How to Make Fast Performing WordPress Websites for Clients?

Written by Rewati Kaur
Posted on - 5 min read

When making a WordPress website for your client, all that matters is the quality of the website design. A step-by-step strategy for creating a WordPress website for clients will show the work and skills involved in developing a solid online presence for clients’ businesses.

Here are the six steps to creating a unique WordPress website for your clients. Most of your clients prefer your website creation process to be clear and actionable. You need to clarify the WordPress design process to your clients throughout the whole project; ultimately, it will lead to more satisfied clients–and less workload (and headaches) for you to create a website.

Step 1: Discover

The first step in creating a WordPress website for clients is all about gathering information about the client’s business. It is essential to understand your client’s particular business and industry, what is their target market, and their audience. What is the ultimate goal of the client’s website? Then, you can create the best website for your clients.

Step 2: Plan

Just like the first step, gathering information for the client’s project, the second step, planning to create WordPress websites for clients, is also essential. As a web designer, it’s easy to jump directly into the design step as it is the most creative and enjoyable part of creating a website. But eventually, research and planning for the website design are fundamental as they will help you to clarify all the objectives for the WordPress website design. So it would help if you spent some time in this stage of creating a website.

In the planning stage, you will need to analyze and make an SEO strategy for your client’s website. Analyzing or performing an SEO approach for your client’s website is essential. As websites typically make lots of user-friendly information, It is also a great time to prepare all the missing content before creating a WordPress website for clients. This step also helps your client know their role in reaching deadlines by content, so the website launch process helps.


Step 3: Design

The third step for creating a WordPress website is the design which means how your client’s website will look. In the design step, you need to create a website wireframe with the necessary web page elements like navigation, widgets, header, etc. you can also move your website wireframe into a more realistic mockup using programs like Photoshop.             

Always remember that your website design should always support content. 

The WordPress website design should always support the content. The content on the website includes typically designed alternately, and the content gets minimal attention. The content on the website is the essential thing that your viewers will notice on the website. For every WordPress website design, you need to ask these few questions to yourself:

  •    What is the primary purpose of the WordPress website that you are creating?
  •    Is it clear to the website users what action they require to take?
  •    How does the WordPress website design inspire users to take action?

A good WordPress website designer always considers how a design will modify in code. It would help if you did the website development yourself; as a WordPress website designer, it’s an excellent approach to enhancing your coding skills. It would help if you reviewed your design with an experienced developer before it moves to your client.

At last, you need to finalize the design step to give the overall appearance to the client’s website, and you can discuss and make the decision to use which types of colors, typography, and images on the website. After this confirmation, the design with your client before moving to the next development step.

Step 4: Develop

The fourth step is to Develop. In this step, your website design alters the code used to make the client’s website work. This step can be the most extended winding for you. 

While making a WordPress website for clients, the basic steps that you need for website development are: 

  •    Firstly, install WordPress on the localhost, or you can install it on a testing server.
  •    Secondly, you need to install a beginner WordPress theme.
  •    Then installing a WordPress backup plugin, also operating a backup plugin during website development, makes it easy to revert file changes and move the website to the live domain or server toward launching.
  •    Use the mockup, and transpose your design to the live website.
  •    Test and optimize the process.

Step 5: Launch

The fifth step of creating a website for clients is to launch. You can launch your website after the complete design and development of the client’s WordPress website. 

Step 6: Maintain

The last step while creating a WordPress website for a client is website maintenance. It is essential for the long-term success of your client’s website and an excellent source of implied recurring revenue for your clients.

Before you begin a new website design project, You need to educate your potential clients about the long-term efficiencies of maintaining a website. For the basic WordPress website maintenance service, you need to take the following steps to keep your client’s WordPress website running smoothly: 

  •    WordPress Updates
  •    Theme and Plugin Updates
  •    WordPress Backups
  •    WordPress Security
  •    Analytics Tracking & Reporting
  •    WordPress Hosting

Website maintenance requires in other areas. You need to upkeep SEO for the website, keep adding new content, update the existing content on the website, comment approval/replies, spam cleanup, and many more.

A Smooth WordPress Website Design Process

After following the six steps, your client’s website will run smoothly. It would help if you did some research and planning for the website you are creating, and you can see your client’s website will be more informed. Following the development and launch checklist, you won’t miss important actions. And finally, with the last step, maintaining it will protect all the investments done while creating the website for the client. Finally, your clients will be more satisfied with their experience by looking at the value of their website. If you want to hire the best WordPress developer or leading WordPress company in India, then you are in the right place; Nexgen is the best WordPress website development company in India