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Why do you need a Digital Portfolio before an Interview?

Written by Rahul Bhardwaj
Posted on - 5 min read

An average employer conducts over 14 interviews for each job requirement. It is crucial to stand out from other candidates since the competition is high. And here’s where a digital portfolio kicks in to step up the game,let us understand why.

The main reason for the unemployment among job seekers is because of their inability to showcase their talent and skills. This is where a digital portfolio helps you. Nowadays, Interviewers do not prefer to spend time reading your long professional history from your printed resume or CV. According to a recent survey, the use of a personal CV Website impresses around 56% of employers. But, only 5% of the job seekers own one. Research shows 88% of HR professionals hire candidates with a digital portfolio. Employers do not fancy an oral narration of your work. They want to see how you actually did it. A digital portfolio for a job interview is the best way to show off your accomplishments.


What is a Digital Portfolio?

How to create a digital portfolio for a job interviewA Digital Portfolio is a collection of your professional achievements. It is a way of presenting your credentials to the world. It enables you to package your best works in a bundle and present it visually appealing to the employers. Your digital portfolio for a job interview can be anything right from the resume, certifications, articles, reports, and letters to artwork, design work, transcripts, previous employment, and many more which can be accessed effortlessly via the internet.

Who needs it the most?

There is a myth that digital portfolios are just for those in a creative field. Years ago, Photographers, Designers and Artists would use a digital portfolio to showcase their work to the customers. But, that time-era is left far behind. Now, almost every professional from an artist to a teacher use digital portfolios. Due to the progress of the digital world, presenting your digital portfolio for a job interview enables you to give life to your resume. Overall, it is all about distinguishability and visibility.

Why do you need it for?

  • The major advantage of a digital portfolio for a job interview is their speed and convenience. The ease of sharing it over an email, social media, digital download links, messages and so on are what makes it convenient. And thanks to digital ecosystems, it only takes a few clicks to read, review and approve paper works.
  • The next advantage of it for a job interview is an easy update feature. Your resume gets updated on your every accomplishment. Editing and updating your printed resume every time is tedious. But, when you use it for a job interview, you can easily update it within minutes.
  • If you take a digital portfolio for a job interview, it can generate credibility for your work. It shows your strength and capabilities. So, employers can easily see how you fit into their requirement. Your employers can visualize your working potential better.
  • Creating an attractive digital portfolio for a job interview showcases your creativity. Offering presentations, white papers, YouTube videos, podcasts and so on can set you apart from others.
  • If you are not verbally expressive, it can help you in your interview. Handing out a digital portfolio for a job interview can impress the interviewer and allows them to understand your capacity. Soon, the interview will become a discussion rather than a QA session.

How to create a one for yourself?

Creating a digital portfolio for a job interview is easier said than done. Though there is a long list of free tools to create it for a job interview, their limited functions allow you to design a mediocre one instead. If you think about saving money and go for free tools, you might end up with the unimpressive design. It is better to contact a professional to create one for you. There are many professionals who design great looking digital portfolios at an affordable price. Approach them and project your achievements easily.

Almost everything is digitalized in today’s world. Why carry the same old printed resume for an interview? It’s time to switch to the new smartphone technology. Get your digital portfolio today and rock your interview!!