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Whatsapp for Business: A defintive guide!

In the previous article, we spoke about Whatsapp for Business is and how it works. And, it is only fitting that we talk about how to build your own Whatsapp for Business store in the perfect way. What makes Whatsapp for Business important? Now, let’s talk considering the perspectives of a Seller and the consumer.  […]

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WhatsApp eCommerce:What is it all about?

If Twitter is for micro-blogging, WhatsApp is for micro-eCommerce. Over the years, whatsapp has become the epitome of micro-eCommerce. And, has allowed millions of small and medium enterprises to sell their content/product/services via WhatsApp. What is WhatsApp eCommerce? In the simplest of terms, WhatsApp eCommerce allows you to set up a digital storefront using WhatsApp […]

Written by Pratham Yogendra
Posted on - 5 min read