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Best WordPress Plugins for ECommerce Development Companies

Written by Rewati Kaur
Posted on - 5 min read

WordPress Plugins have many options for plugins to improve the functionality and efficiency of your online store. Let’s Talk About eCommerce businesses are having lots of competition as everyone is running.

WordPress has many themes and the Best WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Development Companies. Here are some of the best plugins that help increase the functionalities of the Website and help eCommerce development companies improve their Website traffic.

WP e-Commerce

WP eCommerce wordpress plugin for eCommerce development companies

This plugin is the most famous and well-established, and it was the first option in the e-commerce plugin offered by WordPress.

It appears with a wide range of categories of unique functions and features. WordPress e-commerce plugin is fully-featured, and its free download serves excellent out-of-the-box functionality. It proceeds with a brand-new product widget, cross-page promotion, flexible coupon codes, single-page checkout, discounts, free shipping options, and a combination including the most attractive e-commerce payment gateways. Also, it includes third-party platforms in it and many more.

In this Best WordPress Plugin For eCommerce Development Companies, you can upgrade it to buy add-ons. And also, you can customize it as you want, and even you can also add more functionalities such as slider carousels, shipping options, and different payment gateways.



woo-Commerce Is Best Plugin For eCommerce Websites

It is a completely useful Free WordPress Plugin For Ecommerce with an outstanding treasury of premium upgrades accessible; WooCommerce is accessible to utilize for both the sellers and customers efficiently. Such as multiple coupon campaigns, excellent order management, accurate sales reports, product and inventory management, a consumer account section to check the shipping and tax charges, and much more.


Jigoshop wordpress plugin for ecommerce website

The Best WordPress Plugin is used mainly by eCommerce development companies as it provides detailed reporting, widgets, and shortcodes. One-page checkout, inventory tracking, product imports/exports, related product displays, and many more features; the Jigoshop plugin has everything you need to run an eCommerce store. Jigoshop is one of the best free plugins, including a helpful library of some free extensions. Also, you can buy premium themes in this plugin and extensions for more helpful functionality.


eShop wordpress plugin for ecommerce

eShop is the best WordPress Plugin used by many companies who used to do Best Plugins For eCommerce development. It provides many features and it is very accessible to install the shopping cart in this plugin that is entirely supportive of WordPress. You can create your product pages on your online store with WordPress pages. eShop has many other popular new features such as sales tax, customer accounts, various product options, discount options, vending downloadable content, selling data, stock control, and many more amazing features.

Quick Shop

Quick Shop wordpress plugin for ecommerce

It is one of the simplest and Website Friendly eCommerce Plugins with an extraordinary level of various functionalities; This plugin appears to include built-in support for PayPal and email. It also utilizes WordPress sidebar widgets to constantly show your customers what they have in their shopping carts. With the sustenance of the Quick Shop plugin, you can also add products to your online store quickly with the help of a TinyMCE button, which also generates drop-down lists in the product options and several other features.


Cart66 wordpress plugin for ecommerce

Many e-commerce development companies also use this plugin as it offers an expert—the advanced paid version and the accessible version of this plugin design as Cart66 Lite. And feature like billing is the unique WordPress eCommerce Plugin including PCI assent built-. This plugin has a proficient version that includes everything you will require to operate a complete, well-established eCommerce store with unique features and no extra plugins or add-ons.

The free version of this plugin provides you with some primary e-commerce features such as customized reports, promotions, support for multiple currencies, order management, control tax and shipping charge, and many more amazing features. eCommerce development companies also use this version of the Cart66 plugin to sell their products with the help of any page or post on your WordPress website.


Shopp wordpress plugin for ecommerce

That is one of the most popular Premium WordPress Plugins For eCommerce Websites that used to work very supportingly with any of the WordPress themes and appears tied with many unique features. The Shopp plugin creates to work efficiently with WordPress. It includes features like dashboard widgets for quick views of the histories of sales and the product, shortcodes, and theme widgets that will help you by simply providing drop products and some elements into the pages on your online store.

These Shopp plugin features include promotional tools, email notifications, and conventional eCommerce tools with multiple product/variation visions—a shipping calculator, multi-category inventory control, and virtual and plugin assistance for a wide variance of payment gateways.


Ecwid wordpress plugin for ecommerce

It is a Free Plugin For eCommerce Websites, which provides a full-established shopping cart, and it is amazingly user-friendly, and this plugin can be established in only five minutes or less than five minutes. eCommerce development companies used to add this plugin to their WordPress site or on their Facebook page. Furthermore, they also set it by concerning the performance on mobile devices, and the mirror feature of this plugin helps them maintain many websites from just one central dashboard.

That starts from just $15 per month and includes many unique features such as inventory management, coupon codes, volume discounts, and many other new features.


Easy Digital Downloads

Easy digital downloads wordpress plugin for e commerce

For ECommerce development companies that are creating an online store that use to sell digital ebooks, images, audio, or video content, then for them, this plugin is the best WordPress explication for their online store. It’s also the most affordable at a low price concerning free.

It is an excellent plugin with some of its most specific features, such as sales reports, file download logs, customer purchase history, discount codes, a broad range of payment gateways, and many more. It also provides approximately 200 extensions by which you can enhance the features of your downloaded online storefront.


Big Commerce

big commerce is best wordpress Plugin for eCommerce Development Companies

It is ultimately one of the best WordPress plugins For eCommerce development companies as a hosted eCommerce platform that offers consistent integration with WordPress. This plugin helps you to utilize the expandable eCommerce store platform while utilizing WordPress to deal with your content and manage your online store.

It has a robust alliance plugin for WordPress, making installing your items in WordPress simple. It has a feature that automatically makes the account, cart, and other significant pages for your online store and many more.



WPdeposit wordpress plugin for ecommerce

ECommerce development companies use this plugin as it’s a unique choice to popular eCommerce plugins. The WPdeposit plugin helps you set up a fantastic credit system comparable to stock image marketplaces such as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto on your online store. Customers can buy paid credits With the help of the WPdeposit plugin, by which they can easily make purchases from your online store.

This plugin also helps you with multiple gateways, including the choice to add your gateways. Widgets and shortcodes reveal customers’ balances on your online store, and add-ons provided by this plugin help your customers subscribe, or they can advertise on your eCommerce store to exchange credits.