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Design is a   
          leadership role

Designers at Nexgen think about product design and the purpose it serves. They ask questions and steadily test if what they make is addressing the problem they set out to solve. Designers at Nexgen are not seated in the “design department,” because there is no design department. Designers sit amongst developers, product managers, and content strategists, since we’ve discovered this to be the best path for thoughts and tasks to grow naturally.

A seat at the wooden table.

Each designer at Nexgen is involved in constructing the blueprint of a project from the earliest starting point. This is not a position for the individuals who like to follow a predefined route, but its an opportunity for those who believe designers should lead a project from the beginning.

Design for real world.

Our designers create products that go live in the market and tackle real problems for real clients. Since Nexgen prides itself on delivering projects of quality, we repeat rapidly, place things before clients, and ship frequently. Within a day of working here you could see your design come alive to be served.

Genuine passion required.

It’s a perfect time to be a product designer and there’s always something new to learn. We anticipate that you will share what you find, teach what you know, and have a curiosity for the amazing things being produced in the world. We aren’t afraid of solid opinions. Actually, we invite them.

Keep it on the level

Transparent intentions and a clear expansion plan are necessary for our people’s
careers. It serves as a judgement tool for both of us. Nexgen is searching for
individuals who want to grow across these aspects

Before you apply , you must know 
about yourself :

  • You’re decent
  • You have an experience of Design with an attention on complex interfaces information presentation, Infographics or product designing
  • You have a solid comprehension of web and mobile applications as well as responsive design
  • You have the capacity and ability to adapt and iterate plans rapidly
  • You have strong written and verbal communication abilities
  • You have knowledge of latest design trends
  • You are open to working together crosswise over divisions and groups
  • You feature at working against multiple norms and situational requirements

Who we are looking for :

User Interface Designers

Who can convert wireframes into real designs, make influential selection of UI elements such as radio buttons, check boxes, menus, etc. and effectively visualize styling of elements with pixel perfection, create new or edit existing elements as per direction. And having a knowledge of iconography

Front End / Technical Designers

Who can transform raster designs into live HTML snippets and able to edit HTML/CSS and have a basic knowledge of working with frameworks, keen to learn and accept latest front-end techniques, have excellent perception on choice of tools / methods for the task to be done. Willing and able to learn new tools.

Motion Designers

Who can visualize elements into motion graphics, must be familiar with Adobe Edge tools or video production tools like After Effects and Blender.