How To Create Landing Page For Free In WordPress

Written by Rewati Kaur
Posted on - 5 min read

The landing page is a very beneficial tool for generating exceptional conversions as well as obtaining leads more adequately if you want a proven method to enhance your marketing campaign. By this purpose-driven landing page, if created as well as utilized smartly, then the possibilities of your business or services to succeed are extremely higher.

As the landing page design endeavors to accomplish a precise marketing purpose, you just need to choose the appropriate tool to create the landing pages in WordPress. One great strategy is to get a perfect solution that matches tried-and-true raising tactics furthermore optimization techniques.

To acquire the best from your landing page, here we have provided all the main features of the specific high-converting landing pages in WordPress. We will also include how to preserve time on the landing page development furthermore build it quickly in a code-free method utilizing a drag-and-drop easy website builder.

What Executes A Great Landing Page in The WordPress?

By thousands of plugins accessible for WordPress, this can be difficult to discover the correct one to speedily create the landing pages in WordPress without having too much of a trouble. Managing the Visual Composer plugin the built-in templates in WordPress, you don’t necessarily begin from scratch rather learn to code. Including the landing page template conducted by your personalized perception, you will perceive a full-page compelling marketing tool.

And this free, as well as easy to use visual drag-and-drop editor plugin, helps in creating your WordPress landing pages easily just by moving the elements beyond the page. Now, what’s more powerful, after launching, you will reach a more extensive audience: every page you build including Visual Composer is extremely mobile-friendly. Among 80% of the users who used mobiles to reach the internet last year, Also possessing the responsive landing page signifies extremely essential.

With the understanding of the most desirable landing pages execution, you can also create a worthwhile marketing channel that converts your visitors to perform, makes customer loyalty, as well as increases values.

Therefore, what features will you necessitate to consider while creating the landing page? Here we have provided hub fundamentals of specific high-converting landing pages that will help you to create landing pages by yourself. 


Landing Page Purpose

As the homepages consist of common information moreover serve a getaway to numerous specific elements of the website, the landing pages concentrate completely on the action. As the reliable landing page has one particular purpose—it’s a targeted page of a website designed to deliver a unique purpose, such as marketing the product or developing the list of subscribers.

How to establish the purpose? Just think regarding the main action you desire your potential customers will take further and align it with the target audience’s enthusiasm and preferences. By doing this, you will be capable of communicating tailored content to the visitors as well as reach more trustworthy outcomes.

Manage your business purpose before you begin furthermore concentrate on the call-to-action(CTA) when you are building the landing page design, promoting the page as well as writing the copy.

Landing Page Design

As the landing page is usually campaign-specific, and its design, as well as structure, should serve your foremost marketing purpose. 

A straightforward design without headers, footers, and navigation menu, signifies a proven formation that works exceptional for the conversions. This kind of design benefits bypasses any digressions moreover concentrates the visitors’ gestures on the primary purpose of your landing page. Additionally, by attaching to the page format that visitants are utilized to understanding, you’re way further expected to profit. 

Though, to stand out, connect your template by grasping headlines, attractive lead forms, call to action, including relevant media. Therefore all of these factors can present to delivering the highly-converting landing page.

Within Visual Composer, it provides access to up to 900 Google Fonts, high-quality pictures from specific Unsplash media libraries, creates contact forms, and furthermore design popups. In other terms, you perceive everything to improve your template and build the high-converting landing pages for your business. 

Landing Page Copy

Though, great vision is not sufficient to accomplish by the landing page. Once you get the visitor by reducing navigation moreover including an engaging call to action, also writing compelling as well as a relevant copy is what befalls next. 

Writing on-brand furthermore responsive copy that stimulates your visitor’s journey needs an in-depth understanding of your potential audience. Therefore, rather than concentrating on your business and the traits you present, choose the benefit-driven approach and highlight the endeavor point the offer works. 

One most useful practice to influence the audience is to add testimonials as evidence of your product’s value. By adding the testimonials blocks including the background image approximately presenting your customer’s fulfillment through the Optic Composer star ranking factor, you can approve your product furthermore influence your visitor’s decision-making. 

Now, what else can make a trust? Visuals such as the high-quality background image rather than eye-catching pictures that will showcase your product and services and represent an exceptional approach to strengthen your message. Applying Optic Composer in-built easy Unsplash media, you can get the ideal image concerning your landing page also without moving out from your WordPress website.

Different Landing Page Methods

Although, yet if you utilize a powerful copy including the well-created design on your landing page, then you may see a huge bounce rate furthermore low conversions for your business. For this, you may require to execute a remarkable pinch to optimize the specific representation of the page.

First, check the load time of the page—high frequencies of this metric will affect the conversions as well as page views. Visual Composer is intended for great performance furthermore has been examined on every important WordPress hosting.

contact forms, social icons as well as pop-ups, also used to assist you to optimize the conversions of the landing page. Build a clear visitor way by utilizing smart directional signs, moreover, you will tailor your landing page expertise. Easy contacting ways higher possibilities that the visitors will take more action. 

However, first, they necessitate finding your page. 

Including that in mind, the landing pages may also be optimized for the search as well as follow the most advanced SEO practices. For instance, including the target keywords in the page insistence drive traffic furthermore, boost visits. And one of the most beneficial search engine optimization tools concerning WordPress signifies Yoast SEO, that is fully cooperative with the Visual Composer plugin. 

Important Takeaways

Creating the landing page in WordPress website is not stressful also time-consuming—by the appropriate tool at the help that will save your hours such as Visual Composer plugin. This WordPress plugin begins with a collection of mobile-friendly as well as ready-to-use landing page templates for the numerous industry niche. 

The most important benefit of utilizing a website builder denotes time efficiency: Also the drag and drop editor will help you to make your landing page quick as well as easy. Secondly, you are not reliant on a theme, as every element of your landing page you will create is customizable. Lastly, you can publish similarly several landing pages beneath your domain, and as you need to furthermore even build other necessary pages such as a Contact page or the About page.