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We help Book Publishers add fun and interactivity to their printed books.

Benefits of AR Technology

Creates brand awareness

Creates brand awareness

Drives customer engagement

Content personalization

Boosts Sales

Business Analytics

Unique Selling Point

What we offer under AR Development

We are an experienced AR App development company in Janak puri, Delhi. We deliver customised Augmented Reality solutions to our clients in different fields. Our work as AR App developers made us discover that this technology can be used in a variety of sectors: media, advertising, real estate, manufacturing, education and more. We have been serving successfully Augmented Reality services for book publishers for more than 3 years. Augmented Reality application can be developed on all the latest platforms. Be it Augmented reality on iPad, iPhone or Android & Windows, our developers can build their craft on any of them.

Mobile Apps for Books

Augmented Reality Video Books

3D Augmented Reality Books

Augmented Reality Coloring Books

Why NexGen?

We are a team of enthusiastic AR App Development company in Janak puri, Delhi. Being an Augmented Reality app development company, our technically sound team develop custom-designed solutions for your requirements in alignment to your business target. We strictly stick to the industrial standards and use the latest technology for the best-augmented reality solutions designed to boost your business. We promise to deliver powerful and innovative solutions at economical rates within the given timeline.

AR Works

Want to publish your own 3D Book?

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Courses to pursue after 12th standard other than engineering and medical

These are Best courses to pursue after class 12th science other than Engineering and Medical. We hope this will help you to choose your career.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a science and innovation in light of controls, for example, Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Engineering. A noteworthy push of AI is in the improvement of PC capacities related with human insight, for example, thinking, learning, and critical thinking.



AI assumes vital part in key diversions, for example, chess, poker, tic-tac-toe, and so forth, where machine can consider expansive number of conceivable positions in view of heuristic learning.

Expert Systems

There are a few applications which incorporate machine, programming, and unique data to grant thinking and prompting. They give clarification and counsel to the clients.


Speech Recognition

Some intelligent frameworks are equipped for hearing and grasping the dialect as far as sentences and their implications while a human converses with it. It can deal with various accents, slang words, commotion out of sight, change in human’s clamor because of cool.

Handwriting Recognition

The handwriting recognition programming peruses the content composed on paper by a pen or on screen by a stylus. It can perceive the states of the letters and change over it into editable content.