 for installing an Android app on someone’s device.

Organic or Normal way – You will run campaign on similar category of website or games to install the app, but it’s very hard and time taking.

Blackhat techniques or hacker’s way – They install SPAM in several websites and redirect their traffics forcefully to the installation page and increase the installs.

So, the more number of hacked website a hacker has – is the more money hacker is earning, that’s why they keep hacking the websites.


5. How WordPress Security Experts finds the virus/spam?

WordPress Security Experts are experienced theme developers, plugin developers or from a Server DevOps team. And they have in-depth knowledge of how things works and the common threats. Our approach is:

  1. Analyze the common hacks
  2. Then analyze the WordPress flow.

We analyze every single bit of code and do unit testing. Keep filtering the clean code and we find the SPAM, because the SPAM starts executing in the flow.

Once we find the starting point of the flow, we analyze which plugins are triggering on that flow and remove that.

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